The Sandbox is Crowded: What’s Behind the Metaverse Steep Increase in Activity?

The Sandbox is Crowded- What’s Behind the Metaverse’s Steep Increase in Activity?

Over the last 7 days, the number of transactions on The Sandbox’s Marketplace has increased by 474%

The virtual world of the moment is bringing thousands of people to gamified experiences on the metaverse. This week, while Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3 is still going strong, we’re seeing the project’s number of transactions, unique active wallets, and volume increase. What’s causing this fuss? Is there a party we don’t know about? Well, yes, several.


  • The number of unique active wallets (UAW) that interacted with The Sandbox contracts more than doubled in the last week;
  • Transactions of NFTs used in the metaverse virtual world marketplace increased by 474%, although the average price per sale decreased by 28%;
  • Are all of The Sandbox’s free events really attracting players to Web3? 

The Sandbox is leading all metaverse worlds

According to data shared by The Sandbox on Twitter earlier this month, there are an average of 39 thousand people navigating the virtual world daily.

Hosting over 90 experiences, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 has registered over 4 million people through their wallets.

As you can read in DappRadar’s latest metaverse report, The Sandbox surpassed competitors and is now leading the ranking of metaverse worlds with the highest sales count.

The platform saw an increase in its sales count of 190% from the previous quarter.


On the other hand, other giants in the area, The Otherside and Decentraland, had their sales counts decrease by 74% and 47%, respectively.

What is going on in the Sandbox?

More recently, this week, activity on the Sandbox world and Marketplace are up again – coincidentally or not – during their Cryptoween events, featuring Paris Hilton herself as queen of the party.

The Halloween event was one of the many experiences that brought attention to the metaverse this week. For Halloween alone, the Sandbox team added three seasonal experiences, Pits of Hell, Deja Vu, and Hell’s Gate.

At the same time, The Sandbox is also hosting Rugged Festival, a virtual arts and music festival that you can attend if you have an Alpha Pass. Mixing music artists and play-to-earn rewards, the experience also represents what’s best about the social side of being on the metaverse.

That is to show that all the effort by the team behind The Sandbox is really paying off.

Not only are they delivering quality gaming experiences to the community, but they are also onboarding celebrities who attract prying eyes while keeping VIP users entertained with exclusive access to up-and-coming activities.

As Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox’s co-founder and COO, pointed out in his last AMA with DappRadar:

“We will keep upgrading the different tools of The Sandbox to increase the gameplay capabilities by adding a lot of visual effects and never-seen-before elements that amaze people. We are focusing on enabling users to publish music-oriented content of their own, virtual concerts, allowing land owners to publish experiences on their land, and overall going mobile, making it broader and more accessible from anywhere”

The Sandbox will continue to follow a recipe for success to the letter, and DappRadar shall follow its path closely.

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