The Sandbox AMA – Highlights

The Sandbox AMA - Highlights

Season 3, immersive interoperability, enabling land owners to publish experiences on their land and more.

On 1st September, DappRadar spoke with Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox, one of the most advanced and successful Metaverse platforms.

The Sandbox is shaping a new generation of blockchain games in the creator economy where users can build, own, and monetize their assets using NFTs and SAND, the main utility token of the platform. 

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, big brands such as Warner Brothers, and many more have dipped their toes into this exciting Metaverse. Season 3 opens up for ten weeks full of experiences and content and everybody can enter for free with the avatar they create or the one they use from external projects.

What is your vision with The Sandbox? 

Our vision has always been to empower players to become creators. After the CryptoKitties explosion we saw the potential of NFTs to enable anyone to create their own NFTs , use them as game assets and be able to monetize it the way they want.

We spent the last 4 years expanding our vision, today we are more than 4 million users with registered wallets. The Sandbox is one of the most advanced Metaverse platforms really pushing to build an open Metaverse

Sebastien Borget

How does The Sandbox empower creators and artists?

The Sandbox combines user-generated content and NFTs in a platform with a free editor, marketpkace and no-code game maker all powered by blockchain so that anyone can make 3d content, games and experiences on them. They can monetize their creations the way they choose and users can access these experiences with their avatars, play around, socialize, complete quests and earn rewards.

Even if our DNA is gaming, It goes beyond that and we want to build the Metaverse as fun play, allowing users to express themselves and bring worlds beyond our imagination to life. Voxel is like digital Lego, you don´t need a user manual to start playing with it. 

Sebastien Borget

What can you reveal about the roadmap?

We will keep upgrading the different tools of The Sandbox to increase the gameplay capabilities by adding a lot of visual effects and never-seen-before elements that amaze people. We are focusing on enabling users to publish music-oriented content of their own, virtual concerts, allowing land owners to publish experiences on their land, and overall going mobile making it broader and more accessible from anywhere…

Sebastien Borget

Watch the AMA and learn more about The Sandbox’s exciting roadmap!

Time stamps 

00:00 – DappRadar playing The Sandbox Season 3 (video trailer)

04:02 – What is your vision with The Sandbox?

08:04 – How does The Sandbox empower creators and artists?

12:34 – What do you think of Minecraft´s ban on NFTs?

17:38 – Will more gaming platforms introduce KYC in the future?

21:02 – What is your take on Play-to-earn and Play and earn?

23:51 – How are you improving the onboarding experience? 

26:54 – What new metrics is The Sandbox bringing that will better help us understand your economy? 

30:05 – Will we be able to see what kind of avatars and collections people are using? 

31:51 – Interoperability and avatars in Season 3 

35:05 – Roadmap

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