Paris Hilton Enters The Sandbox

paris hilton enters the sandbox
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The heiress-DJ-influencer joins a growing list of famous names associated with the virtual world

Paris Hilton entered The Sandbox on August 9th, 2022. It’s just the latest step in the business mogul’s journey through the pillars of 21st-century media. She helped invent reality TV, and released fashion and cosmetic lines a long time ago. Now she’s partnering with another virtual world as she continues to blur the line between the physical and the digital. 


  • Paris Hilton struck a deal with The Sandbox in April 2022 but has now revealed what it is that she’ll be doing inside the massive virtual world.
  • The Sandbox will recreate her Malibu Mansion inside the platform. She also plans to launch a line of phygital wearables, attend fan events and host dance nights on the platform. 
  • Check out Paris Hilton’s crypto wallet and see what she’s holding in her NFT collection. Hint hint: you might find an Ape.

Gone are the days when famous people needed to appear in traditional media outlets to attract publicity.Today, web3 gives everyone, including celebrities, the power to own and monetize their brand.

What will Paris Hilton be doing in The Sandbox?

Paris Hilton’s stated goal is to bring together the digital and the physical worlds. She’s working with different brands to create a line of Paris-inspired digital wearables. Think high-end athleisure rendered in her signature baby pink. The idea is that people will buy the tracksuit irl and get a digital version as an NFT for their avatar to wear.

Paris will recreate her Malibu Mansion inside The Sandbox where she will host parties on the rooftop, with her as DJ, of course. ‘Not everyone is able to go to Ibiza or go to Tomorrowland, or go to these shows,’ said Paris. ‘Virtual worlds makes it accessible to so many people who aren’t able to do that.’

Paris Hilton’s announcement that she’s arrived in The Sandbox

This is by no means Hilton’s first venture into web3. She’s become famous over the past few years as a prominent advocate for blockchain technology and purchased her first cryptocurrency in 2016. 

She also hosted the Neon Carnival at Paris World inside Roblox in March 2022. She started her own NFT project in April 2021 and sold the Iconic Crypto Queen for $1.11 million. Alongside this, Paris also invests in web3 platforms and start-ups. 

So The Sandbox isn’t just getting a simple endorsement from a celebrity shiller. Paris Hilton is truly invested in metaverse and NFT culture. It seems to be the perfect match for a platform at the forefront of creating the internet of tomorrow.

Paris Hilton x The Sandbox YouTube trailer

The Sandbox leading the way for the metaverse

The Sandbox token got to its current all-time high on November 25th, 2021. Some bought the most expensive parcel of land on the platform in the same month, for a reported $4.3 million. Since then, The Sandbox and the rest of web3 has lost some momentum and talk of crypto winters and bear markets can be heard in many corners.

But The Sandbox hasn’t stopped building. The platform continues to announce new partnerships and exciting game updates. New land sales still attract traders who buy up the stock of virtual property as it hits the market.
So despite “experts” telling the world that digital land is worthless, The Sandbox is still adding more talent to its roster. The idea is to create a landscape of entertainment, gaming and content that people want to spend time in (and spend money in).

The Sandbox also announced the news on their Twitter page

With Paris Hilton’s addition to its list of big names, The Sandbox has found a genuine star attraction who has her own ideas about how to take the platform forward. But she isn’t the only celebrity partner that has found a home in their virtual world.

Paris isn’t the first celebrity to make their home in The Sandbox

Snoop Dogg famously has a plot of land in The Sandbox, with his own mansion and his pack of Doggies. The West Coast rapper is a known advocate for all things web3. He was an early adopter of the technology and even releases music that’s stored on the blockchain.

View Snoop Dogg’s crypto wallet

Alongside the Doggfather, The Sandbox has commercial deals with the following people, brands and projects. This list isn’t exhaustive, and is always growing, but it gives you an idea of the resources that The Sandbox parent company Animoca Brands is putting into the platform:

Celebrities aren’t only entering the web3 space through The Sandbox’s front door. Plenty of them have large cryptocurrency holdings and others have so many NFTs they could start their own gallery. The beauty of decentralized blockchains is that everything’s transparent and we can see everything that famous people have locked away in their wallets.

Check out what’s in celebrities’ wallets using DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker.

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