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Discover a groundbreaking gaming metaverse built on Hedera

In this game guide we will discuss how to play and earn in Earthlings, an exciting gaming metaverse on Hedera that comes with additional benefits for DappRadar PRO members. Thanks to a powerful partnership, our PRO community will receive STEAM tokens, while a select number of lucky ones will get a parcel of land for Earthlings. 

DappRadar has taken a snapshot on 17 April 2024 to determine which PRO members will be eligible for our latest airdrop partnership with Earthlings. But before we get into the details, you may wonder what Earthlings is.

Earthlings explained

Earthlings is an open-world gaming metaverse, built on Hedera. The game stands out from the competition thanks to its gameplay-first approach, and the strong connection between landowners and players. In Earthlings land can have a certain role in the game world, giving plot owners access to unique game strategies. For example, your land can be a bank and allow you to earn staking rewards, or it can be a train station. Players can also lend or rent out in-game items to others. 

The world of Earthling is filled with floating islands, mythical creatures, deep caverns and an alternative version of Paris. Gamers can expect all kinds of quests to complete, while battle royale gameplay enhances the player experience. Above all, Earthlings is meant as a family-friendly game, while so-called add-on games will tap into the mobile market. 

The STEAM token airdrop for PRO members

The Earthlings team will distribute a total of $10,000 worth of STEAM tokens to the DappRadar PRO community. All eligible wallets that completed the Quest will receive an airdrop proportional to their RADAR staking amount. In addition, 100 randomly drawn PRO members among the eligible users will receive 1 land plot each. 

How to check your eligibility and get the airdrop?

  1. Go to the Quest page on DappRadar and join the Quest. You needed to be a PRO member at the time of the snapshot to be eligible. 
  2. Download HashPack, the wallet for Hedera
  3. Make sure to correctly input your wallet address from HashPack on the Quest page
  4. Complete the Quest
  5. Wait for the airdrop to be distributed by the Earthlings team
  6. And keep your fingers crossed to win one of the 100 land plots

Key features of Earthlings

  • Earthlings provides a huge game world of 2800 km2 that’s filled with hubs, adventure, businesses and transportation.
  • Gameplay consists of exploration, combat, puzzle solving, and RPG elements
  • Battle royale gameplay is a big part of the game
  • Side quests and conversations with NPCs can help to push players towards the next main quest
  • Collectible avatars with unique abilities and upgrade options
  • NFT holders and players without a crypto wallet alike, can earn WATER and STEAM tokens
  • Pets, also known as sidekick animals, help players with their quests
  • Player choices will influence the road someone takes towards or on the main quest line, resulting in either longer or shorter quests.
  • Child mode to ensure a less creepy experience for younger players, making sure that Earthlings is fun for all ages. 
  • A dual token economy and the ability to truely own rare digital assets, including land. 
  • There will be various add-on games, including the mobile game STEAMRUNNER

Own land in Earthlings 

The world of Earthlings consists of 2800 km2 filled with forgotten cities, fantasy forests and various civilizations. Players will have their own character to play with, while landowners add special gameplay possibilities to the game world. Each NFT land parcel can be a town, a train station or other types of buildings. Therefore players can assume all kinds of roles, ranging from mayors to shop owners, and from bankers to tech specialists or airship pilots.

Types of available land

Earthlings takes place in an alternative version of our world, and the first continent to open up to players will be Europe. With New Paris as the capital, Europe will host towns, villages, cabins and much more. The game world offers the following types of land. 

  • Cabin plots (1000) – 16×16 meter, outside towns and villages
  • Land plots (8700) – 32×32 meter, inside towns and villages
  • City building plots (1000) – 8×8 meter, inside cities (New Paris)
  • Village plots (365) – 160×160 meter, consists of 12 land plots 
  • Town plots (240) – 160×160 meter, consists of 18 land plots  
  • City (1) – 5×5 km, consists of 1000 City building plots
Different types of land NFTs can be found in the Earthlings ecosystem

Benefits of land

Each plot will allow players to recharge their health faster, get access to more inventory space, and teleport options for landowners. However, the more rare a piece of land becomes, the more options there are. This includes, for example, the ability to delegate ownership to active players, discounts on public transport, custom shops, town hall, a bank, pet shop, and a gallery.  

Some land plots with certain buildings will also allow landowners to generate revenue. This includes the custom shops, farms, pet shops, the inn, tech shops, the train stations and the tram. While a shop can earn from its visitors, the village in which the shop is placed will earn royalties. For full details, please read more in the official documentation

STEAM and WATER tokens explained

Earthlings utilizes a double token economy, utilizing STEAM as the core and lifeblood of the game while WATER strengthens the position of STEAM. Gamers will use WATER as a digital currency inside Earthlings, and it will allow them to purchase in-game items or even NFTs. This gives players, even those who don’t feel like dealing with blockchain technology, a taste of what play-to-earn means. 

However, even if players buy WATER and don’t want anything to do with crypto, they are still supporting the STEAM token. A share of the WATER revenue will be used to buyback STEAM from the market. Both currencies will function with the Earthlings ecosystem, but there will be some assets or services that can only be obtained by using STEAM. In-game banks will allow players to swap STEAM for WATER. 

More than 5 ways to earn STEAM tokens

Earthlings will allow players to earn STEAM tokens in a variety of ways. Below we’ve listed our ten favorite options, as mentioned in the Earthlings whitepaper. These are obviously subject to change, and more earning methods can be introduced at a later time as well. 

  1. Hunt and then sell sidekick animals, or simply pets
  2. Participate in certain quests or activities in the game
  3. Being a shop owner and owning a unique shop, or a pet shop
  4. Collecting rent on in-game items or buildings
  5. Having a gamers plot on your land that you delegate to other players and earns you a revenue share

This is just a small sample of the possible ways to earn STEAM tokens in Earthlings. As social networks form in the game world, and development continues, more features will be introduced. This will add more complexity to the game world. 

How to use STEAM

Once you’ve earned STEAM tokens, or you’ve got them as a DappRadar PRO members through the airdrop, you also need ways to use them. The more STEAM you have, the more privileges and features these tokens will unlock. Below some examples of how you can utilize your STEAM tokens:

  • Access to premium features, exclusive content and/or early access to new content
  • Access to a reward system in the Banks, allowing you to play all add-ons for free while earning STEAM tokens
  • STEAM token holders will earn a percentage of the revenue generated from sales with WATER tokens. 

STEAM will launch with a TGE price of $0.02. 

WATER information

The in-game currency WATER has an unlimited supply, and has a set price of $0.01. WATER can also be used in a rewards program, similar to hotel or credit card reward programs.

Spend enough and you may earn some rewards. Players can use their earned WATER to buy NFTs, and then potentially sell these NFTs again for STEAM. 

Closing words

We are excited to see Earthlings come to fruition, and even more so to do this together with our own PRO community. This gaming metaverse will offer a wide range of gameplay options, and the blockchain technology doesn’t take the forefront. Instead, Earthlings allows any player of any age to enjoy, play and adventure in this alternative version of Europe.

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