3 Reasons Why The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Deserves The Hype

3 Reasons Why The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Deserves The Hype

Getting into the Metaverse has never been easier

Once again, the leading virtual world The Sandbox has gathered the entire Web3 in a Metaverse frenzy. But while this season debuts in uncertain times, the community has made it clear that Alpha Season 3 will not pass by unseen. Here’s an outlook of how The Sandbox is taking Web3 gaming strategy to the next level.

Starting today, Alpha Season 3 will allow people to explore their vast Metaverse virtual world in a series of quests. Anyone can play for free for a chance to win 30.000 SAND in the first prize in 10 weeks.

Feeling a bit lost? Get back to the beginning with our article: What is The Sandbox & How to Join the Metaverse? Then, let’s dive into the article!

How The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is getting it right

As DappRadar’s CDO once said, gamers will pave the way to mass adoption. Therefore, it’s safe to say that any victory for blockchain games is a victory for the entire decentralized application (dapp) industry.

By launching an event of this magnitude, The Sandbox is not only doing a good job, but a true public service to the entire web3. How?

1. It brings together the most significant Web3 projects

While many dapps compete with each other, community collaboration is indeed more beneficial than the other way around. In the same way, NFT projects thrive when they work together. Even more when they are game-related NFTs.

In Alpha Season 3, The Sandbox allows NFT collectors of specific blue-chip projects to use their tokens as Avatars in the game. You can play with your voxelized NFT of Bored Apes, Cool Cats, Moonbirds, Clone X, World of Women, and more.

This way, The Sandbox’s COO, points out

The team is excited to develop new use cases for the owners of these collections, starting with digital identity and the ability to create the worlds for these NFTs to be played with and evolve.

Sébastien Borget

As the industry unites to conquer, the team built a game that is even easier to use than previous Alpha Seasons. It makes the traditional gamer go one step further to seeing The Sandbox as a game that just happens to use blockchain technology to benefit its ecosystem. And this is much more valuable than it may seem. Points up!

2. It is opening its doors to the world

Forget about a closed gaming community. The Sandbox Season 3 has made it possible once again for any curious gamer to have a sneak peek into the Metaverse hype. And, of course, a chance to win an Alpha Pass and SAND

For ten weeks with over 90 experiences, The Sandbox is bringing giant brands and global celebrities to the Metaverse. 

Alpha Season 3 welcomes the general audience to web3 gaming

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 clearly shows that it’s not just a play-to-earn game. Sure, earning is part of the competition, but it’s far from just that. The gameplay is complex, and variety, quality, and social factors make everything brighter.

And let’s not forget the famous names reaffirming the project’s authority. Players can not only see their favorite NFTs on the Metaverse but also the biggest web2 brands and celebrities. Gucci, The Smurfs, Hell’s Kitchen, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, and Steve Aoki, for example, are some of the attractions anyone new to the crypto space can recognize.

3. It’s a marketing campaign for the Web3

Adoption is a recurring theme for those of us who work in the dapp industry. Also, for anyone looking for opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

As innovative as the knowledge and mentality behind blockchain technology may be, nothing (or little) matters if they can’t reach those who may benefit from them.

According to our latest Blockchain Games Report, blockchain games are least affected by the bear market. In difficult times, people stay where they feel safe. An active and strong community is important to push a project forward and build user loyalty.

While public interest in crypto projects is low, games have managed to distance themselves from the C-word.

Wrapping Web2 brands into the Metaverse in this way while gently introducing Web3 and decentralized finance concepts into a gaming economy shows that the industry is not finished after all.

How to start playing The Sandbox Alpha Season 3?

If you want to take a chance at the contest and start playing for free, here’s the step-by-step process to get started. Spoiler: you don’t actually need to own any SAND tokens.

  1. Visit The Sandbox official website;
  2. Connect your web3 wallet (if you don’t have it yet, we suggest MetaMask);
  3. Create your avatar or choose one of the voxelized NFTs available on your wallet;
  4. Download Alpha game (not Game Maker), available for Windows and macOS, and start exploring.

On the website’s dashboard, you can choose the world you want to play in next. While during the first day, players were able to play in the Alpha Lobby and Club XYZ (feat. Steve Aoki) online, the many other virtual worlds with different quests will be available on specific dates previously set.

The competition is set to end in early November, so until then, you can try your hand at the game – or challenge a traditional player friend to give blockchain gaming a second chance.

Keep Tracking The Sandbox with DappRadar

On our blog, you will find reports, educational articles, and the latest news about the Sandbox world. All are essential to be up to date and informed.

If you are interested in seeing the numbers, head over to DappRadar’s Rankings to track the game’s statistics. You can also see how The Sandbox’s virtual land NFT sales are doing and even buy and sell them using the DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer.

Track The Sandbox Land NFTs with the DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer
Click here to access stats for The Sandbox Land NFTs after Alpha Season 3 launched

We will continue to follow The Sandbox in its Web3 gaming journey. If you want to stay ahead of the game and be the first to know about content like this, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server.

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