Gordon Ramsay Brings Hell’s Kitchen to The Sandbox

gordon ramsay brings hell's kitchen to the sandbox
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The British chef will take his cooking skills and blue language to the metaverse

The Sandbox announced this week that it will be engaging in a creative partnership with TV chef Gordon Ramsay. The British gastronaut will bring his hugely popular Hell’s Kitchen into the virtual world. But quite how the smells, tastes and food that come out of a kitchen will translate to a metaverse setting remains to be seen. 


  • The British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is taking his TV show Hell’s Kitchen into The Sandbox.
  • This is Ramsay’s first venture into a virtual world but it isn’t The Sandbox’s first creative partnership with a famous face.
  • Paris Hilton and Tony Hawk recently signed deals with the metaverse platform. And Snoop Dogg has famously been a digital resident there for some time.

Gordon Ramsay in The Sandbox

Celebrity chef and noted potty mouth Gordon Ramsay is dipping his spatula into another new venture. It was announced this week that he’ll take his Hell’s Kitchen experience into The Sandbox.

Gordon Ramsay x The Sandbox announcement

This is the chef’s first move into the metaverse and is part of a collaboration with the British ITV Studios. Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen will be situated in ITV’s very own land parcel in The Sandbox.

Hell’s Kitchen is a reality TV show where two teams of wannabe cooks compete to become the head chef. The Sandbox and Ramsay have released few details so far about how the show will translate into a fully digital format. But it seems that interactive elements, cookery classes, and gastronomy-based challenges will feature heavily.

‘There’s nothing more exciting to me,’ said Ramsay, ‘than chartering new territory, whether that’s creating a signature dish, a new restaurant concept, a new show, or now a virtual experience in The Sandbox.’

And it isn’t just the chef who’s excited at the prospect of what will come out of the new partnership. Sebastien Borget, the COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, also spoke enthusiastically about what’s to come.

‘We’re shaping the metaverse to become an expansion of all real world activities through the creative possibilities offered by technology,’ said Borget. ‘Who better than Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen to bring our first restaurant culinary and social experiences to The Sandbox?’

Chef follows Paris Hilton and others to web3

Ramsay isn’t the only celebrity to recently announce a new partnership with The Sandbox. Paris Hilton is building her Malibu mansion in the virtual world and Tony Hawk is creating a skatepark in the digital landscape.

Snoop Dogg famously has land, a home and a collection of digital avatars called The Doggies on the platform. 

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So Gordon Ramsay will join a solid team of big names when his avatar steps into the digital kitchen.

With all of these celebrity partnerships and streams of creative content, it will be intriguing to see how the price of SAND, The Sandbox’s native token, is affected. You can track how much it’s currently worth by using DappRadar’s Token Explorer.

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