10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in March 2022

An overview of upgrades, updates and improvements in the blockchain gaming universe

Which play-to-earn games are the ones to watch this month? Our list below outlines the ones that have seen a rise in on-chain activity or have just made a huge announcement. Others are launching a new range of NFTs and a couple are making serious progress into the next stage of their development. 

What are play-to-earn games for? Are they a system built for people to make financial gains by taking advantage of others? Or are they the centerpiece of a tight-knit community that wants to build something meaningful together? At DappRadar, we think play-to-earn games should be a great experience first-and-foremost. And being able to win rewards is the added bonus that makes them so great.

Take a look below at what’s made us sit up and take notice for March 2022.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox launched its Alpha Season 2 on March 3rd. And the metaverse giant continues to build partnerships to ensure there’s a reason for everyone to visit. Players will now be able to explore 35+ new experiences and the best thing is, they’re open to everyone. No special passes or VIP access required.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes saw a huge rise in on-chain activity last week. But what was it that had the online world engaging with the tower defense game? The evidence suggests it was the Daily Star Chest event which led to the platform experiencing a 300% increase in active connected wallets. Gaining rewards through special events is always sure to pull in play-to-earn punters. Find out more about it here.


The all-new Farsite marketplace opens on March 10th. For this reason alone, it’s worth keeping an eye on the ‘DeFi-powered economic strategy MMO’: price fluctuations and opportunities often present themselves during a big update. Until now, it was from Farsite itself where players could buy in-game items, through crates at the game’s online store. Now, peer-to-peer selling in its official marketplace will open up a whole host of new ways for gamers to acquire the resources they need.

Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity: Origin is due for release by the end of this month. The Alpha launch aims to ensure the game is ‘available to everyone globally via Mavis Hub and Android APK’. Possibly the biggest name in play-to-earn gaming, the platform’s economics have been recalibrated recently to avoid asset devaluation. Go to Axie Infinity’s substack for more information on the upcoming Origin release.

Screenshot from Axie Infinity: Origin

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds released a document on February 18th with information on how developers can launch their own metaverse within the platform. Mine Nation, an FPS, was recently announced as a new game and is worth having a look at. This sort of open-source collaboration is what web3 was made for. And it means that platforms like NFT Worlds can scale quickly and soon offer as many games as traditional studios have taken years to release.

Phantom Galaxies

Episode 2 of Phantom Galaxies is out now. If you know about the game, there isn’t too much more to add. In fact, if you are aware of it, it’s a surprise you’re reading this and not playing right now. But for those of you unacquainted with the fast-paced shooter, it’s set in space and built on the Polygon blockchain. Available on PC and Mac, players get the chance to roam freely with their mechas or take part in storylines. From the images and trailers, it seems that AAA gameplay has arrived on the blockchain.

Riot Racers

Play-to-earn for Riot Racers arrives in March. With the beta finishing and the introduction of tournaments and player-created races, the opportunity to win great in-game assets is finally here. You can even get passive income by owning Gas Stations, Mechanic Shops or parts of a Racetrack. Now’s the perfect time to get involved in this truly community-based platform.

Town Star

Town Star, one of Gala Games’ most successful titles, recently released its latest upgrade to ensure the game keeps on meeting its community’s expectations. The platform has only just introduced the new Dynamic Star Challenge system and next month will be implementing TOWN Power. For March, the game is extending its rewards structure so that more players can earn assets and is also extending its free access period.


Splinterlands topped DappRadar’s blockchain games chart last Friday with 526,470 unique active wallets connecting to the platform during the preceding week. Just going by its impressive on-chain activity, it’s worth paying attention to this game. SPS, the game’s native token, has maintained a relatively steady price during the turbulent opening months of 2022. And it’s 30-day user and transaction numbers have held up equally impressively. The market is speaking for Splinterlands, so maybe we should all pay attention.

Voxie Tactics

Last month, the Voxies team released the open beta of its PvP Voxies Tactics game. Primarily known for its Voxie NFTs, the platform introduced its tactical RPG in February. Alongside this, it will soon open up its own marketplace where players can trade in-game assets.

If you’re interested in discovering more about blockchain games, use our tracking tools to find the next up and coming title. You might just get in at the ground floor of the next big sensation.

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