Splinterlands Takes the Lead, NFT Worlds Drops Out

Splinterlands Takes the Lead, NFT Worlds Drops Out

Only two virtual worlds make the cut this week

While in February we saw virtual worlds dominate the blockchain gaming space, it seems March is starting out with a returning leader, Splinterlands. The Hive-based card game has topped the charts once again thanks to an impressive 526,470 unique active wallets in the past seven days. 

Surprisingly, NFT Worlds, which was the top choice for three weeks in a row, did not make the cut this week. The virtual world completed its second WRLD airdrop. However, the native token lost more than 33% of its valuation in the past seven days. 

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity for months now. With this article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps of the week. To compile this ranking, we’ve considered on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the ranking for a quick view.

Top 10 blockchain games – Week 9, 2022

Splinterlands is back at the throne this week, thanks to an impressive user base. The card trading game attracted 526,470 unique active wallets in the past seven days. It also become the most visited gaming dapp across all chains tracked on DappRadar. This coupled with a relatively steady price action of the native governance token SPS, the Hive-based platform secured the top spot on the list this week.  

Play-to-earn giant Axie Infinity ranks second this week after generating $13.75 million in NFT trading volume. This impressive trading volume might be motivated by the recent announcement that starting March 7th, transaction fees on the Axie Marketplace will increase. 

Polygon-based mobile tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes is steadily gaining traction among the gaming community, ranking third this week. The game, part of the Animoca Brands portfolio, has announced major improvements to the play-to-earn structure. This also includes higher TOWER rewards pools for the upcoming months. Additionally, the mobile platform saw close to 150,000 unique active wallets connect to it in the past seven days. 

Wax-based mining game Alien Worlds ranks fourth this week, after being a runner-up in the February ranking. Despite pushing the valuation of its native token TLM by more than 3%, Alien Worlds saw a drop in the number of players. The game attracted 293,560 unique active wallets this week. Still, the mining platform is among the most popular blockchain games and the top performer on the WAX protocol.

Polygon-based REVV Racing makes a return entry to the top 10 blockchain games list after several weeks of absence. The game attracted over 3,500 racers this week. However, what pushed its score in the ranking is the native token REVV. Aside from a steep price increase of more than 8%, REVV was officially introduced on the Flow blockchain. It now has its own REVV/Flow trading pair on BloctoSwap.

BSC-based farming game Mobox takes the sixth spot this week after a massive NFT giveaway on March 2nd. Following the giveaway, the platform recorded an impressive $4 million in weekly NFT trading volume. Additionally, Mobox attracted 176,960 unique active wallets to its platform, topping the BSC Games Ranking on DappRadar for the week. 

EOS-based real estate game Upland ranks seventh this week. The platform announced it will be revealing a completely new region on the map soon, which boosted activity. Upland will welcome players to the Motor City of Detroit in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, the game attracted 158,140 unique active wallets in the past seven days. 

Virtual world The Sandbox is the first to enter this week’s ranking with more than $7.2 million in NFT trading volume in the past 7 days. What’s more the platform held a major NFT land sale on March 3rd, which further increased activity and helped boost the trading volume. Still, virtual worlds are taking a step back this week, and only the biggest platforms are making the cut. 

The second virtual world to make it into this week’s top 10 blockchain games is WorldWideWebb. The platform launched a major new functionality called Apartment Builder. The tool allows Webb land owners to customize their virtual apartments and personalize them to their liking. This was one of the most anticipated functionalities on the platform, and the launch has helped Webb land generate more than $4.3 million in NFT trading volume in the past seven days. 

Polygon-based mobile gaming platform Arc8 completes the ranking this week. Since the launch of its official first season earlier this month, Arc8 has had a steady inflow of players. In the past seven days, the game attracted more than 27,000 unique active wallets, while the game’s native token GMEE appreciated by more than 3%. 

Splinterlands regains the lead, Polygon games steam ahead

Splinterlands has gradually built one of the largest gaming communities in the space, which helps it secure a lot of activity. Additionally, the game is still carrying out its Chaos Legion campaign which drops new playing cards on a regular basis. 

While Splinterlands took the lead, Polygon-based platforms like Crazy Defense Heroes, REVV Racing, and Arc8 are steadily attracting bigger audiences. The Polygon blockchain has become home to some of the best-recognized play-to-earn games thanks to the low transaction costs and the fast processing speeds it offers. 

According to a recent DappRadar Industry Report, alternative chains are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the NFT and blockchain gaming spaces. Protocols like Polygon, Hive, Avalanche, and Harmony house some of the best-performing games in the space. Additionally, runner-up Axie Infinity also runs on the custom-built Ronin side chain, which further illustrates the trend detailed in the report. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space as new projects rise to fame every week. If you want to learn more about blockchain games, check out the full DappRadar Top Games Ranking. You can also follow DappRadar on Twitter, to learn the latest blockchain gaming news first. 

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