More Rewards Coming to Town Star Players

Gala Games reward structure gives winners real prizes

Gala Games’ biggest title, Town Star, will get expanded rewards and extended access. In the crowded play-to-earn gaming market, the platform is continuing to improve to stay at the head of the pack.

The competitive farming game Town Star has already become the most popular title in the Gala Games catalog. First and foremost, because it’s the most complete game on the market. Right now over 28,000 players compete on the Play to Earn servers for monthly rewards in GALA and daily rewards in TOWN tokens.

Every new NFT release or game update can have a big impact on the play-to-earn mechanics of Town Star. That’s why a March 3rd blog post from Gala Games was quite important, as it gave details on a bunch of updates for this month, including:

  • Renewed competition
  • More winners and more rewards
  • Continued play-to-earn (P2E) early access
  • A level and fairer playing field

Renewed competition

The competition servers have returned. They went offline for a while as the platform upgraded them based on community feedback.

To begin with, the competition servers will start off small, so that the game makers can test the improvements. But following testing, Town Star will start ramping up to full scale.

More winners and rewards

Town Star’s reward pool will be expanding from the competition’s top 400 finishers to the top 1,000. The reward structure is outlined below:

Updated Town Star rewards structure

This new reward structure is temporary and Town Star’s developers intend on making even more improvements to it following the return of the competition server.

Continued play-to-earn access

Due to Town Star Season 2 still being some way away, the Season Pass has not yet been released. But this means that players will continue to get free access to P2E rewards for a while longer.

Fairer and more level playing field

After listening to community feedback and giving the problem some real thought, Gala Games will introduce new methods for combatting people (or bots) who want to abuse Town Star for personal gain.

Gaming the system is a well-known phenomenon on P2E platforms and is one that game makers are constantly attempting to deal with. Gala Games has ‘juicy updates’ that promise to curb the abuse that ruins the game for everyone else.

What is Town Star?

Town Star is Gala Games’ flagship title and it’s a simple concept: plan and build a town. You are the administrator of an urban environment with the opportunity to earn money for your success. Players can compete in daily challenges to win TownCoin.

Unlike Farmville, where gameplay is limited to agriculture, Town Star encompasses the organization of an entire town. Players need to farm, build, craft and sell things. For example, produce flour, bake bread, and sell that to a nearby city. 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and launched in March 2020, players need a Gala Games account and wallet in order to play. Owning one or more NFTs will increase your Gala Power, allowing you to boost your TOWN earning opportunities. You can buy GALA tokens here, or find TOWN tokens here. 

Right now the NFTs for Town Star and the wider Gala Games ecosystem still exist on the Ethereum blockchain. But Gala Games is working on launching its own player-powered network of nodes. You can read more about this upcoming blockchain, a.k.a. Gala Chain a.k.a. Project Gyri here on DappRadar.

As Gala Games announces more updates, DappRadar will be here to make sure you hear about them. For all other news about the world of blockchain gaming and decentralized apps, stay tuned with DappRadar and follow us on Twitter. You can also join our weekly Discord every Thursday at 4pm GMT. 

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