5 Best Play and Earn Games To Check This Month

5 Best Play and Earn Games To Check This Month
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Play and earn has taken the gaming space by storm, and these are some projects that shine bright in May

Play and earn has become one of the trending terms in the blockchain gaming space, and this list will highlight some of the most interesting projects to watch and try this May. From new NFT releases to extensive competition events, May is an exciting time in the blockchain gaming space. 

Keep a close eye on these five projects as major updates and earning opportunities will be available this May. Additionally, you can explore more gaming dapps with the DappRadar Top Games Rankings, tracking the number of unique users, transactions, and volume each project attracts. 

5 play and earn games to watch this May

Blockchain Brawlers 

Blockchain Brawlers is one of the newest play and earn sensations to join the Wax family of gaming dapps. The platform allows users to collect NFT Brawler characters and NFT arena rings in order to participate in player-vs-player battles. The better your NTFs, the higher chance you have of winning BRAWL tokens. 

May is a big month for Blockchain Brawlers as the game has built a solid audience, and more players are joining the ranks. In the past week alone, Blockchain Brawlers registered over 2,000 unique active wallets connected to its platform. Importantly, on May 25th, 2022, the game will also introduce a whole new set of Brawler NFT cards. The new Artifact Class Pack includes a new Artifact Ring and a chance for players to grab an all-new Legendary Brawler. 


Aavegotchi has been on a streak of important releases and launches in 2022, and May is no different. The Aavegotchi team launched Gotchi land functionalities on the platform on May 18th. This is an important update as it allows players to teleport from one place to another, and most importantly customize their very own piece of the Gotchiverse.

In the future, Gotchi land will also be part of extensive gameplay releases. For the moment, Aavegotchi landowners can customize their plots and, if they were part of the lucky few to get a Golden Altar or Golden Tile NFT, they’ll now be able to place it on their land. Importantly, you can start playing and earning with Aavegtochi even if you don’t own a Gotchi character or land plot. Thanks to an extensive lending system, players can rent Aavegtochi characters and share the profits with the owner. 

Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is the new play and earn hit on Polygon. The game’s initial launch under the name Sunflower Farmers was also a stellar success, but the team felt it needed to reboot the project after some turbulence. 

Now Sunflower Land is fully operational again and welcoming players to the beta version of the game. May came with an important milestone for the team as Sunflower Land launched SFL withdrawals. Technically, this made the platform an actual play and earn project, as before the SFL withdrawal function was operational, players couldn’t actually make a profit from their gaming. The team behind Sunflower Land has announced many exciting updates down the road, and it’s worth keeping an eye on this project especially once the beta testing is complete. 

League of Kingdoms 

League of Kingdoms is excitedly preparing to become part of the play and earn family this month. The game will welcome the release of Drago NFTs in May, allowing players to equip their dragons and start earning DST tokens. 

This is a much anticipated NFT drop as dragons will also be extremely helpful in battle, supporting players’ troops on their missions. For the moment there isn’t an official date set for the Drago NFT drop, but the League of Kingdoms team has teased this is going to happen in May. 

Town Star

Last but not least, we cannot miss the opportunity to mention Town Star, Gala Games’ flagship play and earn project. May is a very important month for all Gala Games projects as it hosts May Mayhem, the biggest competition in the Gala Games ecosystem. To reward top-grossing players in Town Star, Gala Games has set up a prize fund of over $2 million in GALA tokens.

Importantly, all players building their towns on the competition server of the game also get a chance to win a random prize. Even if they don’t make it to the top 2000 of the leaderboard. May Mayhem is one of the most significant competition events. This year Gala Games has set aside quite the prize fund. Considering this, it’s worth keeping an eye on all their products this month. 

Play and earn defies the bear market

Play and earn games are leaving their mark on the global blockchain scene as some of the most visited dapps. Despite a growing concern regarding the bear market trends and dropping token prices, gaming dapps have seen stable activity and even spikes. 

According to the latest DappRadar and BGA Games report, blockchain gaming activity hit an all-time high in April. Gaming dapps attracted over 1.2 million unique active wallets, and many of these fall in the play and earn category. 

In this sense, play and earn has become a stronghold in the space. These games attract more and more players, despite the worrying market trends. Stay tuned and follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest blockchain gaming news, and find out the hottest play and earn projects out there. 

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