Top 10 Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games: April 2024

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A round-up of the best blockchain games to try this month

Every month we provide an overview of the best play and earn games in Web3, and this month won’t be any different. This list of games has been made with the idea that you can play the game, participate in a beta test or have the opportunity to earn some crypto tokens. April 2024 will offer plenty of excitement, and now let’s dive into the 10 play-to-earn Web3 games you need to check out as the bull run is hyping up.

Please note. This article is updated monthly to reflect the latest trends and upcoming game events properly. – Last update: 2 April 2024.

April will be filled with play-to-airdrop campaigns, new projects launching beta tests and even product releases. Let’s go!

1. Aavegotchi

Despite being one of the pioneers in the GameFi segment, and offering some of the deepest gamified financial service, Aavegotchi is still an under appreciated gem. This seems to chains right now, as Aavegotchi will launch its own Gotchichain as a Layer-3 network on top of Coinbase’s Base network. In addition they are transforming their ecosystem into a ‘gaming console’, allowing third party teams to deploy their own games. Moreover, the ecosystem is moving from 2D pixels to 3D worlds. The technical developments already caused excitement surrounding the project and the GHST token, and we consider this one to watch!

2. The Motorverse

Animoca Brands had some of the earliest racing games in Web3, and with The Motorverse they are reviving their efforts to bring digital racing culture and ownership to the people. The Motorverse is not one project, but a collection of existing and upcoming projects combined under one banner. This includes REVV Racing, Formula E: High Voltage and Moto GP: Ignition. This ecosystem is powered by the REVV token, and use the Torque Squad NFT collection as its official community. If you’re into racing games, keep your eyes on these projects because I expect quite some new developments here.

3. Space Nation

After long waiting, the massively multiplayer online space epos Space Nation launched its closed beta. Starting from 1 April, until 22 April, this Web3-powered space game allows participants to earn OIK tokens. The Closed Beta introduces daily quests, personal challenges, and PvP gameplay during the daily quests. You can only play Space Nation by holding Alpha Gate, Prime Navigator, and Enforcer Founder Edition Spaceship NFTs, while an open play test will launch this summer for both Web3 and Web2 gamers.

4. The Beacon

Role-playing game The Beacon has dropped their new roadmap last month, and will have The New Frontiers Quest. This quest will allow users to earn a whitelist for Writ of Passage, a new NFT mint. WoP allows the holders to get free airdrops, some tokens and early access to game features. The Beacon is a roguelike online RPG with social elements, that taps into Web3-powered features. It’s one of the most celebrated projects on Arbitrum.

5. Nifty Island

Nifty Island has been the talk of town with their ISLAND token play-to-airdrop campaign, and they just launched Season 2. This April you can play Nifty Island and participate to earn from a bigger prize pool of ISLAND tokens. The campaign will have bigger and more quests to complete, while the community creations are bolder, better and more beautiful. There’s also a referral campaign, more community rewards, a new time trial mode, and weapons as user-generated content.

6. WorldWideWebb

This month you can have great expectations for WorldWideWebb, which may or may not change its name in the months to come. This April they will open up the game for landowners. This new version of the MMO game will enable custom avatars, gear and weapon upgrades, a mobile and browser version, at least one dungeon, AI powered NPCs, and the introduction of skills.

7. Thetan Arena / World

Thetan Arena has been one of the biggest mobile games with Web3 elements, finding quite some traction in South East Asia. They are now leveling up their presence with the launch of Thetan World. This will be a gaming platform for developers, content creators and gamers alike. The community also needs to convert the THC token to THG tokens before 15 April. This will mean a new play-to-earn ecosystem for the Thetan community.

8. Spellborne

With Spellborne, we list one of the most high profile monster catching MMORPGs since Chainmonsters. Where Chainmonsters is canned, Spellborne is thriving. They collaborate with a wide variety of other Web3 projects, reduced the total supply of their in-game apartments, and are working towards a token. We are now also awaiting Season 1 to launch, and April could very well be a month to watch.

9. ChronoForge

One of the biggest and ambitious MMORPG in development right now, is ChronoForge. This online RPG lets players participate in raids, dungeons and quests, powered by Immutable zkEVM. Moreover, it uses AI to give each of the player-owned NFT characters a unique personality, which comes with generative quests. This month they will open their Play and Earn Season, introducing the RIFT token, and have a free NFT mint. On 10 April there’s a mint for a Free Season Pass, and you need to engage on socials for a whitelist.

10. Mirandus

Without a doubt Mirandus is the most ambitious MMORPG in Web3, built on GalaChain. In the coming months they will have various play tests, starting this April with “Cull the Herd with Test Materium”. During the stress test players need to kill deer with bow and arrow. So many deer, and many more arrows. Your kills will earn you Test MTRM, as a way to see how play rewards will work in this fantasy world. In the following months there will be real MTRM rewards, followed by a playable first zone in Q3 2024.

We’ve got something even more hardcore for gamers!

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