Top 10 Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games: December 2023

best play earn games web3 december 2023
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A round-up of the best blockchain games to try this month

Every month we provide an overview of the best play and earn games in Web3, and this December month won’t be any different. This list of games has been made with the idea that you can play the game, participate in a beta test or have the opportunity to earn some crypto tokens. December 2023 is looking hot, and now let’s dive into the 10 play-to-earn Web3 games you need to check out this last month of the year.

Please note. This article is updated monthly to reflect the latest trends and upcoming game events properly. – Last update: 1 December 2023.

November is set to be an exciting month in the world of Web3 gaming. Make sure you’re in the know and ready to enjoy all the newest games with our carefully selected list of the best play-to-earn options available to explore right now.

1. Shrapnel

With Shrapnel and their play test coming later in December, we have one of the hottest games in Web3 right now. This first person shooter has players battle to claim resources, but the journey doesn’t end with claiming. Because players will also need to survive to extract the resources from the game. The longer you stay, the more challenging things become and the higher the reward. Shrapnel as a native token SHRAP, and its Operator NFTs give gamers early access.

2. Splinterlands

This December marks a big month for one of the oldest Web3 gaming projects on the market, the trading card game Splinterlands. The team just launched the first phase of Land gameplay, and has players stake DEC tokens to harvest resources. In addition, on 5 December the Rebellion set will release, and will go into general sale. That means more cards and new mechanics to outwit your opponents. In November the price of the SPS governance token increased 58% to $0.02, while the game currency DEC increased 7% in value to $0.000978.

3. ChronoForge

ChronoForge is an action role-playing game in which players can complete quests, build and shape the game world or go together on raids. In the game world players can have mounts, and this December a lot more is coming to ChronoForge. This starts on 8 December with the NFT mint sale of Airships, allowing the owners to request air attacks, revives or supplies. Airships can generate RIFT tokens, providing a powerful incentive for players to get involved. Adding Adventurer NFTs to your ships, increases the yield.

4. Illuvium Arena

During the last days of November, Illuvium made quite splash with the release of Illuvium Arena in the Epic Games Store. The game isn’t finished yet, as the team labels the release as Beta 3. But the Auto-Chess Battles already gathered the attention of a big gaming community, who are looking forward to battling their Illuvitars against each other in the arena.

5. Pixels

Pixels already had a presence in our November list, and now we also added it to our December list of play-to-earn Web3 games. Pixels now introduced Guilds, which added a financial social layer to its ecosystem. They will roll out more functionality over time, with the final form expected by March. Pixels is also working on dungeons, coming in Q1 2024. However, even right now Pixels is a vibrant ecosystem where everybody can participate to earn BERRY tokens. Oh, wen PIXEL?

6. Eternal Paradox

After Champions Ascension, Gala Games will release another Web3 game into the wild with the turn-based 4X strategy game Eternal Paradox. In this game by Ndream, players need to develop their land, train their mercenaries and challenge their opponents. Players use their mercenaries in turn-based battles, or deploy the army in a Grand Strategy game mode.

7. Kuroro Beasts

Kuroro Beasts is a project that allows Beast NFT holders to participate in the creature collecting RPG Kuroro Wilds, and the battle mode Kuroro Brawl. All this is part of the TreasureDAO ecosystem, one of the rising gaming platforms in Web3. Moreover, this December players can start hunting for the KURO token airdrop. Staking your Kuroro Beast NFTs is enough to start earning points. Don’t want to buy an NFT? No worries. Play the game, complete quests and earn achievements, and this will make you eligible for a KURO airdrop as well.

8. Decimated

Imagine you’re going to play cops and robbers in a big, open, post-apocalyptic world, that’s Decimated in a nutshell. When Decimated has its full release, it will offer a cyberpunk survival game within a persistent online world that’s always changing. With DIO, the game has its own game token. This December the team will have a first play test, even though details are still scarce here. Without a doubt, Decimated is one of the dark horses of the Solana ecosystem, filled with natural disaster such as sand storms to make survival even more challenging.

9. Parallel

The trading card game Parallel has been in the spotlight for a few months now, and this December they will have the pack opening event for their first expansion, Planetfall. Central to the game’s lore and the tokenomics, is the cryptocurrency PRIME. With Planetfall, every faction in Parallel will get access to new abilities, while the pack also introduces new cards to the gameplay. Planetfall will also introduce new characters and settings, building on the narrative of all the factions fighting over the PRIME resource and territory on Earth. Players can use PRIME to purchase additional Planetfall cards.

10. Nine Chronicles

The last, but definitely not least, game in this list is the idle role-playing game Nine Chronicles. With the recent release of Nine Chronicles M, the game is finally available on mobile devices. Moreover, this December players can compete in the Arena for a major 1,000,000 NCG prize pool. That’s $90,000 at the current rate. So download this idle RPG now, gather resources, level up your hero, and climb the Arena leaderboards to win big!

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