The Sandbox x World of Women Partner Up to Empower Women

The Sandbox continues to make progressive strides forward

The Sandbox and World of Women have announced a partnership to bring the NFT collective into The Sandbox. The move is seen as an effort to promote inclusivity and equality in the metaverse. 

Following DappRadar’s report of Billboard and World of Women’s (WoW) collaboration, The Sandbox has teamed up with WoW to make the metaverse a space where anyone, regardless of gender, can feel welcome. This move by Animoca Brands (parent company of The Sandbox) isn’t the first one they’ve made with a shrewd eye on the potential commercial opportunities of the metaverse. 

By making the new blockchain-based marketplace as welcoming of women as possible, it opens up a whole new audience to sell its products to. Why sell to half the world when you can sell to everyone?

The partnership will see:

  • The creation of a WoW Foundation. The foundation will have a $25 million grant to promote women in decentralized online space.
  • The partners work together to curate an interactive world within The Sandbox dedicated to women-centric causes.
  • A WoW museum built on a 2×2 plot of LAND and a WoW University which will offer guidance and tutorials on how to get started in web3.
The Sandbox purchased Aurora, formerly known as WoW #6025

Animoca Brands will now also be able to leverage its new relationship with WoW and potentially involve the feminist NFT community in more of its many other blockchain platforms.

Alpha Season 2 in The Sandbox

The Sandbox and WoW partnership announcement coincides with the game’s March 3rd launch of Alpha Season 2.

Now with 2 million registered users and a long line of commercial and content partners, the platform has taken the next step towards a full launch, which is expected later this year.

All registered users, as well as those who sign up during this four-week long Alpha Season 2, will get free access to over 35 interactive experiences that have been curated inside the blockchain world.

To win a free Alpha Pass, players can compete in one of the Season 2 gameplay quests to earn raffle tickets. There are over 200 of these quests and there will be a total of 10,000 Season Alpha Passes available. Winning an Alpha Pass will give holders the chance to win up to 1,000 SAND (native token of The Sandbox).

Alpha Season 2 Trailer

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