Crazy Defense Heroes Sees Crazy Rise in On-Chain Activity

Daily Star Chests spell magic for the play-to-earn platform

Crazy Defense Heroes has seen a huge weekly rise in on-chain activity, with connections of unique active wallets to the platform increasing over 300% to more than 147,000. This follows the promise of more rewards as game makers announced another Daily Star Chest event.

Most people who grew up playing computer games will have spent hours and hours enjoying the tower defense variety. Annoyingly addictive and often inducing headaches, there was always one more level to conquer, or a better-suited defender to position more efficiently.

Crazy Defense Heroes arrived in early 2021 and has steadily gained a devoted following ever since. But over the past week, on-chain analytics for the platform show a sharp increase across a variety of metrics.

Here’s a breakdown of the gaming platform’s impressive numbers:

  • 301.85% user increase
  • 175.68% transaction increase
  • 17.38% balance increase

This is all in the past 7 days. And these huge percentage increases represent real gains as last week’s numbers were already big to begin with. The table below shows how impressive the rises are.

DappRadar 7-day Crazy Defense Heroes analytics

Getting rewards with Daily Star Chest

Animoca Brands announced on February 28th that the already-ongoing Daily Star Chest event would continue into March. The event gives gamers the opportunity to win rewards paid in TOWER tokens, the native currency of various tower defense games in the Animoca Brands portfolio. However, players can now also earn Tower Map NFTs, which come in various rarities:  Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Higher tier maps give users more and better rewards. And all TOWER Map NFTs will be tradable on OpenSea. 

The NFTs can be used to unlock different levels of exclusive Game Maps which each open up new territories. NFT owners will also have access to a variety of chests which contain all sorts of rewards and assets.

Daily Star Chest event to continue into March

There are plenty of hoops that players need to jump through in order to qualify for rewards. So make sure you’re au fait with the terms and conditions before you jump into purchasing.

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