What is Alien Worlds?

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Blockchain gamers know about Alien Worlds. The monster hit consistently ranks at the top of DappRadar’s rankings pages. And there’s no doubt that this metaverse gaming world has stumbled on the secret formula of success. But what is Alien Worlds and how does it work? 


What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an NFT metaverse game on Ethereum, WAX, and BNB Smart Chain. In Alien Worlds’ simulated economy, players compete for scarce resources, including NFTs and in-game tokens. 

Alien Worlds is based on four pillars that drive the in-game ecosystem. Players, or Explorers as they’re called, engage through mining by acquiring and renting land and voting for Planetary governance to impact Trillium payouts. 

These four pillars are Trilium (TLM) token, NFT tools, lands, and Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs).

What is Alien Worlds?

Who created Alien Worlds?

Sarojini McKenna and Michael Yeates are the geniuses behind Alien Worlds. The pair previously worked together on the EOS blockchain before teaming up to create the game.

They were also part of the team that worked closely with the micronation Liberland. Liberland was an eight-kilometer-square nation on the banks of the Danube. The idea behind it was to see if it was possible to install a working governance system based on blockchain technology and a DAO.

But at the heart of the game is the DAO. ‘We wanted to bring crypto and blockchain concepts to the masses,’ said Mckenna. In this vein, the Alien Worlds DAO stands in the middle of all important decisions for the game’s progression.

What is TLM?

TLM serves as Alien Worlds’ in-game currency, and Explorers can earn this token as a reward while playing core games in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. In addition, users can stake TLM to participate in the governance of the Planet DAOs.

As mentioned before, Alien World is a metaverse mining game in nature. In plain English this means that Explorers can acquire TLM through the mining gameplay as miners. Or rent land to miners and receive mining commissions in TLM. 

Trillium exists on the Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchains, so users can store Trillium on any of the three.The TLM token has had a bumpy ride over the past 18 months. It reached a staggering peak of $7.16 on April 11, 2021. Since then it’s come back down to earth and now sits well off its all-time high.

What NFTs does Alien Worlds have?


These NFTs are parcels of land on the Planets in Alien Worlds. Holders can either mine it or charge other people to mine it for them, and share the rewards.


At the start of the game, everyone gets a free shovel to begin mining. Its power is limited and players need to level-up in order to improve. 

Throughout Alien Worlds, players can stumble across other tools like Glavor Discs and Lucky Drills.

Players can mine more efficiently with these tools and collect more TLM as a result.


These characters are used in the Alien Worlds fighting game. Holders can also use them across other games in Alien Worlds.


Weapons have an attack rating and defensive rating. Explorers use them in-game when battling against other Explorers. Developers and holders can also use them across other areas of Alien Worlds.


Avatars are NFT game cards that act as a player’s face when they’re playing Alien Worlds. First, you select an avatar for mining. The game offer five types of avatar: Greys, Reptiloids, Little Green Persons, Nordics and Robotrons.

Rarity and Shininess

There are six different levels of rarity for digital items in the game. These are Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical.

There are also five different levels of rarity: Stone Gold, Stardust, Antimatter and XDimension. Lower-level items can be forged to increase their shine and attributes, except in the case of XDimension NFT game cards which are only found by opening a rare pack.

How does Minecraft fit in with Alien Worlds?

Players can now earn TLM in the massively popular game Minecraft. The platform, which boasts over 170 million players worldwide, announced in March that it would enable Alien Worlds’ community to earn valuable tokens.

The interoperability bridge that allows a traditional game to interact with a blockchain game is rate. It was seen at the time as a sign of things to come, where the old world meets the new world.

The idea is for traditional gamers to dip their toes in the world of web3 and play-to-earn. And it’s not only TLM that players can earn in Minecraft. Alien Worlds NFTs are also available for users to win through the web2 gameplay.

What are the on-chain metrics for Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds regularly sits at the top of DappRadar’s blockchain games rankings pages. For the first half of 2022, the game attracted a daily average of nearly 200,000 unique users. And for the same period, a monthly average of $769,000 moved through the game’s smart contracts.

There are also good, regular trading volumes for in-game NFTs. Users looking to trade Alien Worlds NFTs must go to the WAX blockchain marketplace Atomic Hub. Looking at the latest stats for overall sales, we can see that nearly $42 million worth of in-game assets have been bought and sold.

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