How to Play Alien Worlds Like a Pro

How to Play Win Earn Alien Worlds
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Mine, acquire, trade and earn rewards in this intergalactic virtual world

Alien Worlds regularly comes out on the top of DappRadar’s rankings. Fans continue to flock to the platform and the WAX marketplaces are busy with users trading in-game assets. Now’s as good a time as any to find out how to play Alien Worlds like a pro.

Alien Worlds Guide Contents

DappRadar is your one-stop shop for dapp data and web3 insights. We have all the tools to help you find the most popular games on the market. And we already have a guide telling you what Alien Worlds is.

Now you need to know how to play it. This guide has everything you need on how to play Alien Worlds like a pro.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an NFT metaverse game on the WAX blockchain, which also comes with some functionality on other chains, such as Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. In Alien Worlds’ simulated economy, players compete for scarce resources, including NFTs and in-game tokens. 

Alien Worlds boasts a four-pillar-driven in-game ecosystem, where players, or Explorers, engage through mining by acquiring and renting land and voting for Planetary governance to impact Trilium payouts. 

These pillars are Trilium (TLM) token, NFT tools, lands, and Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs). Now, let’s take a closer look at how each pillar can impact the player’s success.

Where to download Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds doesn’t even an app, and you don’t need to download the game. Alien Worlds can be played in any desktop or mobile browser. Simply log in to your Wax All-Access wallet using your social media or email credentials, and you can start playing Alien Worlds.

How to start playing Alien Worlds 

There are a few simple steps to get started with Alien Worlds today:

  • Go to the Alien Worlds dapp.
  • Create a WAX web3 wallet. You can create one for free.
  • Set yourself up with some login details.
  • Choose your first avatar.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and click on ‘I’m Ready’.
  • Choose the planet you want to mine on. Think carefully about this. The mining pot shows the current amount of TLM available to mine. And the fill rate shows the speed at which it is refilling.
  • Pick the piece of land you want to mine on. Bear in mind that each one is different and mining fees will differ. So choose thoughtfully.
  • Select the Shovel as your Tool. As you progress in Alien Worlds, you will acquire better Tools.

Now you’re ready to start playing. Enjoy!

Where to buy NFTs, game items?

Players can buy Alien Worlds NFTs and game items from any WAX supporting marketplace, and Atomic Hub is by far the most popular one. Alien Worlds players can buy these NFTs using WAX, the native token of the ecosystem. However, some assets also exist on for example BNB Chain.

Game items range in price from a few cents up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, all depending on the rarity and the amount of demand for the item. For example, a regular shovel would basically be free, while a piece of fertile land on a popular planet can become very pricey.

What are Tools in Alien Worlds?

Players need Tools in Alien Worlds in order to do certain actions. They will need Tools to participate in mining, for example. You find find these tools on the marketplace.

In-game Tools

Now we know what Tools are and where to find them, it’s important to learn the tactics behind acquiring and using them. Each Tool has four important stats that all players should be aware of:

Charge time

You can find the charge time in the text portion of your Alien Worlds card. It shows, in seconds, how long you need to wait for your Tool to recharge after you use it. Once it’s recharged, you can use it again.

NFT luck multiplier

The better your luck, the more chance you have of finding the best NFTs when you’re mining. You can find this number in the bottom-right corner of the card.

POW multiplier

This could also be called a proof-of-work reducer. It speeds up your mining times, and is especially useful if you’re not playing the game with a WAX wallet. This number is in the bottom-left corner of the card.

TLM multiplier

This number indicates how much your Tool will multiply your mining output by. You can find it in the top-left corner of your Tool card and the higher the number, the better.

Land cards

Become a Planet DAO member to hold power 

All the activities within Alien Worlds happen on Planets. It is worth mentioning that Planets in Alien Worlds are planetary Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

How to participate in DAO governance? By staking their TLM, players can become voting members of the Planet. A stake-weighted voting mechanic is applied; the more one stakes, the more voting power one can have. One of the essential privileges a voting member can have is to impact TLM pay-outs.

Become a Planet DAO member to impact the in-game governance

All the activities within Alien Worlds happen on Planets, and there were 6 Planets at inception. It is worth mentioning that Planets in Alien Worlds are planetary Decentralised Autonomous Communities (DAOs).

How to participate in DAO governance? By staking the TLM, players can become voting members of the Planet. A stake-weighted voting mechanic is applied; the more one stakes, the more voting power one can have. One of the essential privileges a voting member can have is to impact TLM payouts. 

We recently spoke with Ed Evans, Commercial Lead and Head of Partnerships from Alien Worlds to learn everything about the latest updates of this popular game. 

DappRadar Meets Alien Worlds

Land helps players earn commission

There are three types of non-fungible tokens in Alien Worlds: land, tools, and avatars. To start mining, players need to own a piece of land or mine on lands owned by other players. 

Each land NFT has unique attributes that affect gameplay, such as the amount of TLM it generates, the probability that a user receives an NFT, etc. 

What sets landowners apart from other players is that landowners can receive a commission while others are mining on their lands. Therefore, owning lands can bring users passive incomes.

What can you do in Alien Worlds?

  1. Players can compete with each other in a game mode called Battledome. The best players can win weekly prizes paid in Trilium or TLM, the native token of Alien Worlds.
  2. Through Mission Control players can participate in a weekly quests, again sharing a portion of the prize pool between all winning participants.
  3. Of course there’s the earlier mentioned Trilium Mining, which requires players to own Tools to earn some TLM. The earnings of TLM are shared with land owners.
  4. TLM token holders can put their tokens to good use by voting on governance proposals, allocating their tokens to a certain planet and so on.

Help! A warning message pops up. Not enough CPU!

Players actively diving into Alien Worlds will sometimes have to deal with warning messages, stating they don’t have enough CPU, for example.

Anyone in control of an account that does too many transactions in a short time span will need to stake WAX tokens. Simply go to the Wax Cloud Wallet dashboard, click Resources on the right side of your screen and stake some WAX tokens.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Alien Worlds. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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