What is TLM, the crypto token for Alien Worlds

TLM Trilium Trillium Alien Worlds Crypto Token
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Alien Worlds is a strategy exploration game that combines elements from DeFi with NFTs and gaming, all taking place on the Wax blockchain and powered by the TLM crypto token. This gaming universe is all about competition for resources by working together and against each other. Players are competing for Trilium (TLM), a cryptocurrency required to become a powerful participant in the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Alien Worlds has become one of the most engaging gaming dapps on the market, as thousands of accounts interact with the game’s ecosystem on a daily basis. The main reason for doing so, is to obtain Trilium, or simply TLM tokens.

Mining TLM is one of the core practices in Alien Worlds, as players need to select their gear (NFTs) and use these to mine on a piece of land (a player-owned NFT) on a certain planet. This planet is in turn governed by a DAO, which is formed by landowners and those who stake TLM on the different land parcels.

Earned TLM can be used for governance, but also to lease a spaceship and send it on a mission. This then allows players to earn NFTs, which might come with great benefits. Simply put, TLM is the lifeblood in the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

TLM is a cryptocurrency with a limited supply of 10 billion tokens. The token started on the Wax blockchain, but also exists on Ethereum and BNB Chain. This adds more liquidity to the game’s economy, which already is thriving thanks to hundreds of thousands active game accounts per day.

Using TLM token in Alien Worlds

  • Mining – Select your NFTs to mine TLM on a certain planet
  • Staking – Stake your TLM to a planet to earn rewards and increase the planet’s reward pool
  • Planet governance – Use your TLM to vote in weekly DAO elections
  • Teleport – TLM owners can bridge their tokens between BSC, WAX and Ethereum 
  • Trading – on Alcor Exchange (WAX) and PancakeSwap (BNB)
  • Missions – Acquire a spaceship and send it on a mission to find NFTs
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