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Land staking, NFTs, Elysium, implementing the battle system, and more from Vulcan Verse.

On 11 th August, DappRadar spoke with VulcanVerse as part of our DappDays celebration week.

VulcanVerse is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. The fantasy game is part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, together with various games and an NFT marketplace. Within this ecosystem economy, players can trade their in-game resources and assets.

How does the VulcanVerse economy work?

PYR is our main token, used in our marketplaces, our Vulcan DEX, which will soon be rebranded to Elysium Swap once we go live. On Vulcan DEX, you can stake with liquidity pairs for farming NFTs for Vulcan Forged projects and third-party projects down the line. 

Instead of having inflationary APYs, you are rewarding assets that are used in-game, and that have value, and it also gives people exposure to other projects within our ecosystem.

Jason McIvor

How does land staking work? 

If you are a landowner in VulcanVerse, you can take part in the Land Staking process by locking up your PYR to reap staking rewards.

Players that want to level up their plots of land have to stake PYR to level them up, and there is a large period in between levels as new assets are developed. Basically, as we get to level 3 assets for releasing, we open up level 3 land staking.

Jason McIvor

What are the NFTs on VulcanVerse? 

The VulcanVerse Greco-Roman era-inspired Metaverse offers a lot of angles to participate. You can take part in VulcanVerse as a land owner, player, stavuker, and liquidity provider. Additionally, the game has many NFTs with lucrative potential for both land owners and non-owners through the Cedalion scholarship program. 

We have land plots granting the owner access to VulcanVerse. You can also rent plots of land from owners based on an earning share with our scholarship program. We also got vulcanites, which are used across many of the Vulcan Forged games.

Inside VulcanVerse, they are the ones that allow users to fight forage, and we got a new revamped espionage element for them as well. Then we got the NFT Gods, they add a lot of benefits to gameplay and to earning potential, and for the game itself, they allow certain users exclusive visual assets access that you can only place in your plot of land if you own that specific God. NFT Clothing, NFT building assets, fishing rods, etc.

Jason McIvor & Christina Zafirakis

Watch the AMA and learn more about VulcanVerse´s exciting roadmap!

Time stamps 

00:00 – Intro

07:55 – VulcanVerse trailer

10:09 – The trailer explained

12:42 – What do you think of Play to Earn as a business model?

15:05 – Play to Earn Vs. Play and Earn

16:36 – The importance of ownership 

17:21 – The VulcanVerse economy

18:10 – Land staking

18:41 – Lava Token 

19:38 – NFTs on VulcanVerse

20:00 – How do you lower entry barriers?

26:15 – How does questing work? 

32:26 – What aspects of VulcanVerse can players bring into other Vulcan Forged Ecosystems? 

35:46 – Is there a pool of LAVA in each game?

38:01 – What is Elysium?

47:00 – Roadmap

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