What is VulcanVerse? An Introduction

What is VulcanVerse? An Introduction
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A fantasy MMORPG with play-and-earn mechanics for NFT holders

VulcanVerse is a fantasy MMORPG and part of the wider Vulcan Forged ecosystem. In this MMO world, players own pieces of land where they can shape the environment and create quests. 

VulcanVerse is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. The fantasy game is part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, together with various games and an NFT marketplace. Within this ecosystem, players can trade their in-game resources and assets.

The fantasy world of VulcanVerse is inspired by Greco-Roman mythology. In this fantasy world, players can shape their land, and summon special creatures known as Vulcanites.

The game world is split into four quadrants, each of them depicting different landscapes. The lore and setting have been shaped by some of the best fantasy writers.

Earning PYR, LAVA and boosting NFTs 

In VulcanVerse, players can buy virtual land and use in-game resources to build on it to make it more valuable. Players in the VulcanVerse can also own Vulcanites and other NFT assets that can serve for example, as in-game characters and items.

Within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, two tokens are crucial: PYR and LAVA. Each of them serves a purpose. Both currencies can be earned by being active in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

Those who own land or other NFTs in VulcanVerse need to use both PYR and LAVA to upgrade them. The higher level the NFTs, the better the earning potential.

Upgraded Vulcanites and land NFTs can bring more rewards in both PYR and LAVA to their owners. In addition, players can use LAVA to borrow NFTs from other players, boosting their own earning potential. Players who are not invested in VulcanVerse can still earn LAVA by participating in game events and completing quests.

Using land in VulcanVerse

Each piece of land has a size of 20 by 20 meters, and players own these lands by holding an NFT in their wallet. Landowners can upgrade their land by staking PYR tokens, giving them access to more tools and features. Also, the higher the level of a land parcel, the more passive income it generates. 

Buying a plot of land can be quite expensive for some users. Therefore players can also borrow a piece of land from others through the Cedalion Program. This so-called scholarship program splits the earnings of borrowing players with the landowners.

There are four quadrants in VulcanVerse, each with their own look, feel and lore. 

  • Underworld of Hades
  • Gardens of Arcadia
  • Mountains of Boreas
  • and Desert of Notus

Landowners can create their own events, puzzles and challenges for other players to discover. Players can use their Vulcanites NFTs to spy on players in other quadrants, creating a bit of an internal conflict. 

Things to know about VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse is one of a variety of games available in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. These different games all tap into the same token ecosystem, using PYR and LAVA. In addition, NFTs can serve a different purpose in each of the games. The value of an NFT and the tokens doesn’t come from the utility in VulcanVerse alone.

Vulcan Forged taps into various blockchain ecosystems. Its tokens, NFTs and mechanics use Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and VeChain. That means that your tokens and assets can be stored across a variety of wallets.

Every gamer can manage their wallets using My Forge, a feature that becomes available after creating a Vulcan Forged account together with a Venly wallet connection.

With Elysium, Vulcan Forged is working on introducing its own blockchain ecosystem. Elysium is completely compatible with other blockchains, such as Ethereum and Polygon, while it operates completely carbon-neutral. 

Learn how to get started with VulcanVerse here!

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