How to Get Started with VulcanVerse

How to Get Started with VulcanVerse
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Your first steps into the play-to-earn fantasy universe of Vulcan

Let’s get you set up to play VulcanVerse, and start earning some crypto coins. Making your first move into a new game can be intimidating, especially when there’s a play-to-earn element involved. That’s why we are here to help you out.

Before we even set foot into VulcanVerse, you need to get the game installed. For now, VulcanVerse only works on Windows 10 computers.

 This is how you download VulcanVerse: 

  1. Go to and make a My Forge account
  2. This account requires both an email address and a wallet
  3. Vulcan Forged uses Venly as their wallet provider, therefore, you will need to create a Venly account as well. 
  4. Once your Venly and Vulcan Forged accounts are linked, you’re ready to download VulcanVerse
  5. Download and install the game (Windows PC only)
  6. Log in to the game using your Vulcan Forged account 
  7. Now you’re ready to get started! 

Now that you have the game installed, it’s time to start playing. When you own a piece of land, you can make your own castle or landmark. However, let’s assume you don’t have land. 

How do you get started with VulcanVerse and what can you do? 

Every player will earn experience points (XP) from playing and questing in the game. They can then use those XP points to level up their Avatar or their Vulcanites NFTs (once a user has earned 10k XP they can claim the lava they also earn through gameplay).

 However, XP points can never be transferred. These experience points serve as a way to confirm in-game activity because only players with enough XP can upgrade their NFTs.

During their quests in VulcanVerse, players can also earn LAVA. They will need LAVA to upgrade their land NFTs, Stake in the upcoming Lava Bank, use to unlock NFT Seeds, and of course, they can sell these tokens on the open market. However, earnings will first need to ‘warm up’, meaning that players need to wait three days before they can claim their earned LAVA.

Once you move deeper into VulcanVerse, you might want to craft valuable, limited edition items. Again, this will require LAVA. So there’s a reason to hold on to your earned LAVA to wait for the opportunity to craft something awesome.

Visit the VulcanVerse dapp page and get started!

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