How to Participate in the $3M VulcanVerse Land Staking

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Reap staking rewards with your land in VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse is introducing its Land Staking feature, where players can earn a share of the $3 million staking pool. To participate in the staking rewards pool, users need to stake their PYR token, ensure they have enough XP, and upgrade their lands to at least level 2.

VulcanVerse, the flagship metaverse world and MMORPG game of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, is launching Land Staking on 15 April 2022. Participants will have the ability to claim a share of the maximum of 1 million PYR that the team locks up. That’s $3 million per month in rewards.

VulcanVerse Land Staking

VulcanVerse is a metaverse game set in the Greco-Roman era. The game has an incredibly intriguing narrative where ancient Gods and Vulcanites built a fantastic virtual world. At the same time, VulcanVerse provides players with a sustainable in-game economy where they can earn rewards passively in PYR. To successfully reap the benefits, you must understand the nature of Lands (NFT) and PYR (in-game token). Moreover, players need to know how to leverage both assets to benefit them financially. Land Staking is one of the important ways for players to benefit from its play-to-earn mechanics. 

What is Land Staking, and how to participate?

If you are a landowner in VulcanVerse, you can take part in the Land Staking process by locking up your PYR to reap staking rewards. To participate in the Land Staking is quite simple. First, you need to own at least one plot of land and level it up to level 2. Then you need to burn some LAVA tokens to get the process started. Anyone who participates in the Land Staking is eligible to claim a part of the staking reward pool.

A step-by-step guide

  • Open a My Forge account
  • Own land and upgrade it by sowing (learn more here)
  • Before starting staking, ensure that you have gained enough experience points (XP) in the game. Otherwise, you can play Vulcan Forged ecosystem games regularly to collect the needed XP. 
  • Then you’ll need to burn some LAVA and ‘soft-lock’ your PYR, meaning you can transfer the staked PYR out at any time, but this will end staking at that level.

The table below shows you the Land staking levels and sowing cost structure.

VulcanVerse Land Staking

How to maintain the staking rewards

Notably, you need to keep your land ‘fertile’ for the staking rewards to come continuously. It means that a certain amount of XP needs to be earned per day and per plot owned. The table below explains the daily XP requirement for Land Staking. As mentioned before, interaction with Vulcan Forged games will increase your XP. You can either complete this task yourself or with the help of your Cedalion, someone who borrows your NFT assets.

It’s worth noticing that you will only miss one day’s stake if you don’t hit the daily XP threshold. Initially, 200 XP earned per day will cover all plots owned in a wallet, though this will be phased out over the next six months. Vulcan reserves the right to amend the formula to ensure ecosystem stability as new XP earning routes are introduced to VulcanVerse.

VulcanVerse Land Staking

Your gods will help you earn a bonus

In VulcanVerse, your god will always back you up, including in the staking process. 10 of the 11 Olympians and 11 of the 12 Titans will grant you between 10% and 70% extra staking reward for whichever plot of land that god is linked to. The bonus depends on the level of your god; the higher the level, the more rewards.

With the leader gods, Zeus of the Olympians and Cronus of the Titans, you can also gain between 10% and 70% extra staking reward depending on their level. But instead of linking to one plot of land, they can power up THREE linked plots of your choice for the bonus. What’s more, having a god assigned to a plot makes those plots a priority for staking. Read more about the gods and how to obtain them here.

VulcanVerse is gaining more traction

Recently, NFTs have gradually resumed their popularity, with the trading volume of OpenSea and LooksRare increasing by 26% and 29% respectively, in the past seven days. VulcanVerse, the leader in blockchain gaming, has also seen data growth, with 30-day users increasing by 87% and transactions by 109%. Most importantly, the launch of Land Staking will further upgrade VulcanVerse’s play-to-earn mechanics, bringing more lucrative benefits to its users. DappRadar will keep monitoring the latest happenings with VulcanVerse. 

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