Mojo Melee: How to Play and Earn in Planet Mojo

How to Play Win Earn Planet Mojo

The promising gaming metaverse where your heroes battle for glory and rewards

Mojo Melee is making waves in the Web3 gaming space, as it ushers in a fresh new era in blockchain entertainment. In an exciting development, this August 2023, the game announced a strategic partnership with the titan of digital streaming, Amazon Prime, allowing Prime members the opportunity to win exclusive Mojo Melee NFTs. Supported by Polygon’s lightning-fast blockchain, Mojo Melee stands as the pioneering game of the Planet Mojo ecosystem, which offers an array of interconnected games powered by player-owned teams. Dive into this article to explore the thrilling world of Planet Mojo and unravel the secrets of playing and earning in Mojo Melee.


What is Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo is a gaming metaverse that operates on the Polygon blockchain. Built by Mystic Moose, it features an array of interconnected games where players can move between their customized teams and assets.

The metaverse’s narrative takes place on an alien planet where battles happen everywhere. Therefore players can travel and experience different fun gameplay in the various games of this universe.

The first major game in Planet Mojo’s metaverse is Mojo Melee, launched in 2023, which has recently gained many new adepts.

In this next-generation AutoChess Battler game, you can battle other players with a team that you can customize and own (your NFT characters) and earn real rewards as you play.

It is relatively easy to learn but hard to master, and presents an infinite amount of outcomes – to be increased as the other Planet Mojo games go live in the future.

How do you get started with Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo’s first game to go live, Mojo Melee, is already available for gamers to experiment with. To start playing it, you simply need to:

1. Visit the dapp’s website and click on Play Mojo Melee

2. Create an account and connect your MetaMask wallet

3. Select a Mojo character to start setting up your team – for free

4. Choose the game mode to start playing or improve your team with better members and tools

5. Download the Planet Mojo whitepaper to guide your experience

Even though you can buy NFTs to play Planet Mojo, you can also try it out for free without even connecting your wallet. Once you check it out and experiment with the game dynamics, you decide how much you want to invest in this game.

How do you play and earn in the Mojo Melee game?

To start playing Mojo Melee, you will set up your team and choose the Game Mode:

  • Duel: one-on-one where the first to win three rounds is victorious
  • Melee Brawl: 8v8 where you compete against many players in two stages

AutoChess Battler games consist in creating a strategy to beat your opponents and watch the combat unfold. With Mojo Melee and your ownership of game items, this goes to a different level.

For each battle you play, you’ll get a certain amount of reward XP and increase your heroes’ worth. Mojo Melee also brings in Daily Quests where every gamer can earn additional rewards for completing a goal (such as defeating 20 enemies in a day) called Ore. Joining tournaments also allow you to compete for Ore and MOJ tokens – Planet Mojo’s native ERC-20 token.

So the more and the better you play, the better the rewards. You can then sell your tokens as you want and keep some earnings for yourself.

It’s important to address that, although you can play the game for free and get in-game rewards for it, owning your own NFTs to play with, grants you benefits such as special rewards, MOJ token airdrops, and other exclusives.

As for in-game NFTs, we’re talking about the heroes you add to your team for battles (Mojos and Champions), but also items to improve your performance (Skins and Spellstones). Each has unique powers that can be boosted and improved.

Because the game utilizes the Polygon blockchain, the NFT game items exist on the same blockchain.

Players can buy the Mojos, Champions, Skins and Spellstones  on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Magic Eden. Furthermore, players will be able to use their NFTs in more games, as the Planet Mojo ecosystem expands.

What makes Planet Mojo innovative?

3D NFT characters

As Planet Mojo has stressed, static NFTs are becoming quite outdated, especially when looking at the pace Web3 gaming is developing.

By providing its players with high-quality moving 3D NFTs to use in a universe of different games, Planet Mojo is really setting itself apart from what many similar games have done so far.

It’s still a bit too soon to predict the success of Planet Mojo and its NFT collections because, at the moment, many have not been released yet. For example, the developers will introduce land plots, which will give players a stake in the digital lands of Planet Mojo. However, the initial reception has been promising, and therefore it’s probably worth keeping an eye on this one.

Interconnected games

While Mojo Melee is a brilliant start for what Planet Mojo has in store, the concept of interconnected games in this ecosystem is promising. 

The Web3 gaming community is thirsty for a project that provides game quality and variety.

The fact that there will be many different use cases for Planet Mojo’s NFTs is, therefore, another positive aspect of this metaverse for players.

The Amazon Prime & Mojo Melee partnership

In a game-changing move, Mojo Melee announced a partnership with Amazon in August 2023. Through this collaboration, Prime subscribers can now create a new Mojo Melee account to access a free package, containing an exclusive NFT and in-game currency, from the Prime Gaming portal. This six-month-long partnership also promises monthly NFT drops and additional content, enriching the gaming experience.

The initiative aligns with Amazon’s broader strategy, given the previous NFT offers to Prime users and plans to launch an NFT marketplace. This partnership provides an exciting avenue for Prime users to engage with Mojo Melee and the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming.

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We will continue to follow Planet Mojo’s journey of conquering blockchain gamers and how it evolves within this fast-growing industry.

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