The 5 Most Bullish Gaming Dapps on Polygon

The 5 Most Bullish Gaming Dapps on Polygon
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Ultimate Champions, Karmaverse Zombie, and Playbite are the fastest-growing games on Polygon.

Here are five games that have been trending on the Polygon chain over the past 30 days. From fantasy sports games like Ultimate Champions to move-to-earn games like The Dustland, Polygon is never short of creative games that give users remunerative perks.


According to DappRadar’s latest BGA Report, blockchain gaming blasted through the bear market in July, sending over one million daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) to the blockchain ecosystem. Top games maintain their traction with gamers, and new market players are ushering into the space. 

Check out DappRadar’s Game of the Week series to see which gaming dapps have become the latest blue chips in the users‘ minds. Here are the most recent three Game of the Week issues and their Single Dapp Pages.

As we cast our spotlight on gaming ecosystem providers, we found that Polygon, Wax, Flow, and BNB Chain have the most dynamic blockchain gaming ecosystems. So today, let’s focus on Polygon and see which games have taken off on it recently.

Ultimate Champions: a free-to-play fantasy football game

OG users in the NFT space must be no strangers to NBA TopShot on the Flow blockchain, the superstar dapp for sports NFT collectibles. Notably, there is a rising star in the football area, Ultimate Champions.


Ultimate Champions is a free-to-play fantasy football game with officially licensed digital collectible cards in the form of NFTs on Polygon

In Ultimate Champions, players can leverage their football knowledge to build the best possible lineup weekly to earn rewards. Notably, these rewards possess long-term value in Ultimate Champions’ open economy: Cards (NFTs) and Tokens (MGC and CHAMP).

Ultimate Champions is a perfect combination of innovative gameplay and stylish visuals. The project strives to build a fantasy sports platform catering to a mainstream audience and drive mass adoption by utilizing a free-to-play mechanism. As a result, the game has attracted over 26,000 unique users, a whopping 290% increase. 

Karmaverse Zombie: a zombie apocalypse game powered by NFT

karmaverse games on polygon

The KARMAVERSE is a metaverse gaming platform powered by blockchain technology. It offers users various games developed by Karma Games, and Karmaverse Zombie is the first NFT social game landing in The KARMAVERSE. 

In the game, players can control Fighters, each represented by a unique NFT, and create the most robust Fight Club to resist the zombie horde. Moreover, the games boast social elements, so players can work with or compete against other players.

In terms of the in-game economy, Knot is the primary utility token in Karmaverse with core values. Players can gain rewards in Knot through participating in play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay, staking, and more. 

Karmaverse Zombie has witnessed an 18% user growth over the last 30 days, generating over 143,000 transactions.

Playbite: an arcade game platform that lets players earn real rewards


Playbite is a mobile-friendly, ad-free gaming platform that offers users various arcade games and earns real rewards. These rewards include Starbucks Gift Card, Roblox Gift Card, NFT collectibles, and even Nintendo Switch. 

Every single second player spends on Playbite’s games can earn players tickets. Then users can spend these tickets in the platform’s official shop to redeem all kinds of rewards, from electronics to fidget toys, gift cards, or playable collectibles.

Playbite has achieved over 30% growth in both user and transaction volumes.

The Dustland: a move-to-earn audio fitness blockchain game

The Dustland is the trending game in OliveX’s fitness metaverse that rewards real-life players for running and cycling. Moreover, The Dustland progresses as the storyline unfolds. In addition, players can listen to the story while moving around. 

Dustland’s unique gameplay allows players to earn virtual rewards, including NFTs and DOSE tokens. These rewards can be used for game upgrades and to advance the progress in the storyline.

The Dustland has become one of the fastest growing games on Polygon over the past few weeks due to its engaging storyline and promoting a healthy lifestyle to benefit users. At its peak, it has seen user growth of over 700%. Currently, the game maintains a monthly user increase of 36%.

Bomb Crypto 2: a classic adventure game powered by P2E gameplay

Bomb Crypto 2 is another game on Polygon that has gained much traction lately. Impressively,  Bomb Crypto 2 has recorded a 30-day user growth of around 40%, and transactions have increased by about 100%. 

The adventure P2E games let players manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs and search for BOMBtokensn and fight monsters. 

To start the game, players need to have a bomb hero NFT. There are three ways to collect bomber heroes: rescue a hero, buy in the shop, and acquire through a marketplace auction. Once players have a hero ready in their wallet, they can send these little warriors to experience various game modes and reap the rewards. 

Keep up with Polygon’s dynamic ecosystem

Polygon is undoubtedly one of the most dominant blockchain ecosystems for crypto games. DappRadar provides powerful tools to equip users with a comprehensive understanding of Polygon’s ever-expanding blockchain universe.

In addition, users of Polygon assets and dapps can utilize DappRadar Portfolio Tracker to understand their crypto portfolio anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are new to the crypto industry or an experienced OG, these tools and reports by DappRadar can help you comprehensively understand BNB Chain. 

DappRadar will continue to monitor and report on Polygon and its ecosystem as they evolve. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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