Top 10 Best Games on Polygon

Top 10 Most Bullish Best Games on Polygon

An overview of some of the most promising Polygon games

Polygon is home to some of the best games in the Web3 space. From move-to-earn games like The Dustland to gamified metaverse The Sandbox, Polygon is never short of creative games that give users remunerative perks. In this article, we’re covering 10 of the most promising gaming dapps leveraging this innovative technology. Read on and get ready to play.


Why you should keep watch of Polygon games

Polygon is one of the most significant players in providing blockchain gaming ecosystems. The Polygon network’s gaming space has thrived since 2022, with multiple games surging in user numbers. In fact, our report on the web3 gaming industry in 2023 registered that Polygon is the second most dominant chain among gaming dapps, only behind WAX.

The entire Polygon ecosystem is undergoing several developments this year, and gaming dapps, their developers and gamers are the ones who will benefit the most.

Top 10 best games on Polygon

We are covering ten awesome games built on the Polygon blockchain, in no particular order, but there are many more you should know about.

Without further ado, let’s start exploring the best Polygon games.

1. Aavegotchi

More than a simple game, Aavegotchi is a diverse ecosystem that weaves together elements of gaming, NFTs, the metaverse, DeFi, and social interaction launched back in 2020. Its roots stem from the DeFi protocol Aave, with a touch of 90s nostalgia borrowed from the digital pet Tamagotchi—thus the name.

The game’s main characters are the Aavegotchis, cryptographically unique digital pets that you can care for, stake to earn rewards, and trade on the marketplace. The developers frequently update the game, keeping the project at the forefront of the DappRadar Rankings and ensuring a steady stream of new and exciting content for players. As a gaming ecosystem, Aavegotchi is continuously evolving, making it a top choice for blockchain gamers seeking a mix of gaming, DeFi, and NFT action.

2. The Sandbox

Taking sandbox gaming to a new level, The Sandbox empowers you with the ability to play, own, and monetize your virtual experiences. The platform leverages the Polygon blockchain to offer players complete control and ownership of their 3D voxel creations. The economic system of this metaverse is backed by the in-game cryptocurrency, SAND, facilitating purchases of assets, land, and games within the platform. The Sandbox, while still in development, has already completed three Alpha seasons, each unveiling new features and improvements.

The metaverse’s true power lies in its strategic partnerships with world-renowned brands such as Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci Vault, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, and more. These collaborations not only boost the game’s appeal but also enrich the in-game experience, offering players exclusive branded content and experiences.

3. Mojo Melee

As the inaugural game within the Planet Mojo metaverse, Mojo Melee has quickly secured its spot in the top games ranking. Developed by Mystic Moose and operating on the Polygon blockchain, this vibrant gaming ecosystem brings together a collection of interconnected games, allowing for seamless asset and team transfers. The first of many, Mojo Melee sets the tone for what players can expect from future additions to the Planet Mojo metaverse.

Mojo Melee is an innovative auto chess battler game where you can pit your customized, NFT-owned teams against other players. The game offers a balance of accessibility and complexity, with easy-to-grasp rules that require strategic thinking to master fully. Each match provides a unique gaming experience due to an almost infinite number of potential outcomes. The real hook, though, is the opportunity to earn tangible rewards as you play, creating a truly immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

4. The Dustland

The Dustland is the trending game in OliveX’s fitness metaverse that rewards real-life players for running and cycling. Moreover, The Dustland progresses as the storyline unfolds. In addition, players can listen to the story while moving around. 

Dustland’s unique gameplay allows players to earn virtual rewards, including NFTs and DOSE tokens. These rewards can be used for game upgrades and to advance the progress in the storyline. The Dustland has become one of the fastest-growing and best games on Polygon over the past year due to its engaging storyline and promoting a healthy lifestyle to benefit users.


Set in a dystopian near-future, DEFY is an augmented reality (AR) game that assigns players the exciting task of joining a hacker organization to dismantle a corrupt corporation. Backed by Polygon blockchain technology, DEFY seamlessly fuses gaming and the digital economy, establishing itself as one of the leading play-to-earn NFT blockchain mobile games.

DEFY offers various gameplay activities, including hacking, battling, collecting, crafting, building, customizing, trading, and even flying. This wide range of activities ensures players remain engaged and entertained, regardless of their gaming preferences. Having enjoyed a successful first 30 days since its launch, DEFY quickly gained popularity among players and remains among top positions in Top Polygon Games Ranking.

6. Planet IX

As a compelling fusion of NFT, GameFi, and DeFi, Planet IX is a strategic gaming experience that challenges players to revitalize a dystopian Earth. Set in a future where Earth has been reduced to a waste-filled planet, Planet IX positions players as Agents of Change (AoC). They are tasked with the formidable challenge of cleaning up waste and rejuvenating the planet using drones, energy sources, and biological models, among other tools.

Built on the Polygon blockchain, Planet IX encourages players to employ logical thinking and managerial skills to excel and reap significant rewards. The initial gameplay revolves around restoring Earth to its once thriving state. Players acquire land plots, known as PIX, and build assets on them in an attempt to make the planet habitable again. The IXT token, integral to the game’s ecosystem, facilitates various in-game transactions and activities, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

7. Phantom Galaxies

An amalgamation of open-world space simulation and fast-paced mech action, Phantom Galaxies takes players on an adventure through vast, interstellar battlefields. Developed by Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, this game is built on the Polygon network and delivers a narrative experience enriched by space warfare and mecha battles. While the full release is yet to come, select players have already had the opportunity to participate in exciting playtests.

The game’s storyline is set against the backdrop of a fragile alliance between the Union and the Commonwealth, two factions previously at war. Now, they’re united against a common enemy, the pirate guilds, and a new formidable foe, the Sha’Kari. Players take control of Starfighter Mechas, machines capable of transforming between rocket ships and humanoid robots. The gameplay involves undertaking missions, completing quests, conducting raids, and establishing communities.

8. Hunters on Chain

Next on our Top Polygon games list is Hunters on Chain. This free-to-play RPG is the web3 incarnation of the popular mobile game Hunt Royale, which saw an impressive seven million installs worldwide. Built on the Polygon blockchain, Hunters On-Chain combines the thrill of strategic gameplay with the tangible benefits of blockchain-backed rewards. The game is still under development, but a Testnet version is available for players to explore and earn rewards.

Hunters On-Chain revolves around Hunter NFTs who journey into hunting grounds to battle various fantasy enemies across six distinct game modes. Each mode presents its unique challenges and rewards, with the ultimate goal being to upgrade your hunters and strategize your actions to gain BGEM tokens. Each hunter is a unique NFT, each with different appearances, abilities, and earning capacities. Players can use their earned BGEM tokens to access special events and purchase hunt boxes. The game’s appeal lies not only in its engaging gameplay and real-world rewards but also in its lively player community.

9. MapleStory Universe

Taking a new turn with its beloved MMORPG series, Nexon has announced the creation of MapleStory Universe, a game set to leverage the Polygon blockchain and introduce NFT rewards. Enhancing the MMO with a blockchain-powered reward system, the development team aims to take player engagement to the next level. MapleStory, a brand that has held gamers’ attention worldwide for two decades since its successful launch in South Korea and Japan in 2003, continues to evolve and innovate.

At its core, MapleStory Universe remains a 2D side-scrolling platform game where players battle monsters, collect materials, and craft items in various dungeons with MMORPG features, such as professions, guilds, and a trading market. In Web3, the most intriguing aspect of MapleStory Universe lies in its build on its own Polygon Supernet. This means the game will benefit from zkEVM compatibility on its own custom chain. This significant move not only opens up new possibilities for the game’s universe but also promises a smoother gaming experience with faster and cheaper transactions using the game’s own token. While no release date has been communicated yet, Nexon presented their game at GDC in March 2023 and is set to reveal more details within the year.

10. Ultimate Champions

For any OG users in the NFT space who have interacted with NBA TopShot on the Flow blockchain, the name Ultimate Champions should be familiar. This rising star in the area of football is a free-to-play fantasy football game offering officially licensed digital collectible cards in the form of NFTs on Polygon. Ultimate Champions draws upon the allure of football, mixed with the exciting prospects of NFTs, to create a unique gaming experience.

In Ultimate Champions, players’ football knowledge is put to the test, as they are required to build the best possible weekly lineup to earn rewards. These rewards, including Cards (NFTs) and Tokens (MGC and CHAMP), hold long-term value in Ultimate Champions’ open economy. This project perfectly combines innovative gameplay with stylish visuals, aiming to create a fantasy sports platform that caters to a mainstream audience. By utilizing a free-to-play mechanism, Ultimate Champions strives to drive mass adoption and position itself as a leader in the growing intersection between sports and blockchain gaming.

Honorable mentions

We couldn’t fit all the best games on Polygon in a simple ten items list, so we must add a few more games on Polygon you should know about.

  • Playbite: mobile-friendly gaming platform that offers users various arcade games and earns real-world rewards.
  • Arc8: ad-free casual gaming platform consistently among the top games ranking by UAW.
  • Crazy Defense Heroes: NFT tower defense mobile game by Animoca Brands.

Benefits of building games on Polygon zkEVM Validium

Polygon 2.0 will enhance the current Polygon PoS by upgrading it to a zkEVM Validium, the very chain that made it one of the most used in the world by hosting thousands of dapps and recording millions of transactions daily.

  • Scalability: Polygon’s zkEVM Validium offers unmatched scalability, essential for games and dapps that experience high transaction volumes.
  • Low Fees: The cost of transactions is significanty lower on Polygon PoS or Ethereum, making it attractive to game developers and players alike.
  • Compatibility: Its EVM compatibility ensures seamless integration with Ethereum and other EVM-based chains, broadening the dapps’ user base.
  • Security: It provides a high level of security, a crucial aspect of maintaining trust in the gaming and broader web3 community.
  • Interoperability: Polygon allows for easy and efficient cross-chain transfers, thus promoting a more connected and robust blockchain ecosystem.

Not only does Polygon’s zkEVM Validium offer developers the resources and the freedom to innovate, but it also guarantees players an unmatched gaming experience, thereby promoting wider adoption of blockchain gaming.

We hope you enjoyed exploring with us some of the best games on Polygon. Polygon is undoubtedly one of the most dominant blockchain ecosystems for crypto games. DappRadar provides powerful tools to equip users with a comprehensive understanding of Polygon’s ever-expanding blockchain universe. In addition, users of Polygon assets and dapps can utilize DappRadar Portfolio Tracker to understand their crypto portfolio anytime and anywhere.

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