Nominees Revealed for Inaugural Web3 GAM3 Awards

nominees revealed for inaugural web3 gam3 awards

Top titles and creators vying for awards across 16 categories

Polkastarter Gaming will hold its first Web3 GAM3 Awards on December 15, 2022. It’s a huge step for the industry as blockchain-based titles look to establish themselves as a legitimate part of the multi-billion dollar world of gaming.

Development studios and independent creators have spent 2022 teasing us with trailers and releasing early versions of the upcoming games. 2023 promises to be the year when blockchain games blossom into maturity.

Voting is open now for fans to join the conversation and have their say.

The GAM3 Awards

Polkastarter Gaming’s inaugural GAM3 Awards will give recognition to an exciting and growing part of the Web3 industry. Alongside 13 award categories specifically for blockchain games, there will be three extra awards paying homage to the wider Web3 gaming community.

106 games were put forward for the awards, with Polygon, BNB Chain and Solana being the top three networks represented. The nominees have been whittled down by an expert jury to 32 games. Polygon and Immutable X have eight nominees apiece.

The stats for GAM3 Awards

Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at Polkastarter, had this to say about the GAM3 Awards:

We would like to thank each and all of the 38 jury members involved in the first round of the GAM3 Awards voting. A 100% voting participation despite the task at hand with over 100 game titles to go through, is further proof of how excited everyone is to see the web3 gaming sector’s development and growth.

Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at Polkastarter

The Awards categories

There are 13 categories across the GAM3 Awards, with some of the biggest titles in blockchain gaming represented:

  • Game of the Year: Illuvium, Big Time, Gods Unchained, The Harvest, Superior
  • Most Anticipated Game: Illuvium, Shrapnel, Star Atlas, Ember Sword, The Treeverse
  • Best Graphics: Illuvium, Star Atlas, Metalcore, Big Time, My Pet Holligan
  • Best Action Game: Big Time, Illuvium, Metlacore, Guild of Guardians, Superior
  • Best Mobile Game: Guild of Guardians, Splinterlands, Blast Royale, Thetan Arena, Skyweaver
  • Best Adventure Game: Big Time, Earth from Another Sun, My Pet Hooligan, The Sandbox, Aurory
  • Best Casual Game: Blankos Block Party, Thetan Arena, My Pet Hooligan, Axie Infinity Origins, Legends of Venari
  • Best RPG: Big Time, Illuvium, Auory, SIPHER, Phantom Galaxies
  • Best Shooter Game: Metalcore, EV.IO, Undead Blocks, Delysium, Earth from Another Sun
  • Best Strategy Game: Gods Unchained, Cross the Ages, Skyweaver, Immortal Game, Cards of Ethernity
  • Best Card Game: Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Axie Infinity Origins, Skyweaver, Cards of Ethernity
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Blankos Block Party, My Pet Hooligan, Metalcore, Big Time, EV.IO
  • Best Esports Game: EV.IO, Metalcore, Gods Unchained, Planet Mojo, Spider Tanks

Unsurprisingly, games like Gods Unchained, Illuvium and Star Atlas are heavily featured. All three games have multiple nominations which is testament to the popularity and quality. You can explore the on-chain performance for every game in the list by using DappRadar’s tools.

We also provide secure links which will take you straight to the platform without fear of arriving at a fake site.

The three extra categories

The categories above aim to recognize the amazing quality we can find across Web3 gaming. The three categories below are special awards that pay tribute to the wider blockchain game community.

  • Best Content Creator is for the people and platforms that create hype and drive adoption for a project.
  • Games’ Choice Award is where games recognize game. This is where the gaming industry nominates and votes for their favorite titles. 
  • People’s Choice Award is the fan vote. This is where the people who play the games get the chance to voice their opinions.

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