Polygon & The Future of Gaming: An Overview

Polygon & The Future of Gaming- An Overview
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Centralization? Where we’re going, we don’t need centralized games

We are still a long way from bringing the blockchain revolution to the gaming world, but Polygon seems to be in the lead. Immerse yourself with us as we reflect on the trajectory of this blockchain to the biggest GameFi projects, and how the future of gaming may be being defined by Polygon’s point of view.

Polygon and its journey into the future of gaming

Polygon started off as a blockchain focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

As a Layer-2 blockchain to Ethereum, Polygon has always attracted developers and users to their DeFi dapps. Because of the Ethereum security with faster and cheaper transactions, the blockchain could “combine the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system.”

However, in June 2021, there was a slight change in trends. Polygon gaming dapps started showing up in top positions on the DappRadar rankings, proving that a new wave was coming.

DeFi to GameFi

In July 2021, the blockchain reaffirmed its focus on gaming with the creation of Polygon Studios, their own gaming ecosystem. Then, the new platform for NFTs and play-to-earn gaming was setting the tone for what would become a greater trend in the entire Web3 industry.

Soon after that, all the new games built on Polygon started to see an increase in users – some dapps saw increases upwards of 1000%.

GameFi in general was headed to become the next big wave in the dapp industry, as you can read in the BGA Blockchain Game Report of July 2021.

And in this direction, several Polygon games got very successful fast. Some of the names you may know, Arc8, Aavegotchi, Sunflower Land, and Pegaxy, for example, chose to grow their gaming communities with Polygon.

Whether building dapps on Polygon or integrating with it later on, as The Sandbox did, for example, developers started realizing just how much they could benefit from this particular blockchain.

The way these games soared in the charts showed that with the right products, Polygon could become a platform for games and entertainment.

The Polygon Web3-gaming ecosystem persists

This evolution didn’t stop in 2021. Even in the midst of a pessimistic and falling market, gamers continued to use gaming dapps for fun and showed a new face to the Web3 industry.

Blockchain games keep painting a bullish future by attracting record VC investments and a consolidated player base despite the falling game-based token prices. 

Dapp Industry Report Q2 2022 Overview

Polygon, which had already launched the trend a year ago and persisted in bringing benefits to Web3 game developers, reaps the rewards of investing in the area that lasts the longest in the crypto winter.

GameSwift, Polygon, and the future of gaming

Recently, Polygon announced to be welcoming a game-changing partnership with GameSwift to enhance its user experience. In particular, for game developers – whether they are blockchain-native or not.

And that’s when it gets interesting. After all, onboarding traditional gamers is the optimal challenge for Web3 game enthusiasts.

GameSwift, the decentralized Web3 ecosystem focused on gaming aims to facilitate this process. It not only provides developers and studios with all they need to get started with implementing projects in the Web3, but also gives them space to simply innovate. 

Once we understand the benefits of decentralization and true ownership of your in-game assets, you can’t go back. But the evangelization process is almost too difficult to be worth the effort. Unless we’ve been trying the wrong strategy.

Perhaps the fact that so far we’ve always tried to conquer gamers before developers are the exact reason why mass adoption is still such a distant dream.

The blockchain gaming industry is still far behind the traditional gaming one in terms of graphics, gameplay, and all the juicy stuff that makes people pay to play and never earn from playing.

So why haven’t we started investing in building irresistible games first?

Well, that’s exactly what Polygon is aiming to do this time.

Carry your Web3 journey with you

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Keep up with the evolution of gaming with DappRadar

Games as we know them are bound to change with blockchain technology. As gamers, there’s much to learn and get used to about this new industry. As Web3 enthusiasts, we need to actually learn not only how to play games, but everything that revolves around this world.

How these two worlds will merge, and the part that Polygon shall have in all this is yet to be seen.

Either way, DappRadar will continue to follow how the Web3 Gaming industry evolves and keep you updated through our blog and Youtube channel.

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