Snoop Dogg Moves into The Sandbox

snoop dogg sandbox

Sipping gin and juice, laid back at the pool in a voxelized mansion

Hiphop superstar Snoop Dogg has announced his move into the virtual word of The Sandbox. The American rapper will recreate his villa in the voxelized gaming world, allowing visitors to check out his $17 million NFT collection. In addition Snoop will host private parties in the virtual mansion, including live performances by the rapper himself.

Snoop Dogg released his own NFT collection earlier this year, but his big move into NFTs happened in the shadows. Under the pseudonym Cozomo de’Medici the rapper has been collecting $17 million worth of NFTs. The NFT collection includes various CryptoPunks, several robot Meebits and generative art from Art Blocks Curated. The fact that Cozomo revealed his true identity this week, right before the announcement of the partnership with The Sandbox, can’t be a coincidence.

It stands without saying that Snoop Dogg will have a huge mansion inside The Sandbox. To celebrate his move into the virtual world, The Sandbox will organize two land sales. The first one will take place next week on Thursday, September 30th. During these land sales gamers can buy land close to Snoop’s villa, while also obtaining premium NFTs. There will be game characters shaped after Snoop in recognizable outfits, and much-wanted Party Pass NFTs.

Snoop Dogg’s exclusive Party Pass sold out instantly

To be part of an exclusive club of users, Snoop Dogg has issued 1000 Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass NFTs. These give the owners access to exclusive NFT airdrops and private parties in the virtual Dogg villa. They already sold out 650 of them for 1050 SAND ($780), while the cheapest one of the open marketplace is now 1.6 ETH or $4922.

The remaining 350 passes will go to Premium Land owners in the upcoming land sales, and to The Sandbox community members. The Sandbox will organize two land sales on September 30th and November 4th, featuring the Snoop Dogg NFTs, the party passes and premium land next to Snoop’s virtual mansion.

The Sandbox getting ready to launch

The virtual world of The Sandbox is already one of the most talked about projects in the metaverse. However, The Sandbox isn’t live yet. They expect an early version of their world to hit the market before the end of the year. Aside from Snoop Dogg there are many other brands taking a stake in the virtual world, including the comic book series The Walking Dead, dj Deadmau5 and gaming company Atari. Furthermore there are Carebears, Smurfs and Bored Apes, but also crypto exchanges like Gemini and Binance.

The Sandbox promises a virtual world where creators earn by selling assets on the marketplace. In addition landowners earn by attracting visitors to their land. Furthermore players earn SAND and other rewards simply by playing the game. All this creates an economy where attention, creativity, dedication and time investment become important resources for a thriving economy.

Amidst the hype about new partnerships, investors set expectations for the native SAND token. In the past year the token’s value went up 1412% to $0.716. Late August the token hit an all-time high of $1.06, before dropping back to current levels amidst an industry-wide sell-off.

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