Snoop Dogg The Doggies NFT Floor Price on The Rise

Snoop Dogg The Doggies NFT Floor Price on The Rise

The project has pushed its floor price by more than $1,400 in just 24 hours

Snoop Dogg officially launched his The Doggies NFT collection yesterday, and the floor price has already surpassed $1,900. Impressively, this is an increase of more than $1,400 compared to the mint price of 150 SAND, or about $500. 

In the past 24 hours alone, The Doggies registered 2,168 sales, generating more than $4 million in trading volume. According to DappRadar Top NFT Collections rankings, the average price for an NFT from Snoop Dogg’s avatar collection is $1,860.

The Doggies collection consists of 10,000 unique avatar NFTs modeled after the famous rapper. This project is a natural progression of Snoop Dogg’s long standing partnership with The Sandbox. Last year, the music star acquired a rather sizable estate in the virtual world, which is also the main ground for developing his Snoopverse. 

The release of The Doggies collection is the next step in Snoop Dogg’s major involvement in the crypto space. Impressively, the collection is already garnering serious interest, while the official designs have not been revealed yet. The reveal is scheduled for February 24th at 10 PM UTC.

One of the outstanding elements of The Doggies, is that the collection of 10,000 NFTs already counts 7,657 owners. There are only a few whales in the project, including Coco with a $13 million portfolio and SaintBayView with a $2.6 million portfolio.

Snoop Dogg takes over the crypto space

The Doggies avatar collection is the next major development in Snoop Dogg’s journey into the metaverse. The rapper has already made significant steps in the direction of merging the mainstream music industry and the crypto space. 

Recently, the star launched his latest album B.O.D.R in collaboration with Gala Music, Gala Games’ new music platform. This was a strong signal that Snoop is investing heavily in the metaverse and NFT spaces. The album dropped as a selection of NFT Stash Boxes, making this the first music album to drop as an NFT.

Such pioneer moves have made Snoop Dogg a central figure in the crypto space. Aside from his revolutionary NFT releases, the rapper is also an avid collector. His portfolio makes the DappRadar Celebrity Rich List ranking every month thanks to the considerable NFT collection it stores. What’s more, Snoop Dogg has become one of the most active contributors on Crypto Twitter, with his alter ego profile, Cozomo de Medici.

DappRadar will continue monitoring The Doggies and Snoop Dogg’s further moves into the metaverse. To keep a close track of his latest NFT purchases and learn more about the rapper’s involvement in the crypto space, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest NFT and crypto celebrity news first. 

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