MetaSoccer: How to Play and Earn in the Football Metaverse

MetaSoccer how to play and earn
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Manage your own club and earn from playing the world’s first soccer metaverse

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain gaming, a new sports titan has emerged – MetaSoccer. Bridging the gap between traditional video games, soccer, and sports betting, this decentralized platform has carved a niche for itself. If you’re curious about how you can be a part of this football metaverse, dive into this comprehensive guide on MetaSoccer to learn all about it.


What is MetaSoccer?

MetaSoccer introduces a revolutionary concept – a soccer universe built entirely on the blockchain. Venturing into the intersection of three major industries – video games, soccer, and sports betting – it utilizes blockchain and NFT technologies to offer players a next-generation experience.

It belongs to a fresh wave of video games where players are rewarded with cryptocurrency for contributing to the game’s ecosystem. At its core, MetaSoccer emphasizes decentralization, handing the reins of content creation and decision-making over to its community.

MetaSoccer is still under development at the time of writing, and not all features are yet launched. However, you can already join tournaments for rewards and start playing, having fun, and earning.

MetaSoccer’s major players & partnerships

The MetaSoccer universe is vast and includes various stakeholders. Notable among these are real-life footballers who have entered licensing agreements with the platform, allowing them to be portrayed as special NFTs, termed the “Icons series”. 

Brazilian Ronaldinho Gaúcho was the first footballer to join the Icon series, quickly followed by other successful names in the industry like Thomas Partey, Dani Carvajal, and Emiliano Martínez.

Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho Gaucho has partnered with MetaSoccer
Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho Gaucho has partnered with MetaSoccer

Furthermore, in March 2022, MetaSoccer announced it would be adding female game characters into its sporting metaverse – the first to do that in Web3. Other investors and advisors include Polygon Labs, DAO Maker, and Kyros Ventures.

MetaSoccer gameplay

MetaSoccer, built on the Polygon blockchain – recognized as one of the best chains for gaming dapps – provides players with multiple avenues to earn while playing.

However, the allure of MetaSoccer isn’t just in its blockchain integration or token economy; it’s profoundly rooted in its intricate gameplay that seamlessly combines the nuances of soccer management with the exhilaration of blockchain gaming.

You can join MetaSoccer tournaments for rewards now

Play as an owner

Establishing your own football club is just the beginning. As an owner, your role encapsulates a myriad of responsibilities:

  • Talent Acquisition: Scour the world with youth scouts to discover promising players and integrate them into your team.
  • Financial Management: Handle the economics of your club, ensuring it remains profitable and sustainable.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: From player signings to sales, every decision can shape the future trajectory of your club.

Play as a manager

The success of the team on the field lies squarely on your shoulders. With the mandate to bring sporting glory, the manager’s role is multifaceted:

  • Training & Development: Maximize player potential by crafting rigorous training plans focusing on various skill sets, such as shooting, heading, or dribbling.
  • Matchday Strategies: Prepare the right tactics for every game, ensuring your team is always one step ahead of the competition.
  • Player Wellbeing: Ensure the physical and mental wellness of your players, keeping them match-ready and motivated at all times.

While the default setup sees users donning both hats, future iterations will allow sharing of these responsibilities among multiple users, enabling collaborative gameplay and fostering community interaction.

MetaSoccer game assets

In the MetaSoccer universe, blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) play a pivotal role. For the first time in gaming history, players have true ownership over game assets. From Youth Scouts to Players and Stadiums, each NFT holds distinct value and purpose within the game.

Each player is unique and you can add to their value by training them
Each player is unique and you can add to their value by training them

Notably, the Icons series features real-life players, providing an authentic connection to the real-world soccer landscape. Once integrated into the game, stadiums will add an extra layer of complexity to sports metaverses in Web3.

Players will also be able to use stadiums to play and earn in MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer in-game NFTs can be traded for profit in the game’s marketplace or through secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

The MetaSoccer Tokens: MSU and MSC

In the evolving realm of blockchain gaming, tokens serve as more than just a medium of exchange; they embody the principles of ownership, participation, and governance. MetaSoccer brings this notion to the forefront with its two tokens, MSU and MSC.

The MSU Token (MSU)

The primary token of MetaSoccer, MSU, is built on the ERC-20 standard. It acts as the beating heart of all major actions within the MetaSoccer universe, from asset purchases to minting new game assets.

  • Utility and Governance: Beyond its financial application, MSU offers holders a stake in the direction of MetaSoccer. By holding onto this token, users can participate in pivotal governance votes, influencing the development roadmap and determining how the DAO’s funds are utilized each month.
  • Tokenomics: To ensure a robust metaverse with long-term user adoption, MetaSoccer has implemented a Token Bonding Curve (TBC) for MSU. This TBC meticulously regulates token supply, minting, and burning tokens in line with a specific mathematical formula. Initially, a batch of 360M MSU was minted, of which 18M was presold to infuse liquidity into the TBC and the DAO.

MetaSoccer Cash (MSC)

MSC is introduced as a secondary token to maintain a balanced economic environment within the game. Its introduction aims to stabilize the in-game economy, diversify reward sources, and ultimately ensure long-term player engagement and retention.

  • Gameplay Utility: MSC is vital for various in-game activities. Owners utilize it to dispatch scouts in search of new talents or to mentor newer ones. Although MSU is required in these processes, MSC adds a layer of depth and strategy to resource management in the game.
  • Reward Mechanism: The token is primarily used as a reward for the lower division games, providing an incentive for players to engage at all levels of gameplay and ensuring accessibility for players with varying in-game assets and capabilities.

How to play and earn

Dive into immersive gameplay as an aspiring manager or club owner and capitalize on diverse earning avenues.

  • Win matches against users or AI to stack up MSU.
  • Top the league or cup charts in career mode for hefty rewards.
  • Discover and sell players, or lend them for short stints.
  • Earn commissions on future player sales and scout mentorship.
  • Boost your team’s appeal and secure lucrative sponsorship deals.
  • Bet on victorious teams, rent out stadiums or rake in profits from ticket sales.

Check out the game’s whitepaper for in-depth info on how to play and earn in MetaSoccer.

MetaSoccer is an OG sports blockchain game, and DappRadar is glad to have followed its journey so far. We will keep you updated about MetaSoccer’s future steps as it continues to innovate the Web3 gaming space.

Whether you’re seeking a new game to explore or insights into the evolving blockchain gaming landscape, DappRadar Games Ranking provides comprehensive coverage to meet all your gaming needs.

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