Ultimate Champions: How to Play and Earn

How to play and earn in Ultimate Champions, the fantasy sports game for football and basketball fans
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Participate in fantasy sports competitions, play together with your friends, and see who knows the game the best

This is a complete guide to get started with Ultimate Champions, and to learn how you can play and earn. What do you need to start playing? And how does the game economy work? Ultimate Champions is already being enjoyed by thousands of sports fans, and now it’s your time to become an ultimate champion. That journey starts here on DappRadar.

What is Ultimate Champions? 

Ultimate Champions is a fantasy sports platform in which gamers create a fantasy team with player cards, in an effort to score the most points for every real-life game round. Ultimate Champions originally launched with support for football, and they later added basketball / NBA as well. 

Is Ultimate Champions free to play? 

Yes, you can play Ultimate Champions for free, and you can collect in-game currencies for free. These currencies then allow you to purchase card packs, and if you have enough currencies you would be able to purchase NFT cards as well. 

You can use credit cards or cryptocurrencies to buy NFT cards from the marketplace. These cards are priced in fiat. Well performing players and regular playing players, will have more valuable cards. In addition, there are cards with different rarities, and higher rarities come with higher prices. 

What is a fantasy sports game?

In a fantasy sports game players can create their own team using real players, but those players actually play at different clubs in different countries or cities. In fantasy sports players pick the best players they can afford / acquire, and they select a team on a weekly basis. They pick their team based on upcoming matches and the expected performance of the players depicted on their cards. 

For example, players who are injured in real life will not earn you points in the game. Therefore fantasy sports games do require a bit of knowhow about the sport you’re dealing with. 

What are the best features of Ultimate Champions?

No matter whether you’re a fan of the NBA or the Premier League, in Ultimate Champions anybody can participate and compete. You don’t have to pay to play, and Ultimate Champions even allows players to create their own competitions with their friends. 

It’s not easy to earn an NFT through the free-to-play mode, but it’s also not impossible. NFT cards can be bought and sold on the in-game marketplace, and these cards exist on the Polygon blockchain.

Do you need to have a crypto wallet? 

No, Ultimate Champions handles the creation of a wallet in the background, giving every account their own wallet. You don’t have access to the private key of your Ultimate Champions wallet, meaning that its a non-custodial wallet. However, Ultimate Champions does handle all transaction fees while playing the game, so that’s an upside. 

Where can I find my wallet?

You can find your wallet address for Ultimate Champions in your account options. Simply click your account, and then click “Wallet” in the menu. At the bottom of the page you will find your wallet address.

How to top up your Ultimate Champions wallet? 

There are various ways to add CHAMP tokens to your UC wallet

  1. Buy CHAMP on Uniswap on Ethereum and transfer it to your UC wallet
  2. Buy CHAMP from PancakeSwap on BNB Chain and transfer it to your UC wallet
  3. Or buy CHAMP through a credit card payment. 

Where to download Ultimate Champions?

You can’t download Ultimate Champions. Ultimate Champions doesn’t have an app. The sports fantasy platform is accessible through any browser, using regular login methods. 

How to get started?

  1. Simply go to the Ultimate Champions dapp page
  2. Click “Open Dapp” 
  3. Select football or basketball, and click “Play” 
  4. Then create an account using email or social media
  5. And you can start drafting your first batch of free untradable player cards

Where to trade NFTs, what is the marketplace?

Cards for Ultimate Champions can be traded on the internal marketplace, accessible by logging in to your UC account. Because these items are NFTs, technically you can also trade them on other NFT marketplaces. But the community really uses the game marketplace, because it’s easy, smooth and free from transaction fees.

What crypto or in-game currencies does Ultimate Champions have?

Ultimate Champions uses two types of currencies

  1. MGC – an in-game currency that you can earn through participation in tournaments. This currency is easy to obtain, and you can use it to purchase packs. These have a small chance of dropping an NFT card, while most rewards will be regular game cards.
  2. CHAMP – the ecosystem utility and governance token, used to purchase premium card packs containing NFTs. 25% of all in-game purchases circles back into the CHAMP token ecosystem. CHAMP can also be earned through gameplay, but requires higher level cards (NFTs). 

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