MetaSoccer Adds Women, Creates Equal Playing Field

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NFT football game plans to include everyone in the beautiful game

MetaSoccer will soon introduce women game characters into its sporting metaverse. No date has been announced for women characters yet, but the platform plans on bringing the sport into the 21st century very soon.  

To coincide neatly with International Women’s Day, MetaSoccer announced yesterday that ‘women will be featured in the soccer metaverse.’ Until now, the game has only had male avatars. This latest move comes as the platform vows ‘to be at the forefront of innovation and inclusivity’.

According to Statista, women made up 45% of the video gamers in the US in 2021. So it’s about time that everyone who wants to play a soccer-based blockchain game can find an avatar that truly reflects them. Major game brands like FIFA 22 by EA Sports already feature female athletes, and that’s a development that also needs to continue in the blockchain space.

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MetaSoccer has so far been tight-lipped on what these changes will actually entail, beyond creating avatars that look like women. But one detail that was released in the company’s blog post said that the new female characters will exhibit their ‘own strengths, abilities, capacity to improve and value.’ 

It’s exciting to think what these new soccer stars will be able to do! 

What is MetaSoccer?

Calling itself ‘the first soccer metaverse’, MetaSoccer is a digital platform where users can find the best players, train them and put them into games against opponents. And players can do all of this while earning rewards on the side.

There are a number of ways in which players can earn the platform’s native token, called MSU:

  • Selling players discovered by scouts
  • Getting sponsorship and merchandising deals as players gain popularity
  • Winning matches against other users or an AI. Matches are won and lost in simulators according to statistical matchups between the two teams.

No date has yet been announced by MetaSoccer for the women characters. But the platform plans on bringing the sport into the 21st century very soon. Stay locked in with DappRadar to keep up to date with any new announcements. 

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