How to Play and Win: Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena

Discover why Summoners Arena enjoys a huge player base in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Today’s Game of the Week will introduce you to Summoners Arena, an innovative auto-battler on the BNB Chain. Summoners Arena requires players to strategically plan their characters, items, capitals, and lineups to maximize their earnings. 


Summoners Arena’s recent dash to the DappRadar Game Ranking has been impressive. The game has over 14,000 monthly active users, which has remained relatively consistent over the past two weeks. Furthermore, transaction numbers in Summoners Arena took a significant uptick, generating over 6000 transactions in seven days, indicating a rise in user engagement.

It is worth mentioning that the game is a hit in Southeast Asia, especially loved by users in Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. More recently, the game is progressively spreading its popularity to the European region.

Now without further ado, let’s dive into what this game is all about.

What is Summoners Arena?

Summoners Arena is a turn-based auto-battler on the BNB Chain. It allows players to collect, upgrade, evolve Heroes, and forge items to compete in different game modes. 

Auto-battler usually has relatively homogeneous gameplay, so playing the same game repeatedly can easily bore players. However, Summoners Arena uses random numbers to make each game unique. As a result, it forces players to play different combinations and try items they’ve never used.

This way, different characters and item combinations are designed to generate new synergies that keep players engaged.

On top of that, Summoners Arena designs this game to be an immersive experience where players can have enjoyment and rewards distilled from their engagement. To make that happen, Summoners Arena adopts blockchain and cryptos and intertwines them into the gameplay. 

What are the game mechanics?

Auto-battler is a tactical game requiring various strategies, thinking, and skill. Summoners Arena has prepared a series of meticulously designed gameplay to allow players to enjoy these elements to their heart’s content.


Quest lets players receive rewards after completing tasks. Players can find the tasks they need to complete by clicking the Quest button in the bottom left corner of the game interface. These include Welcome Quests, daily quests, Weekly Guests, and more. After completing all the missions, users can go back to Quest and click Claim to collect the rewards.

Summoners Arena Quest

PvP: Player vs. Player

There are two types of PVP for players to choose from. In the Arena, players need a defensive line-up to withstand opponents’ attacks and an offensive line-up to challenge other players. Players need Hero NFTs to form these line-ups. 

Summoners Arena

Another game mode is Battleground. It has almost the same mechanics as the Arena, but users can choose between NFT and non-NFT Heroes to battle. Moreover, Heroes’ Levels won’t be maxed out like in the Arena.

In both modes, a win results in increased Rank Point and reward in tokens. A loss results in a Rank Point deduction. 

PvE: Player vs. Environment

PvE comes in three modes, Campaign, Dungeon, and Dragon Tower.

There are six Campaign Levels consisting of hundreds of stages with increasing difficulty for players to challenge. For every stage finished, players are rewarded with Ancient Medal. The next one is Dungeon, a special game mode where players can examine the true power of each of their Heroes. In Dungeon, Heroes must fight their battles solo and till defeated. 

The last one in the PvE category is Dragon Tower. It allows players to collect rewards by conquering the battle on each floor. 

Are there any NFTs in Summoners Arena?

NFT plays an essential role in this game. In Summoners Arena, Heroes help players complete their missions, knock out their opponents and win battles, some of which are NFTs. These NFT Heroes are called Normal Heroes, while the others are Special Heroes or non-NFT Heroes.

Heroes can be born through the Summon feature in the game. Players need 1500 ASG, an in-game token when they summon a Hero. In the next chapter, we will explain how to earn these tokens. In addition to creating a Hero within the game, users can purchase these NFTs from the in-game marketplace.

The game is called Summoners Arena, so how about Summoners? 

Summoners are account-native units that represent the player’s avatars in the game. There are 5 Summoners in the game, each having different skill sets. As shown in the image below, summoners will join combat side-by-side with Heroes. 

Summoners Arena battles

These characters act like team captains who perform their skills and assist the heroes in battle.

Items are NFTs as well.

Summoners Arena NFTs

Items are NFTs that equip Heroes to further enhance their power There are three types of Items, Equipment, Artifacts, and Stones, and they are upgradable until they reach a certain level. It is worth noting that players need to accomplish different missions to acquire these Items. For example, Equipment is only obtainable through Dungeon reward and Land tax. 

What tokens does the game have?

Summoners Arena features a dual token in-game economy with ASG and SAE facilitating its ecosystem. 

SAE is a functional multi-utility token that serves as the medium of exchange between participants in the game. Players can only earn SAE when they dash to the top 5000 on the Arena Leaderboard. 

In the later stages of Summoners Arena, SAE will potentially bring users governance features such as Voting or Staking rewards. 

ASG is the in-game currency of Summoners Arena and provides a wide range of features. Players can spend ASG to summon, evolve, upgrade Heroes, forge items, and more.  Within the game, ASG can only be collected by participating in the Arena using NFT Heroes. Additionally, players can acquire ASG by winning daily matches or from End-of-Season rewards.

ASGs are tokens with real-world value. Users can withdraw ASG from their wallets every 15 days and exchange it for BUSD, the stablecoin in BNB Chain’s ecosystem.

Summoners Arena’s play and win mechanics in a nutshell

Auto-battlers have gained much traction recently because of their unpredictability and instant gratification. Summoners Arena is one such game that combines skill and strategy with a touch of good luck to get you through the levels and win big rewards. 

This game is filled with intricate gameplay waiting for users to explore. Regarding the play and win part, there are two approaches. One is to get your NFT upgraded and sold on the market for a premium. The other is to get as many ASG tokens as possible and then convert them to a stable value token on the exchange, the BUSD.

It is also worth mentioning that ASG is a highly functional token. It helps players to upgrade their fighting power in the game. Therefore, players must carefully consider spending or withdrawing to maximize their profits.

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