What Is Gameta, and How to Use It?

gameta and how to use it
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Gameta is at number 8 this week in DappRadar’s Games Rankings

Gameta introduces a simple, incentive-driven gaming platform that offers users seamless access to Web 3. The platform emphasizes increasing user participation and engagement through hyper-casual games. 


Gameta, a Web3 gaming platform, surged ahead in the DappRadar 30-day user Ranking. It attracted more than 100,000 users between July 10 and August 8. Of all gaming dapps tracked by DappRadar, only six have more than 100,000 users in those 30 days. They are Axie Infinity, Splinterland, Alien Worlds, Upland, Solitaire Blitz, and – of course – the casual gaming platform Gameta. 

What is Gameta?

Gameta is a Web3 gaming platform initially built on Solana, but soon will migrate onto BNB Chain. The platform strives to attract as many users as possible from Web2 to Web3. To do so, it offers users a matrix of hyper-casual games they can enjoy anywhere and anytime, creating a frictionless Web3 gaming experience for the general public. 

The platform features mainly mobile-friendly games that are simple but enjoyable. Notably, these games do not take a lot of users’ time or mobile data, nor do they require a high-performance mobile device. Therefore, they are built to fulfill the gaming needs of the majority. 

What is Gameta

What games are currently available on the platform?

Seven games are available for players to experience on the platform, Invest Master, Ants Runner, Super Gloves, Sleep Ragdoll, FrogPrince Rush, Human Tower, and Tadpole Count. Users can download all of them from Google Play and install them on their Android devices.

Gameta games

As for the gameplay, all of them have easy-to-understand rules. If users have played Temple Run or Fruit Ninja, to master games on Gameta is a snap for them. Let’s take Invest Master as an example. 

To play the game, players only need to swipe left and right on the phone screen to control the game character. As shown in the figure below, players’ goal in the game is to collect enough gold coins to exchange for in-game tokens, GJEW. If the player crashes into obstacles, they lose points.

Gameta invest master

Other mini-games on the Gameta platform are basically as easy to play as Invest Master and do not require complicated game controls.

How do users start to play? 

First, users need to pick a dapp they are interested in and install the dapp via a link available on Gameta’s official website. For example, if users want to try Invest Master, they can find the download page here.

After successful installation, users need to register a Web3 account with Gameta. This is easy since Gameta can generate a random wallet address with unique seed phrases for users. It is worth mentioning that this wallet address is the user’s universal account to access all the Gameta apps and collect rewards. 

Therefore, users need to keep their wallets and seed phrases safe. Once complete the registration process, users will receive some free tokens to start the game and an NFT. Both the tokens and the NFT are critical in-game assets that boost players’ earning power. ​​As shown in the image below, this free NFT adds a 10% reward to players.

Gameta NFT booster

How do Gameta’s play-to-earn mechanics work?

Now that we’ve learned how easy it is to start playing games on Gameta, let’s look at how Gameta’s play-to-earn mechanics work. Most importantly, how can players maximize their rewards?

Games on Gameta are level-based, and players are rewarded every time they complete a level. The amount of rewards depends on players’ skills as well as the level of the NFT they own. It is worth noting that the free NFT given by the system can also power up players’ earnings, but not as much as purchased ones. 

A closer look at Gameta’s NFTs and tokenomics

NFTs and other in-game tokens are crucial to players’ success. 

Two types of NFTs

There are two types of NFTs within Gameta’s ecosystem that serve different purposes:

  • Platform NFTs 
  • and in-dapp NFTs 

Both kinds can be traded for profit.

The Platform NFT is a symbol of the user’s status in Gameta, but they also grant users privileges. For example, users who own these limited NFTs can have priority access to airdrops and enjoy early-bird bonuses.

In-game NFTs are usually props and necessary for users to ace the game. In general, these NFTs mainly perform the function of activating or boosting players’ earning process. Moreover, users can also breed these NFTs and generate new NFTs.

Two types of tokens

The economic system of Gameta is a meticulously-designed framework that ensures playability and sustainability of the ecosystem. Two types of tokens facilitate Gameta’s economic system. They are the governance token HIP and the utility token GJEW. 

HIP serves as Gameta’s governance token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. Transactions within the ecosystem will cost users fees, which are paid in HIPs. Users can get HIP by holding high-ranking and high-level NFTs. Moreover, users can earn HIP tokens by staking gold coins or buying them from exchanges.

GJEW is the utility token within the Gameta ecosystem. Players earn GJEW by holding enough NFTs and participating in games. What can players do with the GJEW tokens earned? Players can sell them for profit or simply HODL for future premiums. Additionally, GJEW is an essential resource for breeding new NFTs.

What does the future hold for Gameta?

Gameta is a project still in its early stages, but it has already built a vibrant ecosystem that could potentially drive Web3 mass adoption. The most exciting part of the project is its scalable business model. With more dapps joining the platform, they will bring users from different segments. In this way, the Gameta ecosystem can continue to expand.

Gameta’s ambition doesn’t stop at providing a platform for games. The team’s long-term plan is to provide an ecosystem where all Web3 activities can generate rewards. Gameta calls this model X2E, where X stands for any kind of activity. 

Go and check out the Gameta dapp page here on DappRadar, and gain the latest insights about the casual gaming platform. Or visit the DappRadar Rankings to see how well Gameta holds up against the rest of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Gameta. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world.

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