How to Play and Win: Nine Chronicles

how to play and win: nine chronicles

Nine Chronicles is at number 17 this week in DappRadar’s Games rankings

Nine Chronicles is one of the most decentralized games in the Web3 world. Users literally power the game through their collective computing power, acting as nodes that confirm transactions and secure the blockchain. For this reason, it has a committed community who are not only essential to the culture of the platform, but also to its maintenance. Find out how to play and win Nine Chronicles below.


User numbers for Nine Chronicles increased by 3.41% this week to 19,330. This relatively modest uptick needs to be taken in the context of the platform’s journey since November 2020. 

If we look at the game’s all-time data, we can see it has consistently added and retained users, even as other blockchain games have fallen away. For this reason, we’re making Nine Chronicle’s our Game of the Week.

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is a fully-decentralized idle RPG. It’s built on the Planetarium blockchain, which specializes in peer-to-peer gaming, and It’s fully open source and has no servers. Like Bitcoin, the network is powered by its user, the gamers and miners distributed worldwide.

The goal of the game is to explore the world, battle enemies, craft and trade items, and develop strategies to achieve victory over foes. It’s free to play via Steam and by downloading it to your computer. The game is fully moddable, with the ability to ‘design level and features, send contributions through Github, fork and launch new networks with friends.’

Learning from the mistakes of other play-to-earn games, Nine Chronicles has built in playing limits to cap the amount of time that users can play. It helps to keep a level playing field inside the ecosystem. It’s also a way to stop deflationary economics from impacting the platform in the long term.

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How do you play it?

There are many ways to play Nine Chronicles. Users can choose to go on adventures or mine the environment to extract resources. Alternatively, people can be merchants and start buying and selling items within the game. Finally, there’s the role of politician: users can make proposals in the game and gather the support of the community.

To get going, you need to go to the Nine Chronicles dapp and follow the step-by-step sign-up instructions. You will need to create an account and a character. Then the game will take you through a simple tutorial to get you started on your adventure.

Once you’re up and running, you will start doing Campaigns. These are at the core of Nine Chronicles gameplay and they form the basis of the in-game economy. There are 250 unique stages and players need to fight through each of them to claim victory.

With Nine Chronicles being an idle RPG, there is no action required from players during battles. The user’s job is to make their avatar as powerful as they can, through trait upgrades and by acquiring the best items. Then you need to set the best strategy to win against the opponent you’re facing. Once your avatar is in battle though, the result is out of your hands.


Nine Chronicles in-game token is Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). Players use it for in-game payments, staking and governance purposes. The platform does have an onboarding portal where holders can exchange NCG for Wrapped NCG (WNCG). There is a daily swap limit of 5,000 NCG and a 1% fee will be deducted for bridging fees.

Currently there is no way to buy NCG tokens directly. But it is possible to buy WNCG and anyone can do this via decentralized exchanges, such as Balancer and Sushi. It’s also available on Coinbase, which is a centralized exchange.


The main NFTs in Nine Chronicles come in the form of game items. All of them exist on the blockchain and they represent true in-game ownership for players. Items are divided into four types.


These are items that players use during combat to boost their powers. They can be crafted, upgraded and traded on the open market. Acquiring different types of equipment at different points in the game gives a player strategic advantages. Examples of Equipment are: Armor, Weapons and Rings.


These items increase a player’s stats for a single fight. They’re perfect to help your character get over the line against a particularly difficult opponent. Choosing which Consumables to eat takes thoughtful strategy. They can be bought, sold or crafted.


Materials are the building blocks for crafting Equipment and Consumables. Players receive them as rewards for victory in Campaigns or the Arena. They cannot be sold or bought, only won.

Costumes and Titles

There are various available costumes and titles for players to win. These are purely cosmetic items that offer little in the way of stat-boosting. They’re tradeable in the marketplace and are perfect for anyone looking to flex in Nine Chronicles.

De:Centralized Cat NFTs

Nine Chronicles launched the minting process on 21st September for its De:Centralized Cat (D:CC) NFTs. They may look like PFPs, but they’re more than. They give players an identity inside the Nine Chronicles ecosystem and give holders rewards, such as in-game perks and voting power.

De:Centralized Cat NFT Poster

How to earn playing Nine Chronicles

There are various ways to earn NCG tokens playing Nine Chronicles. The following four are the main ones, but as the game evolves, there may be new ways.


Collect the raw materials you win, find, buy and acquire. Once you’ve done this, you can Craft them into an Item to sell on the open market for NCG.


Visit the marketplace and list your Items for sale. Alternatively, you can buy Items and hope to flip them for profit. Or, you can use them to help your character get to the next level. Once you’ve leveled up, you should have better, more valuable in-game Items that you can sell in the marketplace.


Mining inside Nine Chronicles is often a case of pure luck. But there are a few factors that boost your chances of winning: 

  • Good internet stability helps miners sync with the blockchain quickly.
  • CPU Power helps miners finish their job quicker, meaning they can get to the next one sooner.
  • Mining Difficulty tells us how difficult it will be to mine something successfully. Lower difficulty is better for getting rewards.

Arena Play

There are daily rewards available in the Arena. Fight against other players to claim prizes and earn tokens. Arena participation is limited, so players can’t just keep going there and earning more and more NCG.


Third Quarter

World Boss is the biggest update arriving in Q3. It’s the first cooperative content in Nine Chronicle. The platform is also overhauling its staking features to give players new ways to earn rewards and interact with the network.

As mentioned above, Nine Chronicles launched its D:CC NFT collection and introduced the first Quarterly Arena, for players to earn extra rewards.

Fourth Quarter

Nine Chronicles will be hosting huge Halloween and Christmas events, giving out the largest rewards of the quarter. They will also unveil a new mobile version of the game towards the end of the year.

The platform will introduce a new Proof of Stake mechanic to cut down on network latency and improve performance.

What are Nodes in Nine Chronicles?

Everything in Nine Chronicles is done on-chain. This makes users’ ownership over their items some of the strongest among Web3 platforms. The way they do this is by having every player act as a blockchain node. This means that everyone who connects their computer to the network helps to secure it. 

This works through the Launcher, a program that starts the very moment a user starts playing Nine Chronicles. It happens seamlessly, without needing expert knowledge or a complicated set-up. While everyone who plays Nine Chronicles uses their computer to store blockchain data, there are also users who act as special mining nodes.

These mining nodes were set during the game’s Genesis period. They provide a checkpoint at every 50 completed blocks in the blockchain. This method makes Nine Chronicles a Proof-of-Work system, similar to Bitcoin. In future, the platform wants to introduce a Proof-of-Stake network, similar to post-Merge Ethereum.

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