Wreck League: The New Animoca Brands Game with nWay & Yuga Labs

Wreck League_ All About The New Animoca Brands Game with nWay & Yuga Labs

Dive into Wreck League’s realm of competitive battles and rewarding earnings

Animoca Brands and nWay made waves in the web3 gaming community by unveiling their latest creation, Wreck League. Touted as the first blockchain-based AAA fighting game, it’s set to be available for players to try in September. This innovative game offers opportunities to play and earn, and it will feature a special collaboration with Yuga Labs in its inaugural season. Get ready to dive into all the details of Wreck League, and find out how you can be a part of the action.


What is Wreck League?

Wreck League represents a pivotal advancement in the world of competitive gaming, fighting games, and esports. This innovative game, developed through a joint effort between nWay and Animoca Brands, showcases Yuga Labs in its debut season. With more premier brands joining in the future, Wreck League has emerged as the most dynamic project in the realm of Web3 gaming.

Unlike traditional fighting games where players select from a predefined roster of characters, Wreck League offers a fresh approach. Gamers use NFT-minted components to craft mechs, which are then pitted against each other in real-time PvP battles.

How it works: Mechs in Wreck League

This creates an entirely personalized gaming experience, where each fighter is an NFT-owned mech, assembled with 10 unique NFT parts, influencing both its appearance and combat capabilities.

The game grants players the freedom to choose these parts, leading to a staggering 1.5 quadrillion potential fighter combinations for Season 1.

Wreck League NFT Game Mech parts

Beyond mere assembly, these mechs can be disassembled, and their components can be repurposed, traded, or sold on platforms like OpenSea.

Such a high degree of customization ensures that each mech is truly distinctive, both in aesthetics and gameplay, empowering owners to compete in various events and tournaments for coveted on-chain prizes.

Season 1: Yuga Labs collaboration

Wreck League’s inaugural season highlights its collaboration with Yuga Labs, integrating the game into The Extended Yugaverse that features iconic brands like Bored Ape and the Otherside. Season 1 will weave in four of Yuga’s esteemed collections:

Holders of these collections receive a special treat: a free Founders Mech that remains intact and cannot be disassembled. This season further elevates gameplay and exclusivity, offering rare mech components infused with the essence of these brands, allowing players to create a vast range of Yuga-inspired mechs.

Wreck League Koda Yuga Labs partnership

Setting the bar high, Yuga Labs’ involvement in the first season is merely the beginning. As Wreck League progresses, more top-tier Web3 and Web2 brands will join the fray, diversifying mech and component options, ensuring the competition remains vibrant and intriguing. Details about Season 2 will be unveiled in the coming months.

Enter the allowlist now

Stay ahead of the game by joining the Wreck League allowlist. By doing so, you’ll gain early access to the game, special offers, and updates, ensuring you’re well-prepared when the action kicks off. This is your chance to be among the first to experience the future of competitive gaming.

How to play and earn with Wreck League?

Wreck League is not just about building your ultimate mech and competing; it’s also a platform where players can leverage their skills and creativity to earn rewards. Let’s explore avenues for players to generate value and income below.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, Wreck League is a real-time PvP fighting game where players create custom mechs using NFT-minted parts. These mechs, crafted from 10 unique NFT components, determine both the look and combat abilities of your fighter.

nWay Animoca Yuga Game Wreck League is Mobile

As players dive into various tournaments and game events accessible on Android, Mac, and PC, they encounter a myriad of mech combinations, each presenting a unique challenge. It’s all about strategy, reflexes, and knowing your mech inside out.

Earning through Esports Competitions

Esports plays a pivotal role in the Wreck League universe. Players not only compete for bragging rights but also valuable on-chain rewards. The more skilled you are in the arena, the higher your potential earnings.

Wreck League battle players for rewards

Wreck League tournaments and events are set to be intense battlegrounds where top-tier players can showcase their prowess and earn substantial prizes. Moreover, the game allows teams to form partnerships. Mech owners, with their high-tier creations, can team up with elite players to tackle the league’s challenging competitions.

Monetizing Your Mech

Beyond direct gameplay, players can earn by leveraging the NFT nature of their mechs. Every mech is made up of 10 NFT parts, and these parts can be traded or sold on popular marketplaces like OpenSea. As the game’s meta evolves, certain parts might become more sought-after, allowing players to profit from the ever-changing dynamics of mech customization.

Additionally, in the Free-to-Play (F2P) version of Wreck League, mech NFT owners can create off-chain versions of their mechs for in-app purchases. When players of the F2P game buy these mechs, a percentage of the revenue is directed back to the original NFT creator or owner. It’s a novel way of fostering a community-driven economy, rewarding creativity and engagement within the game.

Roadmap: future of Wreck League

Wreck League‘s journey has just begun. With the recent announcement and gameplay reveal, the roadmap outlines an exciting trajectory. August sees multiple events, including the KYC snapshot, the first mint, Koda Claim, and the unveiling of Box Rarity.

September promises even more action with box openings, first gameplay access, leaderboard tournaments, and more. The final quarter of 2023 is packed with high-stake events, mints, and the grand Wreck League Champion’s Cup.

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