What is HV-MTL, and How to Play and Earn?

HVMTL HV-MTL Heavy Metal - Yuga Labs How to Play Win Earn
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A strategic video game that gives you a pooing pet robot that will battle epic beasts inside The Rift

Welcome to HV-MTL, pronounced Heavy Metal, the new strategy game from Yuga Labs that everybody can play and allows gamers to earn rewards. Moreover, this game allows HV-MTL NFT holders to unlock its next evolution. Let’s transform and roll out! 

What is HV-MTL?

Yuga Labs describes HV-MTL as a game that starts as a mix between a pet simulation game and a casual world builder, but it ends as a competitive dungeon crawler. Players need to evolve their mech into an EVO2, which allows them to earn up to 6 powerful upgrades. 

Gamers will build a workshop, or Forge. This generates energy to explore the Rift, and the energy keeps your mech happy. Every season takes 3 weeks, and there are 6 seasons in total. Only the most dedicated players will get 6 upgrades for their HV mech. During those 6 seasons, the world of HV-MTL will evolve as well. 

Who can play HV-MTL? 

The full Forge experience is token-gated and only available to HV-MTL NFT holders. However, everybody can play a limited version of the game for free. However, these free players are not eligible for future activations / rewards.

Where to play HV-MTL Forge?

HV-MTL is a browser game supported and tested for the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari on desktop, tablet and mobile.

How to get started with HV-MTL?

  1. Go to the HV-MTL dapp page on DappRadar, and visit the dapp’s website
  2. Open the menu from the top of the website, click Play Forge
  3. Connect your wallet (support for Metamask and Coinbase Wallet)
  4. Make sure there’s a HV-MTL in your wallet, and press “Sign In”

Does the game offer controller support?

HV-MTL does not officially support the use of controllers for any of the supported devices.

What are the rewards you can earn in HV-MTL?

HV-MTL Forge allows participants to enhance their HV-MTL mechs. Participate in 3 seasons, and this will allow your HV to evolve. Active HVs will have gameplay advantages down the road compared to HVs that are neglected. The rewards are called Amps, and there’s a maximum of 6 Amps to collect per HV. 

How to expand your HV-MTL Forge?

Your Crafting Station contains blueprints that your HV (Heavy) can use to build, expand and decorate your Forge. You will start the game with a few blueprints for tiles and decorative objects. But you unlock more blueprints by discovering and completing hidden objectives. Here are a few ways to find the hidden objectives:

  1. Build a certain number of Tiles
  2. Upgrade your Tiles to a certain level
  3. And maybe even destroy some of your Tiles

Every Tile can contain a Decorative Object. Delete a tile and the object will be deleted as well. Each Tiles can only have one object. 

What are Gears and how do these help me? 

Gears are an in-game currency that you can purchase in the game store in exchange for APEcoin. These are non-refundable and non-transferable. Gears allow you to buy shop items, bonuses and premium blueprints. 

How to earn Energy in HV-MTL?

Energy is the main resource in the game. The amount of Energy in your account is displayed on the top left. Your HV’s Energy is determined by your Portal upgrades. Simply build more Tiles, level up those Tiles and then unlock and level up Portals. 

When to use Energy packs?

Based on your HV class, you will receive a booster pack. This can contain an Energy Pack. Do not use the Energy pack if you don’t have a Portal yet. First build a Portal, then use the Energy pack. 

Can my HV-MTL work while I am AFK? 

Your HV-MTL game will pause when you close your tab, so if you want your HV to continue working you will need to keep your tab open. However, if a browser tab is closed, your HV will collect Portal energy every two hours. 

What is a Portal?

Portals allow your HV to travel to other dimensions, but also to invite another HV from your wallet if you own more than one. You can invite up to one HV per Portal per day, with a maximum of four HVs per day even if you have more than five HVs in your wallet. 

Every time you invite one of your HVs, it will grant you 10% of your max Energy capacity. For example, if you use all four of your invites per day, you can reach the 40% max Energy capacity instantly for that day.

How does my HV-MTL NFT impact the Forge?

Each Forge’s visual theme is based on the rarity and class of your HV. The more rare your NFT, the more interesting your Forge can become. This can help getting those votes from the community. Each HV class will also have its own starter bonus pack, and in addition each HV Class has its own perks when dungeon crawling in The Rift. 

How to keep my HV happy?

The mood of your HV plays a role in its efficiency, and therefore it’s important to keep your mech friend happy. You keep your HV happy by 

  1. Cleaning your HV’s space
  2. Petting your HV
  3. Giving your HV enough sleep
  4. Letting your HV travel through Portals

What are the effects of a happy HV?

When a HV is in an excellent mood, it works a lot more efficiently. For example, tile energy generation and working speed go up. In addition, these happy HVs collect more Portal Energy and move around faster. 

Do HV-MTL mechs poo?

Yes. And you need to clean it. 

What about my HV companions?

The HV companions, those little blobs, will have their own, unique benefits when The Rift opens. 

Do my BAYC, MAYC and BAKC NFTs have any use in HV-MTL?

Yes, players holding Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs such as BAYC, MAYC and BAKC will receive claimable items in Season 2 of HV-MTL. In addition, these NFT holders will have ongoing utility within the Rift. 

How do I earn upgrades for HV-MTL?

Players can earn up to 6 upgrades, or HV-MTL Amps, by building a wonderful Forge. The more creative you are, the better. Because the community needs to upvote your Forge in order to make you eligible. The more fame you get, the more rare your Amp will be. So play HV-MTL, make your Forge awesome, and win rare upgrades.

How do Amps work?

Amps are on-chain upgrades that permanently change your HV-MTL metadata and its rarity. You’ll need 3 Amps to evolve your HV to an Evo2, and every HV that participates in Forge will receive an Amp at the end of each season. There are 6 seasons total, so 6 opportunities to earn an Amp.

You can claim Amps at the end of each season, and they will attach to your HV’s save data (off-chain), not to your wallet. When the time comes for HVs to evolve, Amps will be brought on-chain, at which point you’ll be able to burn them to evolve your HV. Once Amps are on-chain, you will also be able to obtain other Amps that will influence your HV’s evolution.

What is the Rift Expansion?

The world of HV-MTL will expand through the Rift Expansion. After 3 seasons the expansion will happen, as a portal will open at the Forge of some of the players. The amount of generated energy will determine whether the portal will open. Gamers will access to new content. 

What can players find in the Rift?

When players enter the Rift, they will enter a challenging environment where they can find secrets, encounter dangers and earn rewards. They can then use their acquired resources to craft legendary items. 

What are the raid bosses in the Rift?

In the end game of the Rif, players will form raids to battle epic beasts. Players need to work together to take down these monsters, but they are also competing for a piece of the treasure. Time and loot will be limited, and players need to defeat the Raid Boss before the Rift closes again. 

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