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top animoca brands games

Our list of the top gaming titles developed by the giant of Web3 venture capital

If Animoca Brands attaches its name to a project, you can be certain of its quality. This list of top Animoca Brands games will give you a place to start, whether you’re looking for casual gaming or immersive virtual worlds with missions, battles, cars and guns. 


The Sandbox

The Sandbox is famous as one of the biggest and most popular virtual worlds in the metaverse. Users can buy land and then create their very own gaming experiences on it. The Sandbox even has a #nocode Game Maker which means anyone can build. Creators can monetize their games when users play them.

The Sandbox also has its own in-house developers who write, design and publish games for the platform. An example of this is Alpha Season 3, which is currently open for anyone to join and play.

Alongside gameplay, The Sandbox also offers interactive experiences via brand and celebritypartnerships. Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki have had a presence in this digital realm for a while now. But in the past few months, Paris Hilton, Gordon Ramsay and Tony Hawk have joined in the fun with their own custom-made areas.

The Sandbox started life as a mobile game and then launched into Web3 via the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, it bridged to Polygon so that users can enjoy lower fees and faster transaction times. SAND is the game’s utility token and acts as the basis for trading and governance.

DappRadar’s explanation of the SAND token

REVV Motorsport

REVV Motorsport is a racing-based virtual ecosystem made up of four interlinked titles:

These games make up the core of Animoca Brands’ motorsport offering, which also includes the Torque Squad NFT collection. This group of play-to-earn platforms gives users the chance to earn tokens by racing motorbikes and cars against opponents. 

Following the demise of the popular F1™ Delta Time, Animoca Brands has successfully pivoted to focus its attention on other racing games it owns. In May this year, they announced that players of the now-defunct game could swap their F1 NFTs for other ones 

REVV is the primary token within REVV Motorsport and holders can use it for trading, in-game actions, and voting. As always with Animoca Brands, expect more games to come on board and even more utility for the token.

Fusion System is coming!

Phantom Galaxies

Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios, the creative team behind the game, announced the launch of Phantom Galaxies back in September 2021. Built on the Polygon blockchain, this sci-fi mecha RPG combines shoot ‘em up action with politics, tech, NFTs and storylines.

Phantom Galaxies has spent 2022 building its platform and creating a product to lead Web3 gaming into the future. As with all of the best blockchain games, Phantom Galaxies is part entertainment and part interactive virtual world with real estate. In May this year, they had a Planet sale where all land within the game was purchased in a matter of days.

Gameplay involves Missions, Quests and Operations, where players can get involved in entire story arcs or engage in one-off scenarios. There are also Raids, where users team up and do battle against a single, powerful enemy.

Aside from in-game land (or Planets), which make up an important part of the Phantom Galaxies economy, the game also has the ASTRAFER token. This token enables players to build, swap, trade, upgrade, and pay Rent. Over time, the Phantom Galaxies decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will use ASTRAFER tokens to vote on proposals.

Phantom Galaxies gameplay

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas recently featured as DappRadar’s Game of the Week and has been attracting more than 100,000 weekly users ever since. The tree-swinging, jungle-based title first launched as a mobile game a decade ago. In March 2022, Animoca Brands added a play-to-earn function for the Web3 community to enjoy.

As with most of Animoca Brands’ other titles, Benji Bananas is hosted on the Polygon network. To find out why it’s the blockchain of choice for so many games, read DappRadar’s complete guide.

The concept behind Benji Bananas is simple: swing through trees, collect bananas and don’t hit the ground. The levels get progressively more difficult as you move through them, with new obstacles and enemies standing in your way. The further you go, the more bananas you get and the more challenges you complete.

To add even more value to this game, Animoca Brands started a partnership with Yuga Labs that saw Benji Bananas players given the chance to earn ApeCoin. Not only is the game very addictive, it also gives users exposure to an exclusive corner of the Web3 world.

Benji Bananas gameplay

Crazy Defense Heroes

Another title on the Polygon blockchain, Crazy Defense Heroes launched way back in January 2018. It’s both free-to-play and play-to-earn which makes it a great entry point for anyone unfamiliar with Web3 gaming. 

The concept behind Crazy Defense Heroes is a recognizable one: set up your units to prevent your enemies from breaching your territory. What Animoca Brands has done is taken the idea and added blockchain-enabled ownership and real-life rewards to it.

The game is built around the TOWER token. Holders can use it to gain entry to events, purchase in-game NFTs and for governance. You can also swap it for fiat currency to spend in the real world.

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