World of Women NFTs: The Blue Chip NFT Project Boosting Diversity

World of Women NFT Complete Guide
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All you need to know about the female-led NFTs that revolutionized the industry

If you’ve been following the NFT space for a while, you’ve definitely heard about the World of Women NFTs. Debuting in an industry where women have never had much representation, these tokens have led underrepresented people to have a voice and space among the biggest NFT projects. Curious? Learn all there is to know about the World of Women NFT project in this complete guide.


What is World of Women (WoW)?

World of Women (WoW) is one of the main diversity leaders in the entire web3. It was first introduced to the world through the World of Women NFT collection in July 2021 but has expanded and often innovated and elevated artists and minorities in the space.

Blue chip World of Women NFTs
Source: World of Women

WoW led the PFP NFT movement and boosted female activity in the space, later rising to the position of a blue-chip NFT. That means it is considered a stable investment within the industry, well-recognized by successful work and partnerships.

The project has generated millions of dollars in sales and has dedicated itself to also helping fund equality causes and benefit nonprofit organizations around the world.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent unique digital assets verified through blockchain technology, encompassing a diverse range of items from images and music to contracts and event tickets. The industry saw a significant surge in 2021, attracting investments from celebrities and brands such as Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, McLaren, and Prada. For a comprehensive understanding of NFTs, refer to the detailed guide What is an NFT? The Ultimate Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens.

Who created the WoW project?

One cannot talk about World of Women without praising Yam Karkai, the talented artist behind these NFTs. Having first joined the NFT world in early 2021, Yam quickly noticed the need to increase women’s representation in this fast-growing space.

She is now considered to be one of the most influential NFT artists and has always shown great support for the work of new talents.

The WoW NFT collections

Immerse yourself in the World of Women community through their NFT collections.

World of Women NFT collection

The project’s first collection was also revolutionary regarding NFTs in general. Until then, there was little female representation not only with NFTs but in the entire Web3 community.

This collection was vital in bringing women to the top positions in an emerging area of technology that is one of the main gateways to blockchain industries.

WoW Review Nov 2023

As you can see in the DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer, the World of Women collection has 10,000 unique representations of women of all types. It is among the top 25 NFT collections on the Ethereum network, with a total sales volume of over $244 million.

Among the biggest celebrities who have already announced acquiring the collectibles are Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Aoki.

World of Women Galaxy NFT collection

The second collection created by the team was World of Women Galaxy, launched in March 2022. 22,222 NFTs represent a mutation of the original collection in an intergalactic environment of the WoWverse.

WoWG Review Nov 2023

The record-selling WoWG NFTs gave more people the chance to join the WoW community and bring a whole new concept to the brand. In addition to the generative NFTs, there are sixteen special hand-drawn tokens with special roles in the narrative.

WoW Capacitators

The project’s latest collection to launch in August 2022, Capacitators, represent the first step towards a deeper lore of the World of Women universe – or WoWverse as they call it. WoW and WoWG holders received Airdropped respective Capacitators in their wallets for free, which could later be turned into unique OnCyber virtual homes.

The WoWverse

While World of Women opened the metaverse discussions with the Capacitators collection, they have been inactive since 30 September 2022, and the community is currently waiting for a new season.

The WoW lore, however, has also evolved from WoW’s partnerships and special collections. In the World of Women universe, their special collections launched through time with different artists evolved into the 8 Origin Planets with unique characteristics.

The WoWverse World of Women Metaverse

World of Women and WoW Galaxy collections are interconnected through this universe, separated in time by 9 eons. In the story, somehow, WoW Galaxy from Nova Gaia planet contacted WoW on Mother Earth planet.

World of Women Origin Planets

While the WoW universe is ever-expanding and partnering up with prominent NFT artists, it’s also a way to establish the brand’s name among Web3.

World of Women Patio

Launched in September 2023, Patio is World of Women’s community platform, designed to enhance engagement and networking opportunities for WoW and WoW Galaxy holders.

Word of Women Patio Platform Beta

´First announced in July 2023 and initially available to select members for beta testing, Patio allows users to personalize their profiles, participate in self-exploration quests, and connect with influential community members, all tailored to individual values and preferences determined by a comprehensive personality test. The platform also features virtual makeovers at the WoW Salon and plans to introduce additional perks, quests, and rewards in the future.

WoW ArtFests

Every season World of Women hosts the WoW Artfest, a celebration of women and digital art. Each one takes place around the Full Moon and lasts 8 days (one for each Origin Planet), and WoW and WoWG collectors are welcome to collect beautiful pieces of art from 15 featured artists.

It’s a great way to generate community engagement through its Quests, but also to bring value to new digital artists in the space who don’t get as much visibility out of the ArtFest.

In 2023, there have already been ArtFest Winter, Spring, and Summer editions – with the NFTs now available on secondary marketplaces. ArtFest Autumn 2023 is currently ongoing, with more NFT drops to deepen the WoW experience.

World of Women famous partnerships

In its over two years of life, World of Women has already closed partnerships with some of the biggest brands, in and out of the Web3 space. In February 2022, World of Women and the American music magazine Billboard announced a collab to celebrate women in music. Yam illustrated three magazine covers of some of the greatest singers in pop music, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera.

World of Women and Billboard magazine cover collab
Source: Billboard

This announcement once again led to the demand for WoW NFTs to increase and to make the NFT hype more debated in common society.

Later that year, the leading metaverse platform The Sandbox vowed to grant $25 million over five years to the WoW Foundation, showing support for diversity in Web3. It would help the project establish WoW University, develop the WoW Academy, and help promote women in crypto.

Adding to the list of WoW and WowG NFT utilities, you can use your NFTs as Avatars in some metaverse virtual worlds. It’s been the case in The Sandbox since 2022 and also soon in Yuga Labs’ long-awaited metaverse The Otherside.

The Monopoly WoW Galaxy Edition

In October 2023, one of the year’s most noteworthy collaborations unfolded as Monopoly, the iconic board game brand, joined forces with World of Women to introduce the Monopoly WoW Galaxy edition. This limited-edition release, consisting of 600 board games priced at $249 each, underscored the increasing intersection between traditional gaming and the NFT space.

World of Women Monopoly WoW Galaxy Edition

In a gesture of community appreciation, WoW holders with a Patio profile were entitled to free shipping on their purchase. The partnership not only marked a significant milestone for Web3 in aligning with Monopoly, a well-established name in the toy industry, but also integrated other prominent NFT collections, such as Bored Apes, Cool Cats, CloneX, and Vee Friends, weaving them into the game’s narrative and highlighting the collaborative spirit of the digital asset community.

What can I do with my World of Women NFT?

The utility of World of Women NFTs goes beyond having a unique image of inspiring art. By owning a WoW NFT, you get to access community events, private Discord chat rooms, WoW ArtFests, access to metaverse virtual worlds and benefit from any future partnership the brand joins. Not to mention, it means you are a part of the DAO that governs the WoW foundation.

Furthermore, you also get commercial rights to your NFT, being able to use it in any profitable project of your own. You will be supporting the project’s goal to “lead and support women in the metaverse; through education, mentorship, charity initiatives & more!”

Joining the community: How to buy World of Women NFTs

Have you already decided that you want to join the World of Women community and buy your NFT? There are a few things to know and do before making a purchase. See below the step by step to buy your first WoW NFT.

1. Set up your web3 wallet and get some crypto

If you’re just starting to get into the world of NFTs, welcome! You will, first of all, need a virtual wallet to store your NFTs. And, of course, to buy NFTs, you will need cryptocurrencies, which will also stay in your wallet.

Watch our video What is a Crypto Wallet? for a quick guide on how to connect and prepare your wallet to buy a World of Women NFT.

2. Decide which marketplace you want to use

Once your wallet is created, your seed phrase safe, and your crypto prepared, it’s time to go shopping! But where?

In the case of the World of Women NFTs, the only official channels advertised by the company are the marketplaces OpenSea, LooksRare, Nifty, Rarible, Foundation, and

All are highly respected within the NFT space, so the choice between them is completely personal. Just be careful to verify that the website where you are buying an NFT is legit and not a scam.

3. Find the WoW avatar that speaks to you

The next step is perhaps the most fun. It’s time to choose your World of Women NFT. As the collections indicate, they represent all women in their different beauties. You can choose one that looks like you, one that you admire, or simply one that you think is cool.

So it’s a matter of knowing what you want to do with your NFT. Will it save value? Sell it later at a higher price? Or just use it as a new profile picture on Twitter? Whatever your goal, it’s good to keep it in mind when choosing your NFT.

Explore WoW NFTs on DappRadar
Explore WoW NFTs’ features on DappRadar

​​Since all NFTs in the World of Women collections have already been minted, prices vary greatly depending on demand and supply and the type of sale. While the first WoW NFTs were minted at a fixed cost of 0.07 ETH, the floor price at the time of writing was 3.25 ETH.

Moreover, different NFTs have different and rare characteristics, which also weigh on the final value.

4. Double-check the authenticity

A very important and easily overlooked step at the time of purchase is the verification of its legitimacy. There are hundreds of scams out there maliciously using the World of Women name to sell fake NFTs or steal your seed phrase. Always make sure you are using the official project portal or platform.

5. Finish the purchase and keep your woman safe

If everything is okay so far, just go ahead and confirm your purchase. Your new World of Women NFT will be safe and sound in your web3 wallet. Then it’s time to enjoy the WoW community.

What’s next for the World of Women project?

The World of Women Foundation has big plans ahead. Starting with the launch of the WoW Museum, where other artists can have their work on display, and WoW Academy, to motivate other women to learn more about the NFT world. This summer, the project is hosting another one of its ArtFests, allowing the WoW community to explore a bit more the story behind World of Women and get to know some valuable digital artists.

When it comes to partnerships, The partnership with , Reese Witherspoon’s organization Hello Sunshine to produce content that celebrates women and also about adapting of World of Women NFTs for movies and TV series soon. So far, however, we can only accompany the project as its narrative grows and wait for developments.

WoW is also adjusting to being completely community-centered and governed by its own DAO, the DAWoW. Members can already vote on the project’s decisions and shape the future of the World of Women brand.

In short, you can expect great things from this inspiring project.

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As you now know, DappRadar is the ideal place to stay up-to-date on leading NFT collections, such as those from World of Women.

The DappRadar Top NFT Collections Ranking gives you an overview of the entire market and makes it possible to compare individual collections and NFTs within the best Ethereum projects.

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