World of Women Second Collection Boasts Record Sales

World of Women Second Collection Boasts Record Sales

World of Women Galaxy sold out in a matter of hours, The Sandbox welcomes WOW avatars

World of Women Galaxy is the next collection from digital artist Yam Karkai, and it’s already making a splash in the NFT space. The collection airdropped 10,000 NFTs without charge to World of Women holders, while another 10,000 were available for public mint. Additionally, another 2,222 WOWG NFTs were reserved for a list of pre-selected allowlist part of the WOW community. 

Impressively, the World of Women subsequent collection has generated quite the hype, selling out in hours. The 10,000 NFTs available for the public mint sold via a Dutch auction, while the allowlist spot holders minted at a fixed price of 0.3 ETH. 

In the past 24 hours alone, World of Women Galaxy NFTs has generated upwards of $28 million in trading volume. The average price for one of these collectibles keeps rising, reaching over $7,000 since yesterday. 

The WOWG collection follows in the steps of its predecessor World of Women and basically has the same goal. This subsequent project aims to support emerging creators from around the world and donate to organizations advancing educational and economic opportunities for women and sustainability-focused organizations.

To do that, 10% of all primary sales from WoW Galaxy will go to the WoW Foundation. The Foundation is tasked with organizing and creating a support network for rising talent and consequently distributing grants and funds to members of this network. 

The Sandbox welcomes World of Women avatars

Aside from bringing an entirely new collectible to World of Women holders, the team behind the collection is actively boosting usability across other platforms. Most recently, the collection has become part of The Sandbox ecosystem. WOW owners can now use their NFT as a 3D avatar in the virtual world. 

According to the official announcement, WOWG NFTs will also get a The Sandbox integration in due course. Using your NFT as a 3D pixelated avatar in one of the most popular virtual worlds is no small perk. World of Women collectors now have a chance to complete The Sandbox Alpha game quests as their favorite NFT collectible. 

This integration is only a piece of the list of perks World of Women brings to owners. Another significant benefit for holders of both WOW and WOWG NFTs is access to the DAWOW governance platform. This DAO-like organization will allow the community to contribute to the project. 

WOW Galaxy welcomes thousands of new members

Subsequent collections have become a staple for big names in the NFT space. Projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, and CyberKongz have all tied in a story to launch a subsequent set of NFTs. Impressively, World of Women took this idea to the next level, effectively aiming to double its audience. 

Most succeeding collections we’ve seen have been strictly tied to ownership of the original NFTs. This limited the access to these projects and only allowed new members to join through secondary market purchases. WOW subverted this practice and created a subsequent collection that caters to all. Existing community members received a free WOWG NFT. However, the same number of NFTs were released for public mint. 

A strong community is one of the most essential prerequisites for an NFT collection to succeed. And strength in numbers is always a good strategy. Considering this, World of Women is on the right track to becoming a staple in the NFT space. The collection is also the first female-themed NFT project to rise to significant prominence. We’ve posted an article earlier this month where you can check out other crypto projects with a strong female presence

DappRadar will continue monitoring the World of Women ecosystem as it pushes on to new heights. If you want to learn more about WOW and WOWG, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest NFT news first.

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