Top Women-Led NFT Projects To Narrow Web3 Gender Gap

Top Women-Led NFT Projects To Narrow Web3 Gender Gap
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A change in the tides is coming, and women in NFT are at the forefront

There has always been a lot of talk about diversity and the inclusion of unrepresented groups in the crypto space. But despite the ideals of the web3 revolution, including the decentralization of power, it still seems that the groups at the top are the same as ever. How can we reach global adoption with such a big gender gap? That’s when the best women-led NFT projects come into the picture.


The gender gap in Web3 is getting tighter

Like in any area, women often struggle to get a seat at the leadership table of dapp projects. If we take a look at the broader audience, men are still the massive majority trading crypto and NFTs, which also makes blockchain marketing campaigns target them almost exclusively.

According to Gemini’s 2021 State of US Crypto report, only 26% of crypto holders are women. Another report published by ArtTactic in November 2021 points out that less than 16% of NFT artists on Nifty Gateway identify as female.

However, more optimistic data draw attention to the future of the industry. Gemini’s report also shows that women make up 53% of the so-called crypto curious people about to invest for the first time in web3 projects. In the same direction, the Australian exchange BTC Markets registered a 175% increase in women users over the last year.

This represents a significant potential shift for the next wave of crypto buyers. So how is it that women-led NFT projects are contributing to this change?

Top Women-led NFT projects promoting empowerment

The groundbreaking innovations in the web3 are too bright to keep women away, and NFTs are the main gateway. Female-focused NFT collections stole the show in the past year as they joined the top 100 NFT collections in the DappRadar Rankings.

The main projects promote openness to more plural communities and support women to study and work in the dapps industry. Read on and get to know the best women-led NFT projects.

1. World of Women

One of the most successful NFT projects in the world, World of Women was one of the first female-led collections to drag mainstream media attention.

World of Women is one of the most famous NFT Collections

What is World of Women?

“A collection of unique, cool, and diverse Women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space! 10.000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

  • Floor Price: $1,290
  • Total Trading Volume: $244 million

Check real-time data and stats here.

Blue-chip NFTs representing all women

Released for public sale in July 2021, the World of Women (WoW) NFT collection sold out in just 10 hours. The artist behind the project, Yam Karkai, drew by hand 200 visual assets that compose the 10.000 tokens.

Many female celebrities announced their way into the crypto space by buying a WoW NFT, and the partnerships only grew from there. Since its launch, WoW has integrated with the metaverse The Sandbox, and released a special collection with Billboard to celebrate women in music.

Following the success of the first collection, the team launched another one in March 2022 called World of Women Galaxy (WoWG), which quickly also became a hit.

2. Boss Beauties

With partnerships with Marvel, Meta, Barbie, and UN Women, Boss Beauties NFTs are taking female empowerment to the masses – and the New York Stock Exchange art hall.

Boss Beauties NFT Collection to empower women and girls

About Boss Beauties

“A Woman can be Everything she wants. For 10 years, it has been our mission to educate and empower the next generation of Women and Girls. The Boss Beauties Collection is an extension of the same passion and goals we have championed for the past decade. This is a collection of 10,000 unique, independent, and strong Women which are also used to access exclusive virtual events and more.”

  • Floor Price: $172
  • Total Trading Volume: $49 million

Check real-time data and stats here.

Lifting women for over 10 years

Boss Beauties’ story starts with founder Lisa Mayer and her non-profit organization My Social Canvas. After providing young girls with mentorships and professional opportunities for over a decade, she decided to extend their community to the NFT space. With a strong entrepreneurial team, the project uses NFTs to promote the idea that women can be everything they want – which fits perfectly with its partnership with Barbie in 2023.

The Boss Beauties NFT collection was launched in September 2021 as a massive success, selling out the PFP female avatars in an hour. After a few months, Boss Beauties had already raised over $3 million to fund mentorship and scholarship programs for women and girls.

In Q3 2022, the project launched its second PFP NFTs project with even more elaborate artwork, the Super BBs – since every woman is a superhero.

3. MyBFF

In this wave, the MyBFF NFT project, led by Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Tyra Banks, is also promising to rise among the leaders in this area. They released their two NFT collections in 2022, You by BFF and the BFF Friendship Bracelets.

You by BFF NFT project uniting celebrities

About You by BFF

“BFF’s inaugural NFT collection, You, celebrates the uniqueness of women and non-binary friends across our community and the world. In her renowned style, artist Jade Purple Brown brings vibrant color and dynamic expression to 10,000 unique pieces in the collection. Every NFT has unique perks built in, plus utility within the BFF universe.”

  • Floor Price: $72
  • Total Trading Volume: $5.8 million

Check real-time data and stats here.

A community for the crypto curious

Already having the support of Hollywood stars since its inception, this project has easily gained an engaged community. The main objective behind the collections is to facilitate the access of women and any group not represented in the Web3 space to learn from professionals.

In addition to privileged access to virtual and real events for networking and education, YouBFF holders have access to a series of perks with partner brands of the project – which change according to the characteristics of the specific NFT you have.

As the project is still very new and has a strong team and a strong online presence, great things can be expected from it. Paris Hilton having it as a profile picture on Twitter is also a curiosity that has brought a lot of interest to this collection with beautiful artwork by the artist Jade Purple Brown.

4. FameLadySquad

The first all-female generative avatar project on the Ethereum blockchain, FameLadySquad, came out of an era of shame to be rescued by a team of influential women in the NFT space.

FameLadySquad is the first all-female generative NFT Collection

What is FameLadySquad?

“Fame Lady Squad is a collection of 8888 unique Lady NFTs that are living on the ETH blockchain. Each Lady is absolutely distinctive from others. Millions of combinations were created to make this happen.

  • Floor Price: $43
  • Total Trading Volume: $6 million

Check real-time data and stats here.

Claiming the place of speech for women

Although it has a somewhat confusing history, the FameLadySquad NFT Collection remains one of the strongest and most empowering women’s blockchain projects.

When it was discovered that the allegedly female-led collection of NFTs was, in fact, a men’s project of the sketchy side, the community decided to take over. Ashley Smith (Bored Becky) and Danielle Davis (NFTignition) decided to take the lead in a thriving community revolution. 

In August 2021, the former team members handed them the project’s smart contract, art layers, and domain, so they started rebuilding the collection and its reputation. The only thing the new owners never received was the $1.5 million raised on sales. Since then, the FameLadySquad community has already celebrated its freedom anniversary and is successfully rebuilding the collection’s reputation.

Crypto Megan on how the next bull run will be driven by women

Tim Draper made the headlines in May 2022 by saying he believes women will drive the next Bitcoin bull market. As we’re going through a long winter still in June 2023, that still remains to be seen.

Based on market research and her own experience as a professional consultant with many years in the market, Crypto Megan agrees and defends this belief in her various keynote speeches around the world.

Megan Nilsson CryptoMegan Talks on women driving next bull run

DappRadar got the chance to speak to her during Lisbon’s WOW Summit, and she shared her views with us in a short interview.

Why do you think that women going to lead the next bull run?

Crypto Megan: “There’s an intrinsic need, demand, and momentum in the market right now for women to be represented. Women are starting to step up to shine to take their place, they call it taking their seat at the table.

Women are 80% of the retail spend. Once Bitcoin and crypto go mainstream, they will be some of the primary spenders of that crypto. But it goes much deeper than that, as women are stepping up to leadership roles in tech. This is going to change everything, to allow for minorities or more inclusion in the space. There’s a huge demand for it, and there are already products being built toward more inclusive audiences. There’s this huge underground movement bubbling up right now under the surface, and it’s gonna explode.”

What would you tell women who are looking to get into this space right now?

Crypto Megan: “At this particular moment in time, things are very crazy. People are scared. And there’s fear, which is understandable. But it’s going to make this industry better. It’s going to wash out these bad actors. And we’re going to be left with the builders, the people who believe in this movement, with people who opt out, who are changing the handling of our finances.

I would urge everybody reading this to get as much education as they can right now. Read as much as you can not be fooled by the news. Just look at the facts and follow up with people who have the information they can trust, who are not trying to hide their own agenda or pump up their own bags, who legitimately want to help the space.”

How can women in Web3 propel this movement?

Crypto Megan: “It starts with women helping other women to gain financial sovereignty to work toward financial freedom and independence.

I’ve been consulting for high-end portfolios, and the majority are middle-aged men. I started to take their wives or significant other aside, because I know it’s not a good position to have to depend on somebody. Their faces lit up when they started to understand the possibilities.

As Eva Longoria said at one of the talks we were at, ‘You just need to tell your community, tell your family about it, point them towards communities that are educating women’. This is a domino effect.

For women in this area, I always point them toward communities like World of Women and Boss Beauties, to join Discord and Twitter chats, those are really safe spaces for them to get involved. I’m in private chat, for example, on Bored Ape Yacht Club, that’s called Bored Ape Ladies. This is just one example, of a safe space for women to be, to talk and learn and ask questions.”

Celebrities supporting women in NFTs

As you may already know, part of the massive success of NFTs is down to celebrity adoption. In the case of the women-led NFT projects, this involvement supports a humanitarian cause.

Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria are some of the most famous celebrities involved with WoW and Boss Beauties.

Going even deeper, Paris Hilton launched her own NFT collection in 2021 and raised over $1.11 million in sales. The heiress is an early adopter and advocate of blockchain technologies, with the most recent partnership announced last year with The Sandbox metaverse.

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With our NFT Collections Explorer, you can not only find the hottest collections out there but also dive into their unique tokens and their stats. Furthermore, it also allows you to buy and sell NFTs. Check out the video below for further information.

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Join our fight for a diverse community

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as more community-centric collections hit the floor. If you want to keep a close eye on these female-first collections, make sure to follow our blog, Twitter account, and Youtube channel.

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