15 Women Pioneering the Blockchain Space

15 Women Pioneering the Blockchain Space

In honor of International Women’s Day, check out these ladies and their successful blockchain projects

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve created this list of 15 female pioneers in the blockchain space. Blockchain technology has brought waves of revolution to numerous spheres of our lives, yet the space follows much the same patterns observed in traditional finance and art – women are often underrepresented. 

Highly technological fields have been historically male-dominated. However, this does not mean women do not get involved. In fact, some of the biggest and most popular projects in the web3 space have been built from the ground up by female-led teams. In the list below you’ll find decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming, and numerous NFT collections all created by women. 

Browse through the list below and celebrate International Women’s Day with DappRadar. Let’s shine a light on some impressive ladies, who’ve left their mark on the blockchain space. Keep in mind, there are more women out there that we have not listed here. All of them building on a better, decentralized future. 

Women in DeFi

Anna Stone – Founder and CEO of GoodDollar


Anna Stone is pioneering the DeFi space with GoodDollar, the number one dapp on the Fuse Network. GoodDollar allows thousands of users to either supply liquidity or benefit from a universal basic income through the dapp ecosystem. 

Bette Chen – Co-founder of Acala


Bette Chen is a New Zealand-based DeFi champion. As the co-founder of Acala, Ms. Chen has set her sights on bringing DeFi dapps to the Polkadot blockchain. Acala is a smart contract platform, which allows users to scale DeFi solutions on Polkadot while benefiting from Ethereum compatibility. 

Kristen Stone – Chief Operating Officer at Balancer


Kristen Stone has quite the resume in the crypto space, with previous positions at Coinbase, and Solana. She’s currently the Chief Operating Officer at Balancer, an automated portfolio manager, and trading platform. 

Rebecca Rettig – General Counsel at Aave

Rebecca Rettig is the General Counsel at Aave, one of the biggest DeFi dapps at the moment. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Aave has now branched out its services to Polygon and Avalanche as well. In the past thirty days alone, the dapp has attracted close to $700 million in trading volume. 

Maggie Love – Founder of SheFi 

Maggie Love is the founder of the female-focused DeFi educational service SheFi. SheFi aims to give women the opportunity to learn about DeFi, and start benefiting from it, going from crypto curious to crypto confident.

Women in blockchain gaming

Bozena Rezab – CEO and Co-founder of Gamee

Bozena Rezab is a foundational part of the Gamee team, the company behind the popular mobile gaming platform Arc8. As a co-founder and CEO of Gamee, Bozena Rezab is a pioneer in the blockchain gaming space, taking the revolution a step further by creating the fully-mobile Arc8 blockchain mini-game platform. 

Marguerite DeCourcelle – CEO at Blockade Games

Marguerite DeCourcelle is the CEO at Blockade Games, the studio behind the popular cyberpunk role-playing blockchain game Neon District. Aside from her key role in Blockade Games, Marguerite DeCourcelle is also an avid NFT collector and active personality in crypto twitter with her pseudonym Coin Artist.

Beryl Li – Co-founder of Yield Guild Games 

Beryl Li is the co-founder of Yield Guild Games, one of the largest blockchain gaming guilds. Community is among the most important aspects that make blockchain gaming so exciting, and Yield Guild Games makes it easy for players to get together and organize guilds. 

Saro McKenna – Co-founder of Alien Worlds

Saro McKenna is the co-founder of the popular Wax-based mining game Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds is among the top-performing blockchain games attracting hundreds of thousands of players every week.

Anna Norrevik – Former CEO of Antler Interactive

Anna Norrevik is the former CEO of Antler Interactive, the studio behind My Neighbor Alice. My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, which introduces blockchain to millions of players. Anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.

Women in NFTs

Yam Karkai – Creator of World of Women

Yam Karkai is the artistic genius behind the hugely popular NFT collection World of Women. The idea behind the collection itself is to shatter the idea that crypto is male-only, and introduce more women to the NFT space. World of Women has garnered a prominent position in the NFT space, attracting millions in trading volume, and the attention of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon. 

Lisa Mayer – Creator of Boss Beauties

Lisa Mayer is the creator of another female-centric collection, Boss Beauties. Aside from launching a successful NFT collection which has already generated more than 12,000 ETH in trading volume, Lisa Mayer is also the CEO at MySocialCanvas. MySocialCanvas is a platform for mentorship and entrepreneurship courses designed specifically for women. 

Varvara Alay – Creator of Flower Girls

Varvara Alay is the creative force behind the Flower Girls NFT collection. Ms. Alay’s work has garnered serious interest from the NFT community thanks to the unique artwork and design of the Flower Girls collectibles. Additionally, celebrities like Brie Larson have also noticed the collection, adding Flower Girls NFTs to their portfolio. 

Reva – ArtBlocks generative artist 

Reva is a Beijing-based generative artist, creative programmer, and computer graphics engineer, who has become a brand within the Art Blocks community. Her Through the Window collection has a unique design incorporating the generative elements in a masterful way, as Reva pushes female generative art to new heights. 

Josie Bellini – Creator of CyberBrokers

Josie Bellini is a pioneering artist and designer who has been into crypto art since 2017. She has a background in finance and creates art that tells the story of the crypto ecosystem. Recently, she launched the CyberBrokers NFT collection, which sold out almost instantaneously, and is now pushing secondary market sales, as the floor price continues to rise. 

Crypto is for everyone

As we celebrate women on March 8th, this is also the time to point out that the crypto and the blockchain space are for everyone. The fundamental principles of blockchain technology are transparency and fairness, which also implies equality. Currently, the majority of projects and dapps, regardless of whether they are part of the DeFi, gaming, or NFT sectors, are run by men.

However, female-led projects are multiplying as initiatives like SheFi, for example, bring information, resources, and access to the blockchain world specifically to women. Importantly, the notion that tech-related fields are not welcoming of women is dissipating. 

DappRadar embraces the opportunity to turn the spotlight on the female leaders of the crypto space. Happy International Women’s Day! If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of the blockchain space, follow DappRadar on Twitter.

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