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Everything you need to know to win rewards in the Town Star Mayhem event

The farming game Town Star, Gala Games’ signature play-to-earn title, has announced its annual May Mayhem event and the prize fund allocated for it. According to the official announcement, more than $2 million in GALA rewards will be distributed among Town Star players in the next month. 


  • Town Star will host four weekly rewards sessions with the top prize for each set at $15,000
  • An additional prize pool will reward random players from all Town Star play-to-earn servers every two weeks
  • May Mayhem takes over the Gala Games ecosystem with a $4 million GALA rewards pool

Town Star Mayhem leaderboard rewards

May Mayhem is one of the most awaited events in the Gala Games ecosystem. It brings tremendously increased rewards to players. When it comes to Town Star, this year’s rewards pool reaches a whopping $2 million in GALA tokens. 

According to the official announcement, the rewards pool distribution will be divided into four different sessions. Each week the top 2,000 players in Town Star will receive a piece of the rewards pool. 

Of course, players ranking towards the top will get bigger rewards. Here is the full rewards breakdown per position:

  • 1st — $15,000
  • 2nd — $10,000
  • 3rd — $7,500
  • 4th-10th — $3,000
  • 11th-100th — $1,000
  • 101st-200th — $715
  • 201st-300th — $450
  • 301st-1000th — $150
  • 1001st-2000th — $50

Remember, these are the weekly rewards. This means that if a player ranks first in all four weekly runs of the May Mayhem event they can bag up to $60,000 in GALA tokens. What’s more, the Gala Games team has announced that random bonus prizes will also be distributed to players regardless of their ranking on the leaderboard. 

Ranking high on the Town Star leaderboard requires a lot of sales. So build up your farm and churn up the supply lines. Selling items brings you stars, and the more stars you have, the higher up you go into the weekly ranking. 

Play-to-earn servers also have a rewards pool

Aside from ranking up in the Town Star leaderboard, community members will also have a chance to win rewards simply by playing on the play-to-earn servers of the game. To make the joy and excitement of May Mayhem as accessible as possible, Gala Games has allocated over $200,000 to give out to players across the Town Star P2E servers.

Importantly, the prizes will be distributed to random numbers from the leaderboard. This means you have a chance to win even if you’re ranked somewhere in the bottom part of the leaderboard. There will be two lottery prize draws after the second and fourth week of May Mayhem have passed. A live stream will shortly follow each 2-week session during which numbers will be selected to win GALA prizes.

May Mayhem takes over all Gala Games projects

Town Star is not the only title in the Gala Games portfolio that will benefit from the May Mayhem prize craze. The blockchain gaming studio has set aside a total of $4 million in GALA tokens to distribute among players across all gaming projects. 

While Town Star gets the lion’s share of this global rewards pool, other titles like Spider Tanks for example will also get to reward their players. Spider Tanks will be running a player referral competition, rewarding the winners with weekly prizes. Additionally, the game will host four different play-to-earn competitions each week

Talking about referral competitions, Gala Games is also hosting a platform-wide competition rewarding the players who make ten successful referrals. Winners of this competition will get a free Feed Bot NFT. This Feed Bot is a limited edition collectible that is not sold through the Gala Games marketplace and can only be won or purchased on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Gala Games ecosystem as May mayhem takes over. If you want to learn more about Town Star, the GALA token, and other Gala Games products, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest blockchain gaming news first. 

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