Town Star Updates Economy Again

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Move comes as part of a series of wider changes to Gala Games economy


  • New in-game currency Gem will roll out over the next six months and will offer plenty of utility for players.
  • New reward distribution system promises more sustainability and a bright future for Town Star.
  • Town Star AMA taking place on April 19th at 7:30am PT. Team will discuss the roadmap and things to look forward to.

Gala Games‘ flagship franchise Town Star has a new economic update for participants of its play-to-earn game as they will introduce a new currency. It’s been a busy year for the game maker as they look to improve fairness, sustainability and enjoyment so that its universe continues to evolve and stay popular.

Town Star has been making plenty of moves recently to update its in-game economy. The new announcement from Gala Games promises to bring fans more rewards and better asset distribution. The introduction of the new Gems currency systems also promises to add more value to the platform. 

Shiny new Gems

Gems are the new in-game currency that are part of a larger new economic system. Players will be able to purchase it with TOWN, the current Town Star in-game currency. The new currency system will roll out over the next six months. They will offer a variety of in-game benefits:

  • Special server passes
  • In-game product purchases
  • New in-game content, items and storage buildings
  • Enhanced speed of crops, workers or production
  • Work prioritization – can tell workers what to work on first.

While these features will take the next six months to take effect, the Gem currency will be available to purchase in Town Star very soon. Players should note that Gem is not a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain. It is an in-game currency exclusive to Town Star that will only have in-game utility.

Any TOWN that players use to purchase Gem will be automatically burned in a designated wallet. This burn mechanism should do well for the value of TOWN, which will see its supply go down over time.

New distribution system aiming for sustainability

The Town Star team is always looking for ways to strengthen its economy. In reality, this means making sure that it doesn’t collapse under the weight of whales who have accumulated so many assets that they’re able to dominate smaller, less well-resourced players. 

The purpose of this new distribution system is to secure the long-term interests of Town Star so that people want to keep playing it.

The new system will be points-based, as opposed to being a fixed rewards structure. Previously, there was a fixed TOWN reward value. This meant that having more TOWN led to getting more rewards. So the richer you were, the richer you kept on getting in a positive feedback loop.

The new system ensures that the total TOWN reward distribution will decrease over time as the total TOWN cap is approached. This will make it more difficult to get TOWN as it gets scarcer. Each player’s daily points, the ones they receive for carrying out in-game tasks, will be transformed into their share of TOWN rewards for the day. The ratio of TOWN a player can earn based on their daily points will decrease over time.

Town star reward distribution curve

The new system will put greater weight on Town Star NFTs. Now, players will have greater potential to earn rewards if they have larger or rarer Town Star NFT collections. For players who own these, This means that new players are able to buy into the game with NFTs. Previously, it was difficult for new players to get involved because they couldn’t build up enough daily points to earn more TOWN.

Town Star will be temporarily removing TOWN-earning NFTs from the in-game store. Players and collectors will still be able to purchase these items from secondary NFT markets.

How to play Town Star

Anybody who opens a Gala Games account, gets access to Town Star. On a weekly basis the best players can win rewards in GALA, while the daily play-to-earn challenge earns participants TOWN tokens. Players need Town Star NFTs to enable their earning potential in the competitive farming game. 

Unlike other farming games, Town Star thrives on its competitive game mode. Here players need to optimize their farm’s performance to earn as many points as possible. For example, plant trees, have a lumberjack chop them, then use that wood to build a windmill. The windmill can then produce wheat, which the bakery will need to make bread. The challenge in Town Star lies in the limited availability of money, space and oil.

You can also keep up to date with Town Star’s economy by following DappRadar’s blog and Twitter feed. You can track TOWN and GALA using our Token Explorer. And you can join great conversations by joining our Discord server.

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