Gamers Can Win $1.5 Million in Prizes Playing Spider Tanks This May

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Spider Tanks is a play-to-earn PvP brawler game published by Gala Games

Spider Tanks is giving out around $1.5 million worth of prizes in GALA to incentivize its players. Players can battle and compete to climb the leaderboards in the game to win the prizes and a share of the $250,000  in weekly rewards. 


  • Spider Tanks is an NFT-based game from which players can earn by competing in the game
  • The prizes that Spider Tanks is giving out are part of the Gala Games’ May Mayhem event.
  • Gala’s ecosystem is thriving, with Mirandus increasing 150% in transactions over the past seven days.

Spider Tanks is a blockchain-based player versus player (PvP) brawler game developed by the award-winning Dutch GAMEDIA and published by Gala Games. The game features a stylish visual design and thrilling gameplay, making it great content for esports. Players compete in teams for map control, making Spider Tanks somewhat akin to other games in the familiar MOBA genre.

Like most blockchain games, Spider Tanks integrates play-to-earn mechanics that allow players to reap remunerative benefits. What’s more exciting is that Spider Tanks will give out $1.5 million worth of prizes in GALA tokens in May. Players can win the prizes based on various criteria and through skill-based competitions.

How to join the game and win the prize

Spider Tanks is an NFT-based combat game, so you need an in-game NFT-item to get started. That is a tank. Players can get a tank from the store or buy parts of a tank and assemble it. It is worth mentioning that these tanks can be upgraded and sold for a higher price. Additionally, players can receive passive income by renting out the tanks. Spider Tanks is a PC-based game. Therefore, players need to download the Gala Games Launcher on a Windows PC to start the game.

After installing the game and getting an NFT tank, players can participate in the May Mayhem event. The distribution of the prizes will happen weekly, with each week $250,000 in GALA up for grabs. The timeline and criteria are as follows:

  • Week 1 competition starts on May 2 at 9 am PT. The top 1-2% of players who play the most matches will have the chance to split $125,000. The top 3-5% of players who play the most matches will split the other $125,000.  
  • Week 2 competition starts on May 9 at 9 am PT. The top 10–15% of players who win the most games will split the weekly prize pool. Payout amounts will be distributed per rarity of Tanks. 
  • Week 3 starts on May 16 at 9 am PT. Top 10–15% of players with MVP Status achieved will split the prize according to their Tanks’ rarity.
  • Week 4 starts on May 23 at 9 am PT. Top 10–15% of players who have the best win rate with at least 40 matches will split the prize. Payout amounts will be distributed per rarity of Tanks. 

The May Mayhem party is on

May Mayhem is Gala Games annual event that allows gamers to earn GALA and NFTs. It is Gala Games’ gesture towards its supportive and devoted community. This year, Gala Games is taking out more than $4 million to share directly with its players throughout May. 

Gala Games’ ecosystem is expanding rapidly

Gale Games is a growing gaming empire built on the blockchain. The company is aggressively exploring the opportunities to bring the ultimate gaming experience to the blockchain world. For example, it has teamed up with C2 Ventures, a new crypto investment firm, to invest in game developers and studios with a $100 Million Blockchain Fund. Meanwhile, Gala has also worked with big-name developers like Will Wright and Peter Molyneux.

Currently, there are ten games launched on the Gala Games platform already, including Town Stars, Mirandus, Superior, The Walking Dead: Empires, Legacy, and more in the pipeline. According to DappRadar, Mirandus, one of Gala Games’ most popular games, has seen growth over the past seven days, registering a 76% increase in unique active wallets and 150% in transactions. 
DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Gala Games and its ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world.

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