Top New Dapps on DappRadar: June 2023

Top New Dapps on DappRadar Listed June 2023

A month led by new games in the Web3 space

We’re already halfway through 2023 and if there’s one thing that’s been consistent this year, it’s the unbreakable growth and innovation in the Web3 space. We’re delighted to share that this last month was no exception. June ushered in a wave of new dapps that are bringing novelty to the blockchain world. We at DappRadar are thrilled to serve as your guide on this extraordinary journey.

June dapps by the numbers

During June, DappRadar reached the mark of a total of 14,278 dapps listed on the platform in total. Our team manually approved 197 new dapps over the month, and that’s just 4 less than in March (a decrease of 1.9%).

The most predominant blockchain among the new dapps is BNB Chain for the fourth consecutive month with 67 dapps, followed by Ethereum (47) and Polygon (43). As the industry evolves towards interoperability, many dapps function on multiple chains, therefore the predominance of EVM-compatible networks amongst the majority of new dapps. Other relevant protocols this month include Arbitrum (17), Tron (7), and Fantom (7).

The most approved category of dapps this month is Games (32.9%), followed by Exchanges (13.2%) and Collectibles (10.6%).

Dapps Approved in June DappRadar

June dapps highlights

Before we dive into some of the newest additions to DappRadar’s collection, we invite you to explore our Top Dapps Rankings. These rankings offer a comprehensive overview of the most popular and exciting decentralized applications across various categories.

In addition to our Top Dapps Rankings, we’ve also compiled a list of the latest and greatest dapps added to our platform this month. So without further ado, let’s explore the freshest and most promising projects in the world of Web3.

Top new gaming dapps 

  • Legends of Elysium: a multichain free-to-play fusion of card & board games launching later this year.
  • Tribal Island: RPG about production, socialization and combat released on BNB Chain in June.
  • Warsaken: military-themed trading card game built on WAX.
  • Step Monsters: a PokemonGo-style move-to-earn game on Solana.
  • Fevr Battle Arena: Web3 football NFT moments game on BNB Chain.

Top new NFT collections and marketplaces

  • Azuki Elementals: 20,000-NFT collection of anime-like characters in the Azuki ecosystem.
  • ETHER: anime-themed NFT collection of 10,000 unique characters on Ethereum.
  • CorgiAI Social Club: community token in the Cronos ecosystem.
  • MetaOne: a multichain platform for profit-sharing in gaming using data analytics, NFT rental, and enabling Web3 payments in Web2 games.
  • The first NFT marketplace dedicated to world-leading artists and galleries.

Top new DeFi dapps and exchanges

  • Bluefin: order book-based DEX on Arbitrum.
  • GloryFinance: decentralized cross-chain aggregation and liquidity protocol.
  • CryptoDo: multichain no-code builder of web3 solutions for businesses.
  • VyFinance: DeFi protocol built on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Purple Bridge: The only bridge connecting Bora and Polygon network.

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