How Dapp Developers Can Optimize Their Product Page on DappRadar

How Dapp Developers Can Optimize Their Product Page on DappRadar

Optimizing a Single Dapp Page creates more engagement with a potential user

A guide for dapp developers to optimize their Single Dapp Page, and engage better with potential users. In this article, we will go through some of the principles that will help you, the dapp developers, to better utilize their presence on DappRadar. 

Single dapp pages, or dapp product pages, are among the most popular landing pages on DappRadar. Hundreds of thousands of users end up on these pages to either learn more or discover dapps for the first time. It’s not without reason that DappRadar is one of the most popular dapp discovery platforms. 

DappRadar being the world’s dapp store, we welcome almost 1 million users per month to discover new dapps. As a dapp developer, you want to stand out from the crowd, and optimize your dapp page. This will then allow users to favorite your dapp, boost it using their RADAR tokens, or they will engage and visit your dapp. 

Some things to know in advance

At DappRadar, we add lots of dapps manually ourselves. It’s wise for developers to claim ownership over the pages about their own dapps. 

In order to submit a dapp to be listed on DappRadar, developers need to make an account on the Developer Dashboard. This is a separate account, separate from your private account on DappRadar. 

If your dapp already exists on DappRadar, and you’ve never submitted dapps before, you can claim your dapp by pressing the “Claim Dapp” button. Already established accounts trying to claim their second or third dapp will need to contact our team at [email protected]

Before submitting a dapp, make sure ad blockers are disabled. Ad blockers can potentially block the submission. In order to prevent frustration, first, write your description and other information in a Word document. Whenever your submission fails, you will not have lost your text. 

Adding a new Dapp to DappRadar

Now let’s add your dapp to DappRadar. In the Developer Dashboard, press the Submit Dapp button. A form will show.

  • Dapp name – Write the name of your dapp, and please write the dapp name with correct spacing and use of capital letters where it applies. i.e. DappRadar, and not dApprader.
  • Category – This determines in which category of rankings your dapp will appear.
  • Website – The URL to your dapp, either a traditional website or IPFS address.
  • Short description – Make sure you use keywords, unique for your dapp. Make sure it covers the essentials of your dapp. Do not use slogans, but be descriptive.
  • Tags – Select up to 5 tags. This will allow users to find your dapp through other means aside from the dapp name and category rankings.
  • Add protocol – The blockchain where your dapp / smart contract exists.
  • Add smart contracts – Provide the smart contract address, but not the URL to Etherscan or other block explorer URLs. i.e. 0x12345567801234567890.
  • Full description – You’ve got up to 2,000 characters to describe your dapp. Use the space given to you to explain what the dapp is about, and how it can serve the end user. “A decentralized token exchange on BNB Chain” will not convince anybody to give your dapp a try. Instead focus on uniqueness, service, and user convenience. 

DappRadar tips

Here are some extra tips for optimizing your product page on DappRadar.


Address to the user and make it personal. Developers can also use the description section to highlight one or two moments on their roadmap, for example, “November 20 – closed beta release”.

Also important, use the keywords associated with your dapp. This will improve the findability of your dapp on DappRadar and on Google. For example, as a DeFi dapp, you might want to talk about ‘crypto lending’ and ‘staking on Avalanche’.

Social media

We advise developers to provide as many of their social media accounts as possible. It allows DappRadar visitors to get in touch with your community swiftly.


Add visually pleasing screenshots. Make the screenshots about the dapp and don’t insert graphs from your whitepaper, for example. Use images that really promote your dapp, fit the required size, and are tailored to the purpose.

At the moment, you can add only 1 trailer. We advise you to showcase a product demo, to give users an idea of how the product works. A high-quality trailer video can work miracles, and a complete walkthrough is often appreciated by the community.


DappRadar advises developers to update their dapp pages on a regular basis. For example, after every major product update, it could make sense to quickly update the following:

  1. Product description;
  2. Screenshots;
  3. Trailer. 

Need more help? Count on DappRadar

In the background, DappRadar is working hard to improve our services for dapp developers. We’re recreating the Single Dapp Pages from the ground up, adding more features that will benefit both users and developers alike.

DappRadar is the world’s dapp store – together with you and the rest of our community, we will build the future of Web3 discovery.

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