How to List Your Project on DappRadar for Free

How to List Dapps on DappRadar for Free
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What are the benefits of listing your dapp for free on DappRadar?

Every Web3 dapp developer should list their blockchain applications, or dapps, and other projects on DappRadar, giving their product free visibility to millions worldwide. Therefore, we will show you in this guide how developers can list their project for free. It’s really easy!

By listing on DappRadar, developers ensure as many eyeballs as possible to see their project. Every dapp or project will be findable through its own page, the chain pages and of course the rankings of product verticals, i.e. games and DeFi.

Dapp developers and community members alike can submit projects to DappRadar by providing basic information, visuals, product descriptions and smart contract addresses. In addition, projects that have not launched yet can list as an upcoming dapp, while we now also support other Web3 projects. This means that wallets, DAO tools and other blockchain services can also find their place within the DappRadar ecosystem.

Benefits of listing your project on DappRadar

  1. Visibility through one of the most reputable Web3 discovery platforms on the market.
  2. DappRadar is a well ranked website, which will also improve the SEO of your own website
  3. Your product page on DappRadar can provide useful metrics that you can use for marketing purposes
  4. Listing a dapp on DappRadar, also makes the dapp available through the DappRadar API
  5. DappRadar is blockchain agnostic, tracking dapps across 55+ different blockchains
  6. DappRadar embraces every dapp from every product category, for example DeFi, Games, NFTs and Social.
  7. Listing on DappRadar is free for all, and only takes 30 minutes of your time.

Guide to list a project on DappRadar

Anybody can list a dapp or other project on DappRadar by following our guide. A high-quality submission will benefit from the extra effort, attracting more users. Use the guide below to prepare the assets and basic requirements, list a dapp, and add the smart contracts.  

Basic information required 

Before commencing with any project listing, please ensure the minimum requirements are covered. 

  • Project name
  • Logo (250 x 250 pixel PNG or JPG)
  • Website URL 
  • Social media handles
  • Short description (160 characters or less)
  • Full description

Create a DappRadar account 

The first step is to create a DappRadar account and verify the email address. Follow the steps below to complete this process and to start listing dapps on DappRadar.

  1. Start by going to
  2. Then press Login to create a new account.
  3. Now input your email address
  4. Followed by choosing a password
  5. Now, you may need to go through a captcha
  6. Continue and then check your inbox for a verification email
  7. Open and confirm the email.
  8. Welcome!

How to submit a project to DappRadar

  • Go to the Developers page
  • Click “Submit project” to enter the dashboard, make sure you login using your account.
  • In the top left corner of the dashboard, click “Submit project”
DappRadar submit project dashboard
  • You then need to fill in the details about your project. Crucial is the first question. Is your project a dapp, or not?
  • When your project is not a dapp, you will automatically skip questions about smart contracts.
  • If you project is a dapp, you will get a follow-up question about whether the dapp has already been released or not. For a dapp to be released, you will need to provide a smart contract or we can’t list it. However, dapps that have not been released yet, need to provide a projection for their upcoming release date.
  • Provide the name of your project, the website URL, and a short description.
  • Upload your logo (250 by 250 pixel PNG or JPG, 150KB max) 
  • When picking your “Categories” make sure you first think about the main category: is your project a game, an NFT collection or a DeFi project? After that, select the subcategories that fit your project best. Limit your choice to 3 or 4 for better indexing.
  • In addition, you can provide up to 5 “Tags” that describe your project. These tags can be seen as an addition to your Categories, and add an extra layer of discoverability.
  • If you project is a dapp, and it has been released, select on which blockchain your smart contracts are active, and then provide the smart contract addresses. If your dapp is not live yet, select the blockchain you intend to release on. Then there’s no need to provide smart contracts.
  • If you project is not a blockchain application (dapp), then you will see a dropdown for Web3 project (pictured below). Please select the categories that match your project best.
DappRadar developer dashboard - select a category for a non-dapp / Web3 project
  • Then provide the “Full description” of your project, and the social media information.
  • If you’ve selected that your dapp is not released yet, you will see “Launch information”. Please provide details about your project’s upcoming launch.
  • At the bottom of the page you can upload up to 3 screenshots and link a YouTube video.
  • When your profile is complete, you need to agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. In addition you can opt-in for potential campaigns, and you can share referral programs.
DappRadar developer dashboard - referral program, promotions, terms of use and privacy policy.
  • Click “Submit a project”, complete the captcha, and wait for your project to be approved.
  • You will receive a notification on the DappRadar website, and an email, when your project has been approved for listing.
  • Submissions are reviewed by the DappRadar team and will be published if the project is considered suitable for listing. For questions, support is available in the DappRadar Discord, or you can contact [email protected].

How to optimize your dapp listing 

Listing your project on DappRadar will do wonders for your discoverability. In addition, your project page can provide valuable data for your team, potential investors and community members alike. Those who optimize their page and maintain it well, will then enjoy more traffic and better informed community members.

  • Do not use promotional text in the title of your product page
  • Make sure that your product description really fits your product
  • Keep screenshots and videos updated
  • Make sure every smart contract is listed and tracked on DappRadar

We advise any developer to list their dapp and let their marketing team update the product page as often as possible.

Boosting Power for PRO members

If you’ve ever used DappRadar, you know it’s the best place to track data in the industry. On the DappRadar Rankings you can browse through top blockchain dapps in different categories and networks, ranked by metrics like unique active wallets, volume, and so on. Through the DappRadar API, other organizations use our data to build their own dapp stores, create safety warnings and other Web3 tools. Therefore, making sure your data and information is up-to-date, is crucial for every dapp developer out there.

But also as a community member you can participate and help. For example, DappRadar PRO members can use their Boosting Power to show their support for a dapp. To become a DappRadar PRO Member, users need to stake 30,000 RADAR. Read our docs to learn more about Boosting Power.

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