Top New Dapps on DappRadar: July 2023

Top New Dapps on DappRadar Listed July 2023

Most of new dapps listed in July fall into the gaming category

July 2023 has come and gone, bringing a flurry of innovative new dapps. The evolution of the Web3 landscape is unstoppable, and DappRadar is always here to guide you through these exciting developments. Let’s review the highlights of July, some of the best dapps listed on the DappRadar platform.

July dapps by the numbers

During July, DappRadar reached the mark of a total of 14,459 dapps listed on the platform in total. Our team manually approved 188 new dapps over the month, and that’s nine less than in June (a decrease of 4.5%).

The most predominant chain among the new dapps is the BNB Chain with 55 dapps, followed by Ethereum (53 dapps) and Polygon (43 new dapps). As the industry evolves towards interoperability, many dapps function on multiple chains, therefore the predominance of EVM-compatible networks amongst most new dapps. Other relevant protocols this month include Arbitrum (17), Solana (8), and zkSync Era (7).

The most approved category of dapps this month is Games (29%), followed by High-Risk (19%) and Collectibles (15%).

Dapps Approved in July DappRadar

Moreover, 1,528 dapps were automatically added to the platform in July. Automatically approved dapps are onboarded without manual approval by the system. These dapps are often NFT collections, as opposed to platforms like exchanges or games.

July dapps highlights

Before we dive into some of the newest additions to DappRadar’s collection, we invite you to explore our new Rankings Explorer page. There you get a comprehensive overview of the newly listed and trending decentralized applications across chains and categories.

In addition to our Top Dapps Rankings and Explorer page, we’ve also compiled a list of the latest and greatest dapps added to our platform this month. So without further ado, let’s explore the freshest and most promising projects in the world of Web3!

Top new gaming dapps

  • XCAD Network: The world’s first watch2earn platform, the dapp allows users to earn rewards from watching content directly on YouTube.
  • Sky City: The epicenter of the AlterVerse universe with a vibrant MMOSSG and over 20 mini-games.
  • Frame Arms Girl: Dream Stadium: Rogue-lite Action RPG game made with Kotobukiya’s popular product Frame Arms Girl.
  • Bingo Royale: Bingo gameplay on mobile brought to the blockchain world by Joyride games.

Top new NFT collections and marketplaces

  • Bloxies: 10,000 unique collectible NFT characters of futurist robots on Ethereum.
  • Parallel Avatars: in-game characters to be used in the Parallel TCG.
  • TinyAstro: NFT analytics and sniping platform aggregating marketplaces on Ethereum.

Top new DeFi dapps and exchanges

  • dapp to bridge ETH between Arbitrum and Base chains.
  • AppleSwap.AI: multichain CEX-DEX hybrid platform using AI Technology.
  • Ajna Protocol: noncustodial, peer-to-pool, permissionless lending and borrowing system.

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