Top 5 Simple Play-to-Earn Games

top 5 simple play-to-earn games
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Uncomplicated blockchain games where users can earn rewards

Blockchain technology can seem complex and confusing. Our job at DappRadar is to make things simpler and less complicated for our users. We give our community data and information that is easy to understand. Fortunately for the gamers of the world, there are other platforms out there that have the same goals. These are the top 5 simple play-to-earn games on the market right now.


The mobile gaming revolution made games accessible to everyone. Now, things are going one step further. Gaming studios are developing easy and simple play-to-earn games that anyone can start playing today. And they’re making all of this accessible from your phone.

Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz is built on the Flow blockchain and regularly finds itself near the top of DappRadar’s Games rankings. The game is developed by Joyride and had its alpha launch in Q2 of 2021.

The concept is simple: beat opponents at the classic game of Solitaire. To score points, you need to execute correct moves, use cards sparingly and go on runs that multiply your tally. Each game lasts 60 seconds.

To play for real rewards, you need to enter the Matchmaking games or the tournaments. But anyone can also play for free, for fun and practice.

Go to Solitaire Blitz dapp

In-game token: Rally (RLY)

Solitaire Blitz gameplay modes


Gameta is built on the Solana blockchain and the platform’s aim is to bring web3 to the people. It’s an simple play-to-earn game without complicated sign-up process and complex gameplay.

To get involved, you’ll need an in-game NFT. There is a free one for every player who signs up. But if you purchase one of the more expensive one, you’ll win more tokens. 

To win tokens, you complete game levels. The better you get at a game, and more skillfully you complete each challenge, the more cryptocurrency you win.

If you’re someone who enjoys playing classic mobile games with the potential to earn cryptocurrency at the same time, Gameta is definitely the game for you.

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In-game token: Hippo (HIP) and Gem tokens (GJEW and Gem-x)

Trickshot Blitz

From the same team that developed Solitaire Blitz, Trickshot Blitz is also on the Flow blockchain. It also performs consistently well with users and always ranks near the top of DappRadar’s blockchain Games rankings.

Again, this is a very simple play-to-earn game and the idea behind it is as simple as they come. Successfully carry out trickshots on a digital pool table. If you can do it and your opponent fails, you win.

You can also play this game for free, to build up your skills and become unbeatable. But once you’re ready to go against opponents, the computer will set you up against someone of a similar skill level.

To play, you need to drag your finger across your mobile screen to move your cue. When you’ve selected the correct power and trajectory, take your finger away and let the white ball do the rest.

Go to Trickshot Blitz dapp

In-game token: Rally (RLY)


Platform developer GAMEE has a whole load of titles under the banner of Arc8. There are 11 games to choose from and it seems that new productions are never far from release.

Built on the Polygon Layer2 network, players can engage in puzzles, battles, adventures and sports challenges. The ecosystem also has its own playable NFT avatars, the G-Bots.

The game makers have suggested that they plan to extend their virtual world in time, so that it becomes a major player in the metaverse space. For now though, you can grab your mobile, download Arc8 and start earning rewards.

Go to Arc8 dapp

In-game token: GMEE (Gamee)

Mining Network

Mining Network is a bit of an outlier in this list, and not just because it’s built on the WAX blockchain. The reason it sticks out as slightly unusual is because it isn’t a “game” in the way the four titles above are.

A simple guide to creating a WAX wallet

The gameplay is extremely straightforward as it mimics the mining process that came to fame with Bitcoin. Players need to get an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) miner and click on the Stake button. They will then start accruing Shares. It’s that easy!

Once you’ve built up enough Shares, you can use these to upgrade your ASIC miner or turn them into Bitcake. You can then turn the Bitcake into real money, using the decentralized Alcor Exchange.

Go to Mining Network dapp

In-game token: Bitcake (BTK)

The best way to find the best play-to-earn games

Discovering the best blockchain games is easy with DappRadar’s Games rankings. We list over 1,800 dapps that users can play and earn rewards. We’re always integrating more titles into our platform so whether it’s new or old, we’ll be tracking it.

We break down information from more than 45 blockchains and we show you unique user numbers and how much cryptocurrency people are spending through each dapp. We also show you this information over different time periods so you can see what’s hot right now and what’s trending upwards.

We’re a trusted source of data and information for the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg and Coindesk. And our DappRadar x BGA Report is the one of the leading authorities on the blockchain gaming industry.

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