How to Play Solitaire Blitz and Earn Real-Money Rewards

How to Play and Earn Solitaire Blitz
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Over 140,000 Users Are Playing Joyride’s Solitaire Blitz, the number one trending dapp on Flow

Solitaire Blitz is the number one gaming dapp on Flow, sending 142,695 monthly users to the blockchain. By participating in matchmaking games and tournaments, users can earn RLY tokens in the game. Solitaire Blitz has gained vast popularity in India, the Philippines, and many other countries with its straightforward gameplay and effective reward mechanism.

What is Solitaire Blitz?

Solitaire Blitz shines as the latest stellar on the Flow blockchain, registering a whopping 3112% increase in 30-day users. The Web3 game rewards players with RLY tokens, the native token of the social-oriented ecosystem, Rally.

A deep understanding of users and thorough market research is among the essential factors that make Solitaire Blitz successful.

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Solitaire Blitz 2022 growth

NBA Top Shot—a partnership between the NBA and Dapper Labs, started an NFT frenzy in 2021. Notably,  NBA Top Shot brought the Flow blockchain under the spotlight. However, a year later, the owner of the champion throne on Flow changed. 

With over 142,000 monthly users, Joyride’s Solitaire Blitz shines as the latest stellar on the Flow blockchain. Impressively, that is almost four times as many monthly users as NBA Top Shot. 

According to DappRadar’s game ranking, among the games with more than 142,000 monthly users, we found Solitaire Blitz to be the only one that achieved positive growth over the past 30 days. Moreover, Solitaire Blitz’s 30-day growth rate has registered a whopping 3112%.

Solitaire Blitz growth in June 2022 DappRadar

We can’t help but wonder why a simple game like Solitaire still has such an enormous appeal, especially since players nowadays face an ocean of game options. Today’s article will demystify how Solitaire Blitz has outperformed other games in such fierce competition.

Moreover, DappRadar Ranking and our reports can provide teams with rich dapp market data and insights, allowing them to understand current industry trends better.

How to play Solitaire Blitz? The gameplay explained

Unlike many other games, Solitaire Blitz doesn’t brag about complicated gameplay, dramatic storyline, or mysterious lore. Instead, Solitaire Blitz is competition elements and social networking features woven into the classic Solitaire card game

What’s more, the game adopts play-to-earn mechanics that allow players to win real money rewards.

How can I make money on Solitaire Blitz?

By participating in matchmaking games or tournaments, Solitaire Blitz players can win RLY tokens, and this makes the game more attractive. 

How to make money on Solitaire Blitz

Your $RLY tokens earned in-game are stored in your Joyride wallet, which can be connected to MetaMask for deposits or withdrawals to your Ethereum address.

Widrawal RLY tokens on Solitaire Blitz

What is the RLY token?

RLY is the native token of Rally, a platform that empowers creators and their communities to build their independent digital economies. Many projects have already benefited from RLY-powered economies, including social apps, gaming, NFT communities, metaverses, and many more. 

Holding RLY means that users can access the diverse ecosystem of Rally. In addition, users can exchange RYL for other crypto or fiat on multiple exchanges, including MEXC, Bitget, KuCoin, Huobi Global, and Phemex. 

What else did Solitaire do right?

By introducing RLY as an in-game currency, Solitaire Blitz ensures its gaming ecosystem is inclusive and interoperable. This design is in line with the spirit of Web3.

Moreover, according to Similarweb, Joyride, the gaming platform behind Solitaire Blitz, has high visibility in India and the Philippines. Notably, both countries have a significant crypto user base and are critical markets for play-to-earn games. This has somewhat laid the foundation for Solitaire Blitz’s success in these two countries.

As we dive further into the gaming markets of both countries, we find some more valuable insights. 

Internet and smartphones have a fairly high penetration in both the Philippines and India. However, according to Hootsuite’s Digital Report on users in the Philippines and India, most digital users own low-end Andriod smartphones. These devices can not run hardcore mobile games that require high performance.

Who plays Solitaire Blitz

As a result, lightweight casual games like Solitaire are naturally favored by a large number of users in these two markets. In addition, we also found that Solitaire is generally popular in the Philippines and India, and it ranks highly on Google Play’s card game chart in these countries.

What can we learn from Solitaire Blitz’s success?

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and crypto-powered incentive mechanics can breathe new life into classic games like Solitaire. As DappRadar tracks thousands of dapps, we notice that many game creators emphasize crafting compelling stories and legendary characters. However, it means nothing if they can not push user traffic. 

The success of Solitaire Blitz once again reminds teams that it is fundamental to understand the target audience and make suitable games for them.

Track Solitaire Blitz with DappRadar

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