Step into the Shiba Inu Virtual World and Join the Land Sale

Step into the Shiba Inu Virtual World and Join the Land Sale
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ShibaSwap fans will get a chance to own a piece of the Shiba Inu virtual world

The Shiba Inu team is working towards expanding its ecosystem of blockchain products as they announced an upcoming virtual world and NFT land sale. This new corner of the metaverse will allow Shiba fans to own a piece of land to go with their ShibaSwap activity. 

Details regarding the upcoming Shiba Inu virtual world are still scarce. However, in a push to become even more relevant and to cater to a larger audience, the team has focused on the metaverse. At this time, even the name of the upcoming virtual world platform has not been revealed, however, recent announcements hint that this information will become available soon. 

Importantly, the major snippet of information that Shiba Inu fans can take away is that a land plot drop and auction will happen soon. The details regarding time and date are still unavailable, however, the team has revealed an important queuing mechanic. 

How to queue for the land sale

The queue system will allow exclusivity by requiring interested parties to hold LEASH tokens. This gives priority and exclusive access to this first selling phase of the land plots in the upcoming virtual world. In addition to the queue, the team has worked on an anti-dump system in order to protect LEASH holders. 

Once LEASH holders have had a chance to mint, the remaining lands will unlock. These plots will be available for the general public. Owning a piece of Shiba Real Estate will bring an array of benefits. However, details on these perks are still to be announced.

Shiba Inu joins the metaverse race

The past several months have been a joyride for virtual worlds fans. The metaverse took over the hearts and minds of everyone in the crypto space. Importantly, the tidal wave of excitement and attention started with Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. 

Since then virtual worlds like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Somnium Space have seen a massive influx of new users. Additionally, projects like NFT Worlds and WorldWideWeb3 launched and made a splash among crypto enthusiasts. 

What Shiba Inu wants to achieve with their own upcoming virtual environment is to bank on all that excitement. While the team is yet to announce details and most importantly use cases for their corner of the metaverse, this is definitely a big announcement. What’s more, Shiba Inu and ShibaSwap already have a big audience to cater to. Considering this, the upcoming Shiba Inu virtual space might become a popular hot spot in the metaverse

DappRadar will continue monitoring Shiba Inu as more details about their upcoming virtual world debut are released. If you want to learn more about the Shiba Inu array of products on their official dapp page. Additionally, you can stock up on SHIB and LEASH tokens through the links below to be ready to purchase your new land plot in the Shiba Inu virtual world. 

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