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Pixels, transforming from a Web3 farming game to a decentralized virtual world, has cultivated a strong and loyal community bound together through the PIXEL token. Explore how PIXEL fits in, and learn about game features like planting crops, quests, gathering resources, and more.

What is Pixels?

Pixels, a multifaceted gaming metaverse, has rapidly evolved since its inception. Originally launched as a farming game centered around land NFTs, it has expanded remarkably over the past 18 months. In this virtual world, players can own plots of land, interact with NFT characters, and engage in a variety of in-game quests. Morover, access to Pixels is free, allowing a broad audience of play-to-earn gamers to explore its diverse offerings.

In terms of traditional gaming terminologies, you could describe Pixels as a social farming simulator. But of course the game utilizes Web3 mechanics. By completing quests, players can earn both a soft-currency (coins) and the hard currency, the PIXEL token. Holding certain NFT assets, unlocks more earning opportunities to players.

How to get started

Starting your journey in Pixels is straightforward and accessible. Players can sign up using either their phone number or email. Let’s walk you through the steps:

  1. Go to the Pixels project page on DappRadar
  2. Discover the data, and click ‘open dapp’
  3. On the official website, click ‘Play for free’
  4. Log in or sign up using your phone number, email address, MetaMask wallet or Ronin wallet
  5. Once connected, the game will start.

For a more enhanced experience, including the ability to own NFTs and earn on-chain rewards, connecting a Web3 wallet such as Ronin or MetaMask to your account is necessary. This connection unlocks the full potential of Pixels’ blockchain-based features.

Best game features for Pixels

In Pixels, new players start their journey with a tutorial, after which they end up in Terra Villa, a central hub within the game’s universe. This bustling town is a key location for various in-game events and a popular spot for player interaction and community engagement.

Once you start playing, you’ll get to enjoy a range of entertaining activities, such as:

  1. Farming and Land Management: Cultivate crops and raise animals on your own land, personalizing your farming space.
  2. Quests and Adventures: Engage in various quests, exploring the metaverse and unlocking rewards.
  3. Building and Customization: Create and customize buildings and environments on your plot.
  4. Gathering, Crafting, and Trading: Collect resources to craft items and participate in the game’s economy, using PIXEL for transactions and trading.
  5. Social Interaction and Community Events: Interact with other players, join community events, and collaborate on projects.

The Ronin migration

In October 2023, Pixels made a strategic move to the Ronin blockchain, known for its fame as a gaming-focused blockchain, particularly through its association with Axie Infinity. This migration to Ronin represents a significant step for Pixels, aligning it with a platform renowned for supporting robust, player-centric gaming ecosystems.

All about the Pixels NFTs

Pixels incorporates NFTs to significantly enhance gameplay and user experience, intertwining the exciting world of blockchain with immersive gaming. These NFTs range from farm lands and resources to unique pets, each adding a distinct layer of depth and interactivity to the game.

Farm Land NFTs in Pixels

Originating as a “fun first” farming MMO, Pixels set the stage for its metaverse with 5,000 plots of land for players to cultivate and customize. These plots of Farm Land NFTs, integral to gameplay, are unique NFTs, granting complete ownership and control to the users. This means they are secure, cannot be taken away, and can be sold for real money on secondary markets.

Pixels Farm Land 177

The types of land in Pixels have evolved to cater to different gaming strategies and levels of engagement:

  • Free Plots (Specks): The basic unit of land in Pixels, allowing new players to start their journey. While they offer modest returns, they are an excellent entry point into the game.
  • Rented Plots: These plots provide better yields and more freedom than free plots, but profits are shared with the landowner. They serve as a stepping stone for players to gain experience and capital before advancing to full ownership.
  • Owned Plots: Available in small and large sizes, these plots offer players full autonomy over their slice of the Pixels world. Owners can manage resources, reap rewards, rent out to sharecroppers, and earn tokens.

Since its launch, the value of Farm Land in Pixels has soared, with the floor price currently reaching around 1.5 ETH ($4,300). This surge reflects the growing interest and investment in the Pixels universe, showcasing its potential as a player-owned, equitable virtual world that’s central to the expansion of the metaverse.


Resources come from the land, and resource generation is the main faucet in Pixels. In Web3, faucets are methods for releasing crypto assets and tokens to users. Resources consist of wood, crops, animals, and other items you can find on a farm.

Farm animals and resources in Pixels game

Progression in Pixels relies on gathering increasingly rare and difficult-to-acquire resources. It takes time and experience for players to get hold of the best assets. In order to benefit the economy, the central Pixels team will adjust how many resources can be generated over a given time.

Avatars and integrated NFT collections

In Pixels, players have the flexibility to engage with or without NFTs, but for those who own them, the game offers an exciting feature.

Pixels Integrated NFT Collections

Popular PFP NFT collections integrated into Pixels, such as Pudgy Penguins, Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and mfers, can be used as in-game avatars. You can also customize them with special outfits you can earn by playing.


Alongside its transition to the Ronin blockchain, Pixels launched an exciting new NFT collection: Pixels Pets. These Pets, integrated with in-game utility, add a fresh dimension to the Pixels experience.

The launch coincided with the immersive Pixels Carnival event, where players could participate in games to earn various rewards including Pets, Industries, Decorations, and more. Notably, the top prizes were 200 Pixels Genesis Pets coupons.

Players could mint their Pets at in-game vending machines, with the NFTs delivered to their Ronin Wallet. To bring these Pets to life, players place a growth lab on their land, use potions, and hatch the Pet Capsule, introducing a new layer of interaction and fun to their Pixels journey.

Pixels and the PIXEL token

Pixels initially planned to have a dual token economy, but now decided to only have PIXEL. This means that BERRY token holders had to swap their tokens for PIXEL at a certain exchange rate.

From now on, players need PIXEL for in-game actions, such as buying new NFT pets, upgrading items, buying cosmetics and the list goes on. PIXEL is the premium currency for Pixels, and VIP memberships (which boost earning potential inside Pixels) also need to be paid using the native token.

Play-to-airdrop campaign

Players who play Pixels can find daily quest which allows them to earn PIXEL tokens. Those with VIP memberships will get extra quests and receive bigger rewards.

What is Pixels VIP?

Pixels VIP, now exclusive to the Ronin Network, offers players special in-game perks, exclusive area access, and the ability to withdraw PIXEL to their Ronin wallet. To become a VIP, players need to use PIXEL in their Pixels account, and then purchase a VIP Coupon at the VIP tent in Terra Villa.

This system not only enhances the player’s gaming experience but also supports ongoing game development. Note that the in-game marketplace and certain updates, like the Pet potion drops, are restricted to VIP and Farm Land holders.

PIXEL will enhance social features

Pixels will introduce Guilds into the game, allowing gamers to buy access to a guild utilizing SocialFi mechanics pioneered by projects like FriendTech. Guilds are coming in February 2024, and you can only join these guilds if you have and use PIXEL tokens.

The price to join a Guild depends on a bonding curve. If you’re early, you will benefit from a cheap entry price. The better the reputation of the guild, the more people will join. As more people join, the price to join the guild will go up.

What’s next on Pixels

The Pixels team is working hard to introduce many more features to the pixelated virtual farm world. This includes the following features, but isn’t limited to the things listed here:

  • Players will be able to team up and delve into caverns old and dungeons deep
  • The team will also introduce ‘contestable lands’, suggesting a PVP mode that could benefit guilds
  • New pets will come to Pixels, because there current 500 Pixel Pets isn’t enough for the community. Pets will be seasonal.
  • Players will be able to create user generated items, and mint these as an NFT using PIXEL. Further down the line, the team will allow mini-games to be build using PIXEL.

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DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Pixels. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world.

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