DappRadar Launches PRO 2.0 & Updated Staking for Healthier Tokenomics

DappRadar PRO 2.0 & Updated Staking for Healthier Tokenomics
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Discover our new PRO 2.0 and Staking features, which provide exclusive benefits to our most dedicated members

DappRadar is excited to announce the launch of PRO 2.0 & Staking! As we continue to evolve, we are taking significant steps to create a healthier token economy, and this update is the first step toward that goal. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from the future of DappRadar.

PRO 2.0

Building the World’s Dapp Store requires us to improve the way PRO membership works. Starting today, holding 5,000 RADAR tokens and providing liquidity on ApeSwap and Sushi is no longer an option to get PRO status. To become a PRO member, you must now stake 30,000 RADAR tokens.

This change ensures that our PRO members are dedicated and invested in the DappRadar ecosystem, and we are excited to see the positive impact this will have on the community.

There will be a few days of transition where PRO users will still have their PRO status even if they don’t migrate in time. This will give you 2-3 days time to migrate and get access to PRO 2.0 without interrupting your access to PRO.

We also want to highlight some of the exciting PRO features that are now available to members.

DappRadar PRO 2.0 features

These include early access to new features, extra rewards, personalized support, exclusive content, and more. You can read about all the features in our Whitepaper 2.0.

PRO OG: DappRadar’s Honorary Badge

As a token of our appreciation for your support, we’re rewarding our OG PRO members with a special NFT.

This Retroactive NFT Membership program grants access to three months of PRO 2.0 membership and is available to anyone who held the original PRO membership before the PRO 2.0 launch.

To claim the NFT, users simply need to participate in our Galxe campaign and follow the instructions below.

DappRadar PRO OG Honorary Badge NFT

With the NFT, users can continue to enjoy the advanced features and benefits of the PRO membership for 3 months from the product release date, while being recognized as DappRadar’s most loyal users. We are doing everything in our power to ensure a seamless transition to PRO 2.0. 

Staking program

Acting as a sink and helping to reduce the overall supply of RADAR, Staking is a vital part of our Tokenomics. Therefore, the new Staking program introduces several important changes that aim to enhance the user experience while solidifying the importance of staking in the DappRadar ecosystem.

Changes include the introduction of a cooldown period of 30 days for withdrawals, allowing the DAO to have better control over the circulating supply of RADAR tokens. This ensures that the program is flexible and can adapt to changing market conditions.

Staking RADAR DappRadar PRO

Another important feature of the new Staking program is the introduction of RADAR rewards with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) determined by the DAO. The new APR will be aligned with a healthy tokenomics model. Initially, the APR may be higher to encourage participation, but it will gradually decrease over time to align with the desired supply and demand ratio.

This approach helps to attract users who are genuinely interested in using the DappRadar product and becoming part of our community, rather than speculators solely seeking high rewards.

Moreover, the new Staking program will also include auto-compounding features. This means that there will be no need to harvest and re-stake to earn the same – which is proof that we care about your gas fees.

Please note that existing Staking (V2) will end on 26 April 2023, and all stakers will need to migrate their tokens to the new staking contract.

Keep up with the DappRadar DAO

We are thrilled to bring these updates to the DappRadar community and believe they will help create a healthier and more dedicated ecosystem. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact these changes will generate.

DappRadar Whitepaper 2.0

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